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An interesting case study - The problem, on a Subaru Liberty

Our Thanks to Graham Mackenzie for this.

A customer had used Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean on his seats which came up beautifully.

This shows the difference after half cleaned.

Everyone was happy.


Then a few weeks later a sticky patch appeared just about belt height on the driver's seat.

The sticky mark


As this only appeared in one spot and all the cars seats had been done with Leatherique. We diagnosed that they had used something on the seat to remove a belt / jeans mark prior to using the Leatherique. No one would own up to doing it but we had had a very similar problem with a lounge suite where eventually the husband admitted using something to clean it.

The Solution

The affected area need to be stripped with GP thinners to get rid of whatever was causing the problem and re dyed.

This is not pretty and takes some guts to do.

After GP thinners

The customer used GP thinners and removed all the dye and whatever was on the leather causing the problem. He then sent the Subaru headrest to us for a colour dye match.

The seat was wet sanded with the Prepping Agent and 600 wet and dry paper to key the surface and allowed to dry. Then the dye was applied with a few thin coats on the brown area first, using a cloth made up into a pad and wiped on (Wet Wipe) to bring the colour up to match. Then the whole panel was done, leaving a professional finish.

After the dye, Job done and looking good

It's important to remember "less is more" and you're dying not painting.

Treat gently for 48 hours and then buff up with a clean dry cloth.

Email us if you have any specific questions or are working with antique or unusual type of leather