Eastwood Trunk Paint Black Aqua Aerosol 340grams

Black/Aqua Trunk Paint matches factory spatter finish and colour.

Eastwood Trunk Paint Black Aqua Aerosol 340grams - EW10008Z

Black/Aqua Trunk Paint matches factory "spatter" finish and color

▶   Withstands up to 200℉
▶   Mixture of water- and solvent-based pigments
▶   12-oz. aerosol covers 6 sq. ft.

Aerosol spray paint matches the original multi-color black/aqua spatter finish you've seen in trunks.

Match original multi-color spatter finishes with this trunk paint. Handy aerosol can eliminates spray gun cleanup. Must be sealed with Diamond Clear for Painted Surfaces. Prime bare metal with Gray Self Etching Primer (16014Z) or rusty metal with Eastwood Black Rust Encapsulator (16060Z) before applying trunk paint. Each can covers about 6 square feet.


Eastwood's spatter finish Trunk Paint aerosol makes trunks look new. It contains a mixture of water & solvent based pigments. Each can covers 6 sq ft, and withstands up to 200℉. Use Diamond Clear for Painted Surfaces to waterproof. For rusty floors, use Eastwood Rust Encapsulator (16040 Z) Aerosol, (16043 Z) Pint, or (16045 ZP) Quart, and Brushable Seam Sealer (51657 ZP). Use in a well ventilated area, or use a respirator like the SAS Bandit Respirator (11455 or 11456).


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Consult MSDS for specific safety precautions. Always use in a well ventilated area.

  • Looks like new
    Great product. Looks like it did when GM painted it...
  • Best I've found
    If you want the trunk to look right, don't get anything else. I have tried several (admittedly, not all) spatter paints and have always come back to Eastwood. It is more expensive initially, but it's still cheaper than buying something else and being dissatisfied and then buying Eastwood and respraying. In my experience, Eastwood does make the best trunk spatter paints.
  • black/aqua trunk paint
    GREAT PAINT. Did a 1961 Impala trunk. Looks exactly like the original factory color. Did two light coats. Took six cans, but this is a huge trunk. Let it dry for a day and put one coat of clear gloss on. This looks great. Did a car show last Saturday and had many good comments. Referred several people to Eastwood because they couldn't believe how good it looked.
  • Excellent Quality product
    I used the rust encapsulater on the bare metal before spraying the 3 cans of spatter paint, then followed up with the 2 cans of clear cote!
    My trunk looks like it just come of the assembly line What a bunch of Excellent products....
    P.S. The price does not matter on a classic car when you have excellnt results thank you Eastwood for great products!
  • Surprise!
    I have used a similar product years ago (NAPA) and was pleasantly surprised to see it in your catalog. The Diamonnd Clear top coat made an amazing finish. As a serious hobbyist I am using Eastwood as my primary supplier. All products have met or exceeded my expectations. Fast shipping on every order!
  • The best trunk spatter bar none!
    Bought nine cans of this to do the trunk in my Pro-Street Chevelle.....doesn't go far but it lays down nice and heavy to cover ANY and ALL imperfections not to mention the aqua flecks REALLY stand out! My trunk floors and wheel tubs are aluminum so I primed them first with aluminum self etching primer after a good scotchbrite scuffing then i started my spatter Journey...lol 9 cans was not enough so I decided to score some local (Plasti-Coat) stuff and to my surprise it was pure garbage compared to the Eastwood product. Color was more of a dark grey, couldn't even notice a hint of anything aqua and the texture was like rocks. Don't cheap out if you want a factory finish just buy this stuff and buy more then you think you'll need. As I type this I'm ordering 3 more cans for a total of 12 .Your mileage may vary but if you want to do it on the cheap make sure that you lay a black primer or paint down first (my primer was almost white) and you wont need so much to produce a decent effect.Thanks for a great product Eastwood.
  • Factory Look
    I work at an auto body restoration shop and have tried many different store bought products with less than satisfactory results. Eastwoods trunk spatter paint is the best spatter paint out there bar none.
  • looks great
    did a 68 impala trunk with 5 cans, highly recommend a dark sealer undercoat before application for better coverage and then a semi gloss clear coat over top.
  • Great Trunk Paint
    This splatter paint works much better than the Dupli-Color I bought from a local parts place. It covers well and provides the finish I expect.
  • EXCELLENT paint!!! Highly recommended!
    Great, correct color for older Gm car restorations. Great coverage!
  • Trunk Paint
    Great stuff! Just wish the price was a little more reasonable, like about half. It took me two coats and four cans to do a good job on a small trunk on a 1977 Trans Am. It applies excellent and looks excellent too. Just to expensive.
  • Great Product!
    Excellent product, looks like new! -Takes 3 cans - I used a satin clear that gave me a haze, gonna try a different brand, but looks great!