What do I need?

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We often get asked this question and here are some answers to questions we often get asked.

One litre of POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint (RPP) will cover approx 10 sq metres (per coat) on metal and about 8sq metres on concrete and wood. You need to give it two coats and three for Marine / Industrial applications.

Using different colours for each coat often makes it easier to see where you’ve missed.
If you don’t sand blast, use the Marine Clean and Metal Ready. Prepsol and POR-15 don't work together as it is a solvent base cleaner. Use MARINE CLEAN.

Q. I am doing up my chassis. What do I need?
A1. Non sandblasted, get as much of the old paint off as you can (no good putting good paint over old stuff that is breaking down or already rusting.). POR-15 will go over rusty surfaces and old paint (as long as the paint is keyed well with sandpaper).
Total price around $145.
Follow the instructions
This will do a normal car chassis two coats.
A2. If it’s going to be sandblasted, don’t prime, apply POR-15 directly on to the sandblasted surface (it wants to bond directly onto metal) even if you have slight surface rust occurring after sandblasting, POR-15 actually keys in better.
  • Two coats 3-5 hrs apart.
  • One litre POR-15 (RPP)
Follow the instructions.
Q. I’m doing my whole car what do I need.
A.You will need to key the surfaces well with a 600 or rougher sand paper and then use the Marine Clean and Metal Ready per the instructions followed by two coats of POR-15 (RRP).
Due to the size you’re working on you will probably have to use Tie-Coat or Acid 8 over the cured POR-15 (RPP). You can also apply a dust coat of the primer of whatever top coat you are using over tacky POR-15, instead of the Tie-Coat or Acid 8.
Approx $600.00
Follow instructions
Your top coat primer and top coat.
Q. I want to do touch ups.
A. The Super Starter Kit is great for this as it gives you everything you need to do up to a .5 sq metre 2 coats. The kit comes with Marine Clean, Metal Ready and POR-15 (RPP) plus brushes, gloves and instructions.
You can also buy the Six Pack, six 100ml cans with a choice of colours (black, grey, sliver or clear), it’s cheaper than buying six individual 100ml tins. Good to have on a boat.
Super Starter Approx $35.00
Six Pack
Q. Can I apply POR-15 (RPP) over existing paint?
A. Yes you can, after keying the old paint with 400-600 sandpaper and then using the Marine Clean. Just always bear in mind you’re putting a new good paint over an old one and if the old coat gives way it will take the POR-15 with it.
Q. Do I need a top coat?
A. If you are doing areas that are not exposed to UV, i.e. chassis, gearbox, suspensions etc then two coats of POR-15 RRP are all you need.
If they are exposed then you will need to top coat the POR-15 with one of our products Blackcote (gloss black), Chassiscote (semi gloss black) or use the Tie Coat / Acid 8 and apply any type of paint. Remember both these are linking coats only and not fillers and should be applied lightly. You can also apply a dust coat of your final coat primer while the second coat of POR-15 is still tacky (2-3hrs) and then go ahead with your choice of top coats.
Q. Why do I need two coats of POR-15 (RPP)?
A. When painting spray or brush you tend to leave “Holidays” in the paint, small holes or gaps. These will allow moisture to get to the metal and a rust spot will occur. You also need a reasonable depth of coating which one coat doesn’t give you.
Q. Can I brush or spray POR-15?
A. You can do either but if you’re spraying you will need our Solvent to thin at approx 15-20%.
However we’ve discovered from users that one of the major selling points of POR-15 is that if brushed in a flowing motion you can get almost a spray finish, this means you can do it in your garage / shed. No special brush is required.
Chassiscote does not brush on as well as the POR-15 (RPP) or Blackcote. A small amount of solvent (5%) helps it run out better.
Q. I’ve used Metal Ready and it’s come up with an orange rusty look?
A. That is exactly what it should look like, orange with a bit of salt and pepper.

Marine Applications

Due to the presence of salt, and moisture, special care needs to taken to ensure a rust proof finish.

The number one enemy for steel is moisture so the BIG MUST here is to get the metal DRY before painting. Heat guns, Hairdryers, blow torches etc should be used, you will often see the water bubbling out of the rusty steel as you dry it.

It’s also no good leaving the prepared job out in the sea dew overnight to paint the next morning.

Any moisture left on the steel WILL come back as a rust spot. Badly pitted and flaky rust, store water in good quantities.

The other mistake people make is they pull the boat out of the water to get a quick paint and anti foul (slipway time costs money, I know) but the keel to be painted is saturated with water and not given the time to dry out. This will not give good adhesion nor will POR-15 work like it should.

Cleaning with Marine Clean and etching with Metal Ready both go a long way to help POR-15 RPP adhere to the surface properly.

Preparation is everything. In some cases it may be better to paint directly onto dry rusty metal than introduce more moisture in the Marine Clean and Metal Ready; it depends on where the job is and what the conditions are.

Planning for marine work is important as you need to get three coats of POR-15 on 3-5 hrs apart and then your top coat if you’re using one.

Q. Can I use POR-15 on wood?
A. Yes POR-15 will give you a very good tough finish. Remember it’s not UV stable so if it’s exposed, it will need top coating. Work on about 8 sq metre per litre.
Fuel tank repairs
Our repair kit is three part and included instructions should be followed.
Sun drying is NOT getting it dry the moisture goes from the bottom to the top. Blow it dry, hairdryer / heat gun.
If the tank has leaks in the seams, after applying the Tank Sealer apply slight air pressure to the tank to force the sealer into the cracks.
Car Tank (up to 100 Litres)
Bike Tanks (up to 20 Litres)
Motorcycles Frame painting.
Our recommendation is to sand blast or key it with sandpaper and use the Marine Clean and Metal Ready and then apply two coats of the Blackcote for a good glossy black finish. We don’t feel you need to use the POR-15 (RPP) first, as in most cases bikes don’t have a major rust problem.
Marine Clean 1 lt
Metal ready 500ml
Blackcote 500 Ml
Approx. $110.00

Problem solving.

Q. My Por-15 has bubbled.
A. POR-15 lets off carbon dioxide as it cures. If coating is too thick or the second coat applied too soon it will bubble. Wait for it to harden and sand back and apply another coat.
Q. POR-15 doesn’t seem to have adhered properly to the surface.
A. It hasn’t been keyed (sandpaper) properly or Metal Ready wasn’t used, or both.
Q. My top coat seems to be frying on the Tie Coat.
A. The Tie-Coat hasn’t cured, probably because it was put on too thickly and if this is the case it can take weeks to cure up. With both Acid 8 (cures quicker) and Tie-Coat they should be just a little more than a dust coat.
Q. I have rust bubbles coming through.
A. The metal wasn’t dry prior to painting or only one coat was applied.
Q. I’ve left the POR-15 (RPP) for more than 24 hrs, can I recoat it?
A. The optimum time for re coating POR-15 is 3-5 hours. The adhesion starts to fall off after that. Any time after 24 hrs we recommend you lightly sand the gloss off it and the re coat.

....please remember this is only a guide always refer to information / application sheet before using the products.