Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer Matte Black Aerosol 312grams

Eastwood's Plastic Resurfacer Aerosol will restore and resurface your plastics, returning the materials to their original luster. Not just another wipe-on coating--this is a permanent repair!

Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer Matte Black Aerosol 312grams - EW15089Z

Eastwood's Plastic Resurfacer Aerosol will restore and resurface your plastics, returning the materials to their original luster. Not just another wipe-on coating--this is a permanent repair!

▶   Passed 2500 hours of ASTM D4587 QUV testing
▶   7+ years of UV resistance
▶   Not just a temporary fix, apply once and you're done
▶   Permanently restores automotive plastics

While most competitor products are only temporary solutions that sit on the surface, Eastwood's Plastic Resurfacer is a permanent repair. This resurfacer is not simply another plain paint or wipe-on coating, it gets deep within the plastic to re-flow the plastic and restore that factory finish look!

Warning: This is a potent product which re-flows the plastic surface and adds back color that the sun has faded away, mask around all areas to be treated and follow all safety guidelines in instructions.


Ensure surface is clean and free of debris. Wash with soap and water, let dry. For really dirty surfaces with embedded contaminants, use SEMs Plastic Prep. Shake can for 2 minutes. Hold can 8 to 10 inch from surface, apply in light coats waiting 5 to 10 minutes bewteen coats. Apply until complete coverage is acheived 2 to 4 coats. Do not apply heavily, allow the surfacer to penetrate the substrate.


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Consult MSDS for specific safety precautions. Always use in a well ventilated area.

msds Click for Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Plastic Refinisher & Resurfacer - Restore Car Trim To Factory Finish - Eastwood

Eastwood's Plastic Resurfacer Aerosol will restore and resurface your plastics, returning the materials to their original luster. While most competitor products are only temporary solutions that sit on the surface, Eastwood's Plastic Resurfacer is a permanent repair.

Restore Faded Plastic Parts - Plastic Resurfacer - Permanent Solution

In this video Ryan uses Plastic Resurfacer to bring his faded plastic back to life! Plastic Resurfacer is not a temporary fix, this is a permanent solution!

