Red Line EZ 100 Powder Coating Gun

RedLine EZ100 Powder Coating Gun is extremely easy to use and makes for lightning fast color changes!

Red Line EZ 100 Powder Coating Gun

With KV adjustable up to 100 this powder coating guns offers maximum powder wrap at a great price. perfect for the serious hobbyist or light duty job shop use.

100% Brand New RedLine EZ100 Powder Coating Gun. This gun is extremely easy to use and makes for lightning fast color changes! Additional Powder Cups are available for even quicker changes & storage.

▶   Truly portable unit - No control box or extra wires!
▶   Full adjustable 20-100 KV directly on the back of the gun
▶   ForceFeed technology for the perfect volume
▶   Light weight and perfectly balanced gun for optimum comfort
▶   Long powder cord & grounding clip allow for maximum mobility

What's in the box:
▶   Red Line EZ100 Powder Coating Gun
▶   (1) Powder Cup - Additional Powder Cups are available for even quicker changes & storage.
▶   Wall Mount Adapter (input 100-270V AC 50-60 Hz. Output 12VDC 1 amp Rating) (NO transformer required)
▶   10' ground cable with connecting clip
▶   (3) Additional powder flow deflectors (12MM, 19MM & 25MM)
▶   Start Up Guide & User Manual

Portable: No control panel, no hopper and no messy cables, wires or tubes – truly portable charging

Voltage: Electrostatic charging voltage up to 100 kV directly at the gun tip. The charging voltage can be varied from 20 - 100 kV from the kV controller on the gun itself. The entire control electronics along with the high voltage generator is miniaturized and fitted inside the gun itself.

Powder Flow: The ForceFeed Technology ensures that the powder flow is smooth and puff free and can be controlled from a whisper to a thick cloud with the flow controller on the powder gun itself. Powder flow is similar to that experienced only in higher-end industrial machines.

Power supply: The RED LINE EZ100 powder gun is powered by a special Heavy Duty but compact direct wall-socket mounting 12 VDC power adapter which accepts 100-240V AC. Supplied with a 3 Meter (10 ft) power cable and ground cable with a large clip.

Indicators: The RED LINE EZ100 comes with a specially designed bright and large Digital kV Meter on the rear of the gun. The LED next to the HV controller indicates when the gun is charging. Powder cup: This 750ml cup takes about 1 pound of powder and fits on top. This light-weight and user-friendly powder gun makes for ease in coating for longer periods of time.

Accessories: A set of different sized powder deflectors to create different sized powder clouds and the flat spray pattern (fan pattern) generator nozzle – popular with many professional and industrial powder


CLEAN - Thoroughly strip and clean your metal part before coating. We recommend Eastwood Pre Painting Prep.

COAT - Apply using Eastwood DIY HotCoat Gun 11671A or the Eastwood Dual Voltage HotCoat Gun 11678.

CURE - Cure the part in an electric oven for recommended time. NEVER use an oven that is used for food.

Redline EZ50 vs EZ100

The two primary differences between the Redline EZ50 and Redline EZ100 are Power (or Kv) and price. In powder coating, the Kv rating stands for the maximum voltage a gun can produce and transfer to the powder. With the Redline Ez50 that rating is 50 Kv or 50,000 volts and with the Redline EZ100 its 100Kv or 100,000 volts.

Red Line EZ50 versus EZ100The main purpose of Kv is to charge the powder so it will be attracted to ground and stick to the part. In some cases a higher Kv can also increase transfer efficiency thereby reducing waste.

However, more power is not always a good thing. Surface defects like “craters” “pinholes” and “back ionization” often occur when too much Kv is used and can lead to costly comebacks and do-overs. High Kv is also the primary cause of “Faraday Cages” where the powder will not stick to the part in corners and recesses on more complex part shapes.

So when do you need that extra power? Keep these facts and tips in mind.
1. Always use the least amount of Kv you can to get the powder to stick. If it sticks to the part it’s enough.
2. Most powder manufactures suggest application at 30Kv to 50Kv however most powders will stick just fine using as little as 10 to 30Kv. (On second, third and top coats, Kv should be lowered not raised each time.)
3. Powder coating above 50Kv is primarily for the production coating of large pieces of flatwork such as panels and casework and typically applies only to a small sector of the powder coating market.
4. The Redline Ez50 the Ideal choice for 98% of most coaters. Only those coaters who are involved in daily production coating of large-flat surfaces like sheet goods and fence panels need to consider the EZ100. (Yes… the EZ50 will still work on these too.)



msds Click for Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

RED LINE EZ50 powder gun

RED LINE EZ100 - is a complete 100 kV powder gun - no control panel, no trolley, no hoppers. Everything has been innovatively miniaturized and placed inside the powder gun itself - without really affecting the weight or handling ability of the hand-held gun. An ideal powder gun for all coaters - powder coatings manufacturers for their labs and service engineers, industrial coaters as a touch-up and back-up gun and hobby/DIY coaters as a high performance 100 kV powder gun.

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