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PPC Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit

Motorcycle Tank Repair Kit cleans, prepares and seals smaller fuel tanks in motorbikes, cycles and more.

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PPC Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit

"Not affected by E10 and any current fuel blends. Tried and tested for many years" 99.9 % of failures are an application problem.

Save buying a new or replacement tank.

Fixes seam wells, pinholes, & stops rust for good.

Leaves a ceramic like finish inside the tank. Fuel tank repair is more than just pouring in a litre of sealer and sloshing it around.

If gum, varnish, sludge or fuel is inside, it must be removed first, because no sealer will work in a contaminated tank.

Our very popular Tank Repair Kits have everything you need to do the job right.

The Motorcycle Repair Kit is specially designed for bikes and other small tanks as well, including outboards, recreational vehicles, chain saws, lawn mowers, generators, tanks, etc. Enough for a 20 litre tank.

Totally effective with New Australian blended (ethanol) fuels.

▶   1 Litres Marine Clean (to remove gum, sludge, varnish)
▶   1 Litre Metal Ready (to remove rust & prepare tank for sealer)
▶   250mls Litre Fuel Tank Sealer (creates a permanently sealed tank)
▶   Detailed Instructions to do the Job
▶   Inspection Mirror

PPC Fuel Tank Sealer, like all other sealers, will not work in a contaminated tank. Find out what the pros already know... PPC Fuel Tank Repair Kit has everything you need to do the job right!


Fuel Tank Repair Kit


Always wear eye skin and respiratory protection. Always apply in a well ventilated area away from open flames.

msds Motorcycle Repair Kit Information Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

    I have a 1939 Evinrude 1.1 HP Boat Motor that was handed down to me from my Dad. The gas tank is made of aluminum and would hold water but put gas into it and it leaked everywhere. After following the instructions to the letter I can tell you that this gas tank doesn't leak anymore. The grandkids are all excited about using Great Grandpa's boat motor when we go camping next month. This product has brought life back into a 73 year old motor that I'm sure will be handed on to more generations.
    I've used other products, non of them as good as POR-15. Follow the directions and all will go well. I suggest you put a couple of nuts in the can of sealer, put the lid back on and shake like crazy to stir up the silver solid material. Mine was a big lump on the bottom of the can. I dried the water out of my two gas tanks by blowing air from my compressor in to the tank while having a heat lamp on it, it worked great. Thanks Eastwood for great service and a great price. Localy it would have been twice the price.
  • Five
    I used the product as it was written in the directions, the only thing was getting the extra out of the tank there is a lip inside of motor cycle tanks so I used a large turkey basting syringe with some tubing to pull it out. worked okay i then let my tank sit for five days inside put it back on the bike all is good. I would definitively use again. But don't forget to where gloves still on my hands a week later.
  • J
    I repaired a fuel tank on my 1982 Honda Sabre 750. This product is outstanding! If you need to repair a motorcycle gas tank this is the stuff to buy. My only suggestion is to take your time and don't rush. Follow the instruction on the can and you won't be disappointed.
  • Another quality PPC product
    I have a tank from a motorcycle that was stored 30+ years with gas in it. The stench was overpowering. Had it cleaned by local radiator shop prior to getting this kit. I was surprised by how much more bad stuff the cleaner removed considering it had already been "cleaned". The sealer worked beautifully (of course, I did follow all directions carefully). A good, reasonably priced solution to a nasty problem.
  • So far so good
    It's been a month and sealer seems to be holding up well. Process wasn't too hard. Time consuming. The only difficult part was trying to get sealant to cover entire inside of tank. After moving tank around for the better part of an hour I still had tiny areas that didn't get covered. Be persistent and follow directions. I also used a hair dryer to make sure inside of tank was completely dry before using sealer.
  • excellent product
    Worked great just follow directions carefully, I actually did two motorcycle gas tanks with this kit.
  • Amazing Product!
    This is by far one of the best products I have ever used. It made the inside of my fuel tank brand new again! I would reccommend this product to anyone looking for a perfect solution to rusty, leaking fuel tanks. This product puts KREEM products to absolute shame!
  • Stop comparing now
    This kit is awesome! Just like anything else from POR-15, read the instructions through twice before even thinking about starting. To get the best result, the instructions are your friend. My 40+ year old tank is new again!
  • Good but follow direction carefully
    I used for pinhole gas tank leak. Make sure to open any passages as will fill in 1/4" hole with no problem. Had to drill out fuel opening.
  • great product.
    as close to a professional job as I could have expected. The instructions were very easy to follow which allows the do it yourselfers to do a great job with your products. thanks
  • Por 15 small tank sealer
    My daughters 84 atc three wheeler gas tank had some bigger then pin wholes in the bottom , new tanks are expensive ,this stuff did the trick worked like a charm!
  • Good Product
    Worked exactly as described,kind of fiddly to work with but you can't fault results, NO MORE LEAKS!