  • Worked well for my Corvette trim
    I bought this to restore the appearance of my C6 Corvette wheel trim. It did s a good job and is holding up well. I plan to do other trim pieces now
  • None better but small room for improvemen
    I've used this product several times now on various projects- all parts on the outside of the vehicle. Beyond a doubt this product makes some really worn out looking plastic parts look better then new. I've used it on some parts which were pretty flexible and others that were pretty ridged. Surface wise I've had really good luck on parts which were either textured when the plastic was molded or years of oxidation had roughened the surface slightly.
    I would love to see a tan version of this product for some interior trim.
    Here's what you need to get the most out of the product: If the plastic is very smooth you will want to buff it a bit first with something like 220 grit paper. The rear bumper cover of my hummer needed to be resurfaced so I did the typical cleaning I normally do to prep, but didn't buff the letters of the word "hummer" which were flat and after a few days I started to notice some pealing and lifting off of the resurfacer. But only in those letters and I've never had it on any other parts.
    One small word of warning though... A few weeks after resurfacing the gas tank overflowed at the gas station and some gas washed over the bumper cover discoloring and slightly roughening the resurfaced bumper cover. It is terrible, but I'll definitely need to touch that area up now. I'll probably try to put an excessive amount of Liquid Ice over that area afterwards to try and provide a little protection in case it happens again.
    I've included pictures showing before and after of the corner pieces of the bumper cover as well as a "before" shot of the logo area which gave me trouble pealing.
    Wonderful product and have bought more since.
  • Wow!
    Since buying my Chevy Avalanche new in 2005, I have struggled to keep the black plastic surfaces looking as good as they did new. Any product I tried only looked good for a day or so then began to fade to gray. Most products were so labor intensive that I was exhausted after application. The Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer has restored the plastic surfaces on my Avalanche to better than new appearance and it was super-easy! I made sure I had all the surfaces were super clean (I used hot water and dish washing liquid, followed by denatured alcohol, followed by Eastwood PRE) and then followed Eastwood's directions for application. The results were fantastic. I only wish I had before and after photos to share.
  • Excellent on plastic!!
    This worked very well on a HVAC interior trim bezel in my Dodge. I followed the pre instructions and went to town apply 3-4 light coats. It filled in any imperfections I had and left a perfect matte surface. Even after lightly sanding some lint that go into it, the coverage was even on that section. I recommend you be patient and wait at least 12 hours for it to dry on hard plastic parts.
  • Odd project, Great product!
    I recently bought a radiator overflow bottle cover that came in a gloss black finish. All the other plastic under the hood is matte black, though gloss black is better than the white plastic of the original bottle. I thought I'd try this to see if I could get the cover to more closely match the rest of the plastic. I used Pre to clean the plastic and was pleasantly surprised with the results. It toned down the gloss and is a much better match to the OEM plastic. Easy to use and just a couple light coats did the job. I could probably have just painted the original bottle with the Plastic Refurfacer... I love it!
  • This Worked Awesome
    I have tried many products that claim to restore faded external automotive plastics, but this product won hands down when I tried it on a 14 year old vehicle with a rear bumper so faded I could not tell what color it USED to be.
    I made a video comparing Wipe New (which is also a great product) and Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer. You be the judge. https://www.trustmymechanic.com/eastwood-plastic-resurfacer-review/
    This is the product everyone has always wanted. Don't bother trying other products this is the one that has the results you have always expected. Eastwood get this product out to our local retailers so we don't have to wait for shipping :)
  • Great Product
    I have a 2001 Honda CRV. The front plastic bumper was turning an awful chalky white. It looked terrible on this black car. I pulled off the bumper and carefully followed the directions. The bumper was so bad it required 6 coats; however, the results were outstanding. I highly recommend this product (Plastic Resurfacer). My wife and I tried a handful of other products. They were a complete waste of money. This is the real deal!
  • Restores plastic to a satin black finish
    My Chevy van foot wells had faded and turned a light gray color. I decided to try this plastic restorer. I removed the foot wells from the van. Following instructions on the can, I thoroughly cleaned them with soap and water. I used Eastwood Pre to remove oils and wax. Then used a blue scotchbrite pad to gently roughen the plastic surface but not leave marks.
    Spraying four very light coats and waiting 10 minutes between coats resulted in a beautiful looking foot well. The color is satin black. A previous reviewer stated the product fills scratches. The product will not fill scratches or depressions. It is applied as a thin coating and every scratch, mark or ding is visible after coating. You will need to sand rough edges and bevel depressions before coating.
    Time will tell if this product stands up to use but right now it looks great.
  • This stuff is AWESOME
    This stuff worked great on my bumper of my 2007 Nissan Frontier and will be odering more for my wife's Landrover

