Eastwood 4 and 8 inch magnetic Copper Butt-Weld Backer set

Hands-free support when doing butt-welding or welding holes.

Eastwood 4 and 8 inch magnetic Copper Butt-Weld Backer set - EW22993

Magnetic Copper Backer Set helps you weld without burning holes Two magnetic copper backing panels provide hands-free support when doing butt-welding or welding holes in sheet metal.

Prevents warping and weld burn-thru
Welding material won't stick to copper
4" and 8" copper panels are magnetic; no hands or clamps needed

Use this hands-free, no-maintenance, backing support when butt-welding and welding holes in sheet metal or whenever an open area needs to be bridged with a weld. Magnetic panels hold tight on their own, and your welding material won't stick to the copper. 1/8"-thick solid copper, with high-strength, high-heat magnets. Made in the USA.


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Consult MSDS for specific safety precautions. Always use in a well ventilated area.

Plug Welding Holes in Sheet Metal with Magnetic Copper Backers - Mike Finnegan at Hot Rod - Eastwood

Roadkill's Mike Finnegan is in the Hot Rod Magazine Garage welding holes shut on the firewall of their 1955 Chevy project car using Eastwood Magnetic Copper Backers.

  • like the tool
    this tool has a good use for putting on the back side of steal and the magnets are strong too hold it in place even when inverted on the project works very good at covering holes so they can be filled
  • copper plates
    These magnetic copper plates have made Tig welding the holes up in my firewall so much easier. I would recommend these plates to anyone using a tig, they really make things so much easier.
  • Multi use tool
    Got both sixes today and just used the smaller one to hold a patch piece in place. I know that this is not the intended use but saved a lot of time additionally it heat sinked some of the welding heat. Magnets are surprisingly strong.
  • Great Tool
    Magnets are nice and strong. Only with they were a little thinner and more flexable but still a great tool to have in the welding cart.
  • Awesome product
    Been using these restoring my MGB. Worth the price. Makes life a lot easier welding. Makes a good backing, heat sink.
    wish the magnets were larger and stronger.. but they are acceptable. If the surface is not flat, you can clamp them in place
    Nice heavy pieces. very well made.
    Everyone in the autobody class I am in borrows them. Once they use them, they buy them. Wish I got a commission from Eastwood!!
    The peices are great. More shapes (long and thin, or wedge shapes would be helpful for those closed in and hard to reach areas.
    These are a must have for your welding toolbox
  • Eastwood 4 and 8 inch magnets
    From what I'm hearing it sounds like every one is making the same mistake when welding a hole shut go in short bursts do not try to close the spot closed with one pass weld a small spot cool with air hose then weld another spot cool with air hose then weld another spot cool magnet are susceptible to failer from heat magnets structure will change with heat making them useless also the current destroys them the magnets are to be used in tack welding other wise Eastwood cannot be responsible for there failer signed an ex welder....