Ferrari Roof Restoration

A Ferrari Roof Restoration using Leatherique Canvas Dye

The Ferrari roof before the Leatherique canvas dye.
Grant brought the car in for a colour match and we made up the dye for him.
These are the before and after results. He used a trigger sprayer to apply it.

See his comments below.

Hey Rob,
I’ve taken a heap of photo’s for you before, during and after so feel free to put some on your site if you like any of them. I’m really happy with it.
The colour is a perfect match and it only took 1 coat to bring the top back to new.
The photo’s don’t show a dramatic change (like some on your site) but my roof wasn’t that bad to start with.
As you will see in the photos I masked the whole car so I could apply the dye with a spray bottle for an even distribution then I rubbed it into the canvas with a sponge.
I only did one coat as I was only looking to freshen it up and hide some of the more faded areas and stains etc.
I also didn’t want to overdo it and find the material difficult to fold later.
After leaving it for 3 days to cure I re-masked the whole car and sprayed on a water proofer for canvas tops.
Feel free to use this statement on the site if you like

Hi Rob,
Just thought I’d let you know that the canvas dye that you made up for me was excellent. The colour was an exact match and it only took one coat to restore the roof of the Ferrari back to new. I’ve also used the Leatherique oil and cleaner you recommended every 6 months and the leather is now soft again. The leather dye you made for me was also a perfect match and the big scratch is now completely invisible.
Thanks again.


Hi Rob
painted the campervan canvas yesterday and the colour match was perfect. You would think that I had new canvas all around so just waiting a few days before folding down. Hope I have sent the correct pictures they are not all that good but you can see the difference. Covered approx 5sq/mtrs with two coats and still have a cupful left out of a litre. You can certainly recommend this product with confidence.
Clare. S.A.

Toyota Hiace Camper

John Syms from Fremantle WA needed to re-dye the canvas on his 1987 Toyota Hiace Camper.
He says

“Totally delighted with the Leatherique Dye.
I’m just blown away with how easy it was to use and the quality of finish I achieved and the colour was spot on
FYI, the canvas (which is original) is 22 years old.
It was badly faded, had lots of stains on it plus a few holes that needed patching.
I got a quote to have the canvas replaced and was quoted A$1200.00 so my $90.00 + postage investment was a good deal!”

Boat Cover

Les's Camper

Hi There. Just a quick note to say Thank You, I ordered 2x1 litres of canvas dye on Wednesday it arrived on Friday this was to regional West Australia (I’m still amazed how quickly it arrived). This Monday morning I started to apply the Dye. Well what a change it looks fabulous. I had quotes to replace the canvas they ranged between $3000 to $4500. Didn’t need them it looks like new for $200 plus $14 freight. I am truly amazed and so pleased. So once again a big thankyou. Regards Les O’Dell

Awning Wall

Matt from NSW
I found this place online and decided to spend more money and try and repair my damaged awning walls. I am more than happy with the results as the canvas looks great, is back to the normal colour, is water proofed and alot more soft to touch; it is abit like new canvas. I need to do the other side tomorrow night, but I am very impressed. My wife also found the Gumption worked great in removing the mould and crap off the vinyl.
The dye is $90 a litre and came from (02 9999 0122), they were nice to talk to and explained how to use it. It was pretty easy to apply and the excess washed off with water.
Here are some happy snaps taken with my phone, so sorry for the quality.. took the last on in the dark, so that didn't help things much

Kaylean re dye's her van

I hope these outline appropriately for you. I also included a picture of the mould damage prior to cleaning. If this can my any means save someone else the heartache I have gone through to rescue my get away accommodation then it is good.