  • CLEAN AND PREP IS KEY TO A PERFECT OUTCOME. This stuff is great. You can see the before and after.
  • This stuff is the cats pajamas!
    I'm doing a full on ground up restoration of a 1986 Suzuki GSXR 750 sportbike. I am sparing NO expense on any part of this project due to the massive desireability and somewhat great "rareness"(dare I say) this particular motorcycle holds nowadays. I have been able to thoroughly clean the plastic parts still in usable condition and re-coat them with the plastic resurfacer. The finished result is spectacular! The finish is matte and not the shiny fake look that results from alot of "paints". The can sprays a nice wide easily controllable fan. The biggest thing to make sure of, is to clean the parts extremely thoroughly:IE Varsol tank, etc, then hot super soapy water with a brush, dry, and then use a pre-paint product to make sure all contaminants have been removed. I even went the distance to use safety wire to spray and hand each part.
  • Just like new
    Bought this product to restore the trim on my wife's beloved 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, which has a lot of black plastic exterior components. The results have been fantastic, her car looks like new again! Easy application.
  • Impressive Product
    I have been working on a project to restore my late Mother in law's golf cart for my wife. Many of the plastic trim peaces have been badly oxidized by years of exposure to the sun and weather and look terrible. I have tried several products that claim to "restore" plastic parts to like new condition, however none of them have had any lasting effect. Most are just cleaning agents and while they do clean the dirt and other contaminants from the surface, they do little to penetrate and "restore" the oxidized plastic parts. Once the product dries, the white oxidization returns.
    Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer is a permanent fix, the plastic looks like new! There has been no fading or pealing, and it doesn't look like it was painted, with the exception of scratches and cuts in the plastic, it looks brand new parts, but at tenth of the cost.
    Very impressive product, I will defiantly be using this again.
  • Stellar Stuff
    I bought this to paint all the black on a Jeep Wrangler. I was sick of having to put the Back to Black stuff on the fenders and bumpers. I used prep spray and cleaned the bumpers and painted them last night they turned out great. It did leave a little texture but the plastic on the fenders are not perfectly smooth so it looked just fine.
  • Wow, this resurfacer is amazing!
    I purchased this to make the plastics on my jeep wrangler look good again, I figured worth a shot. This product worked amazing. It exceeded my expectations and delivered on what it promised. I ended up ordering 2 more cans for other projects. This actually absorbs into the plastic and dyes it black again, not just a plastic paint that will end up cracking and chipping. Only downsides to me are; Price and make sure you wear the appropriate Personal Protective items, you don't want to breath it in and avoid skin contact.
  • Awesome!
    This stuff works wonders on old, faded plastic parts restoring them to a "like new" appearance. I have "refinished" virtually every piece of plastic on my 1984 Porsche 928. A must have that enables you to salvage some old parts that are in serviceable condition and may no longer be available from OEM or aftermarket sources.
  • Cant Believe how good this stuff works.
    I've used many different products over the years to try and get that black faded plastic to look good again. This stuff works like no other. I used it on plastics on my 2003 Dodge ram. 13 years later and the black plastic on my truck looks dealer new again. I would recommend this product to anyone I know. Awesome stuff.
  • OMG
    Oh My Gosh ! I have 2012 transit connect , horribly faded bumpers and plastics , I've tried at least 3 products to revive it , very temporary . I finally had a chance to apply eastwood resurfacer , I did a deep scrub with dawn dish soap and dried , taped everything off and applied 3 coats . Being a novice rattle can enthusiast , I thought the product came out thin , but don't be fooled . When dry it was BLACK and even , not blotchy . So far I'm stoked . My van looks new again , just wish I took a before pic .
  • works great, holds up well in the sun
    I redid the trim on both my daughters and my 99 jeep wranglers this spring. Its now late summer in South Carolina and trim still looks like brand new, even after all the heat and sun (and some water and mud)
  • Works Great!!
    Got this for my 2007 Avalanche and it worked great, Just follow the instructions and clean the surface well I used a wax and grease remover then applied 4 light coats turned out great very happy.
  • Works Great!!
    Got this for my 2007 Avalanche and it worked great, Just follow the instructions and clean the surface well I used a wax and grease remover then applied 4 light coats turned out great very happy.
  • Finally something that works!
    Tried all those pastes to blacken my Jeep flairs which did not work. Plastic Resurfacer made them look like new again.
  • Amazing Product
