Feedback - Jon's BMW 740il, Armidale Australia 2010.

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Jon's BMW 740il, Armidale Australia 2010.

Jon recently bought this BMW 7 series which was in great condition apart from some wear on the seats and drivers armrest.

The previous owner / dealer had done a shoddy dye touch up to hide some cracking on the seats and drivers armrest.

The first job was to use the Leatherique Rejuvinator and Prestine Clean over all the leather.

This was repeated a couple of times to get the leather back to what it should be, soft and clean.

It's a bit like washing the car before polishing it.

Total product ordered to do the job 500ml of each.

Below is a brief photo diary of the process in bringing this lounge suite back to life.

Colours in the photos vary due the different light in the photography.

The first job was to strip off the old, poor die job, with GP thinners and then use the Leatherique Rejuvinator Oil and Prestine Clean to restore and clean the leather. This is where it takes good nerves. It gets worse before it gets better. These pics. Show the old bad dye coming off

Jon then decided to pull the panels off which turned out not to be too much of an issue as the airbag stayed where it was.

The affected area was wet sanded with the Prepping Agent. The next stage was mixing the matched dye (supplied by Leatherique in Sydney) with the crack filler and filling all the cracking and sanding it flat. This takes a while to get it really looking good.

He then followed this by a couple of coats of dye applied by wiping it on with a cloth pad and then a final spray coat as he felt he got a better final finish.

The next three shots are the completed job. Leave for 48hrs and then buff with a soft cloth and job done.

The second stage was Drivers Seat.

The next stage was the driver seat which had some scuffing and splits in the drivers swab and again a poor touch up job.

Once he did the cleaning off the old re-dye job with GP thinners it showed up more damage.

After the strip away the slits can clearly be seen. These were repaired and then crack filled to bring them up to level again before dying.

The seat complete after the finished dye job.

Third Stage the back seat.

The back seat was in pretty good shape but with a few scratches (Golf bag ?)

After using the Leatherique Rejuvinator Oil and Prestine Clean, Jon went to the Prepping agent and wet sanded. These shots show the results after sanding.