Eastwood Buffing & Polishing Kit 17 pc Set

17 pieces help you add a lustrous shine to auto parts and more.

Eastwood Buffing and Polishing Kit - EW50341

17-Pc. Polishing Kit has everything you need to add a lustrous shine to automotive parts and more

▶   Can be used on many types of metal and plastic
▶   Perfect for detailing auto and motorcycle parts
▶   Use with drill or die grinder

Eastwood's deluxe polishing kit is designed to make your steel, stainless, aluminum and plastic automotive components shine brightly! Use your electric drill, cordless drill or pneumatic die grinder for easy, effective, polishing jobs-on or off the vehicle.

▶   5 compounds (one 4-oz. tube each: brown Tripoli, gray stainless (emery), white rouge, jeweler's rouge, blue plastic)
▶   5 small felt bobs
▶   2 mushroom buffs
▶   2 large buffs (round, tapered)
▶   3 wheels (2 spiral-sewn, 1 loose-sewn)
▶   Instructions

Virtually any metal surface, and many plastic surfaces, can be buffed to a mirror shine. As you work through coarse to fine compounds, you’re replacing deeper scratches with finer scratches. The part will become more reflective after each step, finally resulting in a mirror shine. Eastwood's 17-piece polishing kit does a sparkling job on your steel, stainless, aluminum and plastic parts!


Coverage depends on size of component. Kit supplied has enough product to polish two valve covers and air cleaner or complete windshield trim, door handles, etc


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Consult MSDS for specific safety precautions. Always use in a well ventilated area.

msds Eastwood Buffing and Polishing Kit Information Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Watch How to Buff & Polish Video

How to Buff & Polish with the Deluxe Buffing Kit from Eastwood

Buff Kit - How to Buff & Polish with the Deluxe Buffing Kit from Eastwood

The Eastwood 17-Pc. Polishing Kit that has everything you need to add a lustrous shine to automotive parts and more.

  • Great, versatile little kit
    I've purchased this kit 2x now. This is a good value for the money, being a small, but powerful kit with a good variety of cotton wheels, and metal polishes. The small cotton wheels work great with a decent, fast drill. This small kit allows you to maneuver yourself, and the wheel according to the application. I've polished the aluminum on several classic cars, and the results are great. Follow the instructions and take your time is my advice.
  • Value
    I didn't expect miracles at this price range. Just a simple starter kit that would brighten up my bikes aluminum bits. Delivered in spades. Quick and easy.
  • JAS
    Great starter package
    Just received this kit - will be using it to polish small steel and aluminium pieces on my restoration project. A good mix of buffing wheels and attachments, as well as compounds. Only complaint is the tubes of polishing compound are not labelled. So for a first timer like me, I would have appreciated knowing which is what.
  • Great Deal!
    Bought from Eastwood on Ebay for 29.99 with free shipping. I like a good deal! Worked great on what I've done so far. Hey try this, Buffed out my sand blasting visor, also my grinding visor shield, and my wedding ring! Awesome so far! Looking for more stuff to buff..havent got to my car yet....
    Outstanding kit ! The quality is there, as well as the longevity. I used this kit on polishing my turbocharger complessor, and was so saticefied that I started other projects with the kit. The wheels last a while for the size, and the bars for polishing other types of applications are very effective. Mission complete every time. Thanks Eastwood!!!
    This is a great value! As always, Eastwood does things right! Quick service / well-packed / fair s/h fees, great product. I have to say in summary....I was surprised at the amount of items in this kit. EXCELLENT!
  • buffing kit
    i bought this kit to buff a set of aluminum slots for a1969 couger my son and i are restoring for him this stuff works great. It made the rims look like mirrors we finished the car with great success thanks to all of eastwoods great products
  • Gret Buffer Set
    This is a small sized buffing kit, which is exactly what you need to get into all those small nooks-and-crannies that hou have to get into but can't with a big buffing wheel.
  • This kit saved the day and alot of time.should have ordered it a long time ago ! Thank you eastwood !
    great for getting into the little tight corners of the 71 Triumph that is alot clocer to bein done,thanks to this kit.polished it like chrome
  • JB
    Great product
    I use it quite often keeping things clean and shiny around the house and garage that I now have a second kit bought at 50% off.
  • Buffing Kit
    A little goes a long way.Will be a Pro Soon If I keep this up.Nice Kit-----Have Fun and looks better then I ever though I could Do.Let everybody who does work EASTWOOD is the way to go.
  • Very nice package
    It's a very nice little package for someone who wants to buff thing like aluminium mags wheels work very well
  • Works great
    This is great for small projects and tight areas where a full size buffer won't fit.
  • Buffing kit
    My neighbor used this kit for the first time on our aluminum wheel. The bonnets work great. We were very surprised with the results and will order more if they ever wear out. We hope to use them at a later date on bumpers, etc., and other items on and off the trucks, great package
  • Great polishing wheels
    I purchased 2 weeks ago. Polished all the trim on a 1954 Chevy 210 4 door sedan. Excellent results.
  • DA
    Well made, and made my polishing work on my Cafe Racer very easy.
  • Great Kit!
    I am restoring a couple of old cars and my bench buffing system is way to large and dangerous to use on small parts and moldings. Used for buffing/ restoring stainless trim and parts. Works great. Yes this is for a drill! and it works great in the drill. Need a corded drill though. Cordless do not have the RPM you need. Good assortment of wheels and compound. Compound goes a long way.
  • polishing kit
    I bought the polishing kit to polish my son motorcycle motor, it works very well, fits in to the nooks and tight areas of the aluminum block, will be buying more products very soon. It's a great tool to have in your tool box.
  • Very satisfied
    I was really impressed with how extensive the kit is for the price. I wasn't expecting this much value. At a nearby ranch supply store I priced out a kit that wasn't half as complete and cost the same.
  • The product was exactly as expected.
    I ordered this as a surprise for my husband...... He was thrilled with the product and the excellent service Eastwood always provides.
  • Best product ever
    The compound was too dry but these Is a great great and great product highly recommended to buy, and Amazing shiping
  • Buffing Kit
    This Kit has every thing you need to do the job you are trying to do on your classic car give it a go you'll love it
  • Alot for your money
    I have not used it yet but i know for what your getting it is a good valus and will work great II
  • Incredibly useful, and that's an understatement!
    For polishing aluminum motorcycle rims on vintage bikes, I have found nothing which can compare
  • Excellent Product
    An outstanding value on an even better kit! Way to go Eastwood!!
  • Excellent Kit
    This is an excellent kit that is well worth the money!
  • Buffing Kit
    It works great and does what I am looking for
  • Great product
    Very pleased with product and service.