    Bought the Plastic Resurfacer for my 2003 Ford Escape. I applied it just a week ago and so far this is the best. I've tried and wasted a lot of money looking for something that looks great a lot longer than a week or two. Very easy to apply after taping everything off. If you accidently get some on your paint, I used paint thinner and immediately washed it off. My car looks like it did in 2003!
  • great job on running boards
    I used this to try to make the running boards on my Dodge 3500 diesel 4x4 look better. The truck has 330,000 mile on it and is driven in mud and snow most of the time, I live at 10,000 ft in Colorado. I cleaned the boards as directed and applied four light coats space as directed. The running boards look like new and set off the new paint on the truck. Very happy with the results.
  • Perfect!
    We were skeptical at first when we saw the price, but after the first coat we saw exactly what the raves and great reviews were referring too...Excellent Product! We will definately use again on other projects. ( P.S. ..even outside the voc's are strong throughout the drying/curing process ) Looks brand new..now lets see if it holds up! ;)
  • Great Product!
    I'm not one to write any review for a product but after trying the Plastic Resurfacer I was amazed at the finished product. I have a '99 F150 with gray faded plastic and after painting the hood cowl this product delivers an outstanding finish. I look forward to resurfacing the remainder of the plastic trims.
  • Great value!
    I didn't expect to get such a good and strong paint for the job I needed!I used it to cover some plastic parts and at the end of the job I checked how strong it stuck to the items I painted.I'm very satisfied,now I know where I can find a good product for all my projects!Thanks guys!
  • Plastic Resurfacer
    I had extremely faded fender flares. Took rubbing alcohol and removed any wax and then applied the Eastwood plastic paint prep. Applied 3 coats of paint per instructions.The results were transforming. The true test will be in how well the finish holds up to the elements
  • great product
    sprayed on kick panels and other interior parts; changed from chalky black/white to a nice shade of black. I sprayed 3 light coats for the effect I wanted. Clean the parts with a good cleaner and follow the instructions. A bit pricey but cheaper than other options.
  • Nice suprise on how well it oworked
    Bought to bring back the black on the top plastic cover of my 95 Ram Front Bumper and worked better then I expected....next to do the black bezel around the tail lights on my 09 Challenger that have turned a bit gray.
  • Perfect
    Oh man, does this work. Washed, dried then prepped the bumpers, masked off the chrome and applied the plastic resurfacer. My bumpers haven't looked this good since the truck was new.
  • 2006 Jeep GC plastics
    This is it. I have tried all the other brighten up products. This IS the best. Easy to apply and then you get great results. Just follow the directions. Could not be more satisfied.
  • great product
    was recommended to me-glad I bought it , I used as directed and it came out great, it made my 2007 Chevy Avalanches plastic trim look new , I 'll recommend it
  • Amazing!
    Restored Plastic covers on the seat belt base as well as black plastic on the chrome bumpers. It worked to perfection and looks amazing!
  • Worked like a charm.
    Oh man. This stuff worked awesome! 02 Frontier fenders. Truck looks like I just pulled it off the lot. Thanks Eastwood.
  • Looks god
    Goes on easy and has good coverage. Looks very nice after application. Will have to see how long it actually lasts.
  • great products and info about products
    I have resurfaced all faded plastic trim on my 2005 F150 everything turned out great. This is a wonderful product.
  • Deep black...
    Exactly what I needed it. The color turn out to be a very deep black that matched the original color on my car.
  • Excellent!!!
    Had to work my magic to decant into a jar/can so I could brush on or use my fine sprayer...
  • 1966 Grand Prix Restoration
    I purchased this to restore my grills on the Grand Prix. The black plastic was repaired by me so the grills were perfect and solid. But the condition of the plastic was old and filthy. I cleaned them with soaking through soap and water and while they came perfectly clean the really "worn" condition of the plastic became obvious. So it was on to try plastic paint when I came across this "resurfacer." To be honest I really wasn't expecting much or to live up to its hype but I figured "I've got my heart and soul into this memorial restoration for my son" that why not ...
    I hung the grills up in my basement and put on multiple coats of this stuff ... one pass each time ... light coats as the instructions said. The results were AMAZING! These grills are not reproduced and cannot be found NOS anywhere that I know. They are truly better than new ... I highly doubt that the condition of the plastic from the factory looked any better than this.
    Now I'm going to resurface my radiator shroud so it's looks new as well. That's going to be much easier I hope since the surface is big and flat without the 50 - 70 nooks and crannies of the plastic grills.
    Now I hope the finish lasts a long time!
    Now it's on to the metal portion of the grills! I purchased black chassis paint and argent silver for those ... I hope it comes out as good as the plastic grills!)
    Great job Eastwood!