Feedback - Roger wanted to change colour

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Roger wanted to change colour

The customer wanted to change the colour and get away from the two tone that he had on the original.

"I thought you may be interested in the finished Leatherique product.
I'm pleased with it, the problems were to re colour and trying to get different types of leather and different colours to all look the same, I've done the best I can, and it looks good.
But, may I make the following comments, with regard to the instructions, first, there should be mention of "GOOD" quality brush, the softer the better, be prepared to use a few.
Second, if I had more "Leatherique Prepping Agent" I would have used it, it really seemed to open up the leather and almost bleach some of the old dye out.
This is important when trying to match darker colours to lighter colours, found I was experimenting in the beginning, and with a bit more instruction I could have avoided that.
That aside, a good finished product, so I'm happy."
Roger Coffs Harbour. 2008