Eastwood Patina Preserver Aerosol 397grams

Eastwood's high-grade Patina Preserver Aerosol protects the surface of your car and preserves that hot vintage look.

Eastwood Patina Preserver Aerosol 397grams - EW14995Z

Eastwood's high-grade Patina Preserver Aerosol protects the surface of your car and preserves that hot vintage look.

▶   1 can covers 12-16 square ft.
▶   Spray coat is highly durable, UV and weather resistant
▶   Prevents further rust

This high-quality, inexpensive Patina Preserver provides a clear protective coat on the body of your car that creates a safe barrier between your worn metals and natural elements. This spray-on preservative coat is 100% invisible to the naked eye, as it consists of Eastwood's exclusive micro-thin build, Nano Barrier Technology. This technology protects the surface of your car from further corroding, fading and tarnish, and it is compatible with such materials as aluminum, brass, copper, steel and more!


Make sure surface to be preserved is clean and dry apply 2 to 3 light coats of Patina Preserver. Allow 5 minutes between each coat. Do not move part for at least 15 minutes, product is self leveling and movement may affect final coating. Full cure in 45 to 60 minutes. Clear protection lasts for approximately 12 months depending on conditions.


always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when using this product. Apply in a well ventilated area away from open flame. Store in a cool dry place. Product has a 2 year shelf life. Consult MSDS for specific safety warnings.

How To Preserve Patina & Save The Appearance of Old Original Paint - Patina Preserver - Eastwood

To show you how Patina Preserver works - and that it's invisible to the human eye - we sprayed some on the door of Matt's '76 VW to preserve the original paint. You can't even tell it's there and the cool Patina appearance is now protected for a year. Some people try to preserve it with linseed oil and others put a coat of clear on the car - but those always change the appearance - and you don't want that.

  • Seems like it does a good job.
    Never bought any preserver before, but item seems to do a good job. Just put it on the other day, had a couple rainy days, didn't wash off, still beads, hope it lasts because I will need more for other vehicles. Little pricey, but if it lasts for the time they say it will , should be worth the money. Would recommend the product as of right now, but time will tell.
  • Works Great
    I have been using this to keep the patina on my vintage rusty tracker wheels and rusty parts that I want to last without making them look cheesy. It keeps the rusty patina and gives it a great finish without being too shinny. My only hope is that they keep the price down the cans don't seem to cover as much as you would expect
  • easy to use
    looks good and easy to apply seams to last . used it last year still a little beading of water
  • Good, but...
    I have been buying over the last 6-8 months to keep my old truck looking old without it looking any older. I have to reapply about every other month. It gives just a hint of a shine, so it looks natural. I will continue to use it if the price stays steady.
  • Aerosol Patina Preserver
    I sprayed on my vehicle about 2 weeks ago. Easy to install and coverage was good. I used on my truck cab top and bed cover which is made of sheet metal. So far it is holding up well to the elements.
  • Give it a try
    Bought to prevent rust. Applied to underbody of new car. We will see.