Eastwood Heavy Duty Air Shears

The Eastwood air shears are incredible metal shears that are ideal for metal cutting and metal forming projects. Buy this tool online today!

Eastwood Air Shears - EW13743

Eastwood's Heavy-Duty Air Shears makes clean cuts in metal up to 18-gauge Our air shears is built to match the quality and features of national brands, so it's built for everyday use in auto body shops, sheet metal shops, machine shops...and your shop.

▶   4,500 strokes per minute to aggressively cut through most metals and plastics
▶   Slices through up to 18-gauge metal, without chips
▶   Cutting head rotates for precise contoured cuts
▶   Needs just 4 cfm at 90 psi, so you can use a DIY compressor

Cuts most plastics and all steel, aluminum and tin. Pistol grip lets you cut more comfortably and precisely. Heavy-duty cutting blades are replaceable (13743A) to help maintain cutting performance.

Heavy-Duty Air Shears
Replacement Blade Set
1/4" Air Coupler
One Hex Key

msds Eastwood's Heavy-Duty Air Shears Instructions

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.


Always wear appropriate eye protection. Always make sure the workpiece being cut is securely clamped or anchored to allow 2-handed operation of the tool. Keep loose clothing, jewelry and long hair away from rotating components. Do not exceed 90 psi (6.3 bar) of tool inlet air pressure. Always disconnect tool from air supply when replacing blades.

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Air Shears from Eastwood

Air Shears from Eastwood

Eastwood's Heavy-Duty Air Shears makes clean cuts in metal up to 18-gauge

  • works very wel
    I have only cut 22 and 24 gauge metal so far, nothing heavier , and it went through that like butter. I would recommend this tool. It is much easier than using an air saw.
  • Air Shears
    The shears work great and well worth the cost. The shears don't use excessive amounts of air.
  • worked great
    bought the product since my others were worn out. worked great, and another note it has replacement blades with it! that's a plus!
  • Better than I expected
    Great tool. For the price, it's more than I expected. I recommend
  • Good quality tool
    This is one I would recommended to everyone.I cut 18 gauge sheet and this tool went right through with no problem at all.This is built very well ,I'm happy for the value.A++
  • Worked Great!
    I used these to cut a variety of sheet metal for my Studebaker floor repair ranging from 22 to 18 GA. Worked perfectly on the 18GA! Would definitely recommend these.
  • Air Metal Shears
    Well balanced and cut through 14 guage sheet metal easily. It appears to be a good tool even though it's Made in CHINA, which I prefer not to buy products Made in China. The first tool came in broken. They replaced the broken one with a new one right away. I've had horrable experience with Fed-X in my area for the last decade, and as usual, even with the CORRECT delivery address, Fed-X delivered it to a residence on a different street. I have filed a Complaint (again) with Fed-X. I recommend to use of a different shipping company.
  • A spare set of cutter blades!
    I have a couple of other Eastwood air tools and I expect to put these to work on my old 1950 Chevy truck I am restoring. They should come in handy during panel replacement and floor panel repairs as well. I hope they are ready because they have work to do!!
  • Bad start, good finish
    I had never used an Air Shear, so I bought one to cut some 18 gauge cold rolled steel. About one inch into the cut the blade snapped in two. I installed the second blade and it has worked perfectly. (Send me a new replacement blade)!
  • Cuts Great!
    I purchased to replace another top band that wasn't performing. Cutting 22 Ga material like butter and accidently cut thru the 18 Ga table at the same time? Didn't stop the shear cutting thru both sheets at the same time!
  • air shears
    The only reason these people are'nt giving this product a 5******** is they are trying to cut metal,they were'nt suppose to be cutting!!!!!!! I own both, air and electric. And they are as good as button's on a shirt
  • Great tool
    I cut several pieces of 18 gauge right off the bat when i received these. Had no problems what so ever. Straight, smooth cuts each time. Would buy again if these ever did break.
  • Good Tool!
    Should Have Bought One Of These Sooner! Great Tool So Far! Love It!!! Comes With Extra Blades! Can't Beat The Price!! Thanks
  • great tool
    it cuts threw 16 Gage floor pans and dose a great job with lessor gage steel also cut body panel with no problem
  • Works great!
    I am very pleased with the Air Shears! I also appreciate your sending the replacement blades!