Eastwood OptiFlow Epoxy Primer Complete Kit - Automotive Roll-On Paint - Gray

Eastwood OptiFlow Epoxy Primer Complete Kit. No Paint Gun Needed.

Eastwood OptiFlow Epoxy Primer Complete Kit- Automotive Roll-On Paint - Gray - EW98006

OptiFlow Roll-On Epoxy Primer Basic Kit includes everything you need to get your project in primer, whether you're tackling the entire project or just doing one panel at a time! With excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance over bare steel as well as aluminum, fiberglass, body fillers and even existing finishes, it's the basis for a perfectly straight car with NO PAINT GUN NEEDED!

Easily get your project in primer and ready for body work and basecoat, saving you time and money. It goes on so smooth everyone will think the great results came from an expensive HVLP spray gun. This Basic Kit includes everything you need to get your project in Epoxy Primer and ready for bodywork - Epoxy Primer, Large and Small Rollers with Handle Frames and Trays, Mixing Cups, 2K AeroSpray for hard-to-reach spots as well as Guide Coat for finding imperfections in the body.

OptiFlow Advantages
•   Save THOUSANDS when you do it yourself, and that's money you can spend on an engine, wheels or more tools!
•   No overspray (in your garage or on the neighbor's car)
•   Minimal masking required
•   No airline contamination
•   Confidence to primer your project! Plus pride in knowing you did it yourself.
•   Specially formulated primer for roll-on application with rollers designed for this process.
•   Fast and easy cleanup

Basic OptiFlow Epoxy Primer Kit Details
•   Epoxy has an easy 1:1 mix ratio with separate catalyst (item 23131) to make two roll-able gallons. Enough to cover most cars.
•   Epoxy sands easily 2-3 days after application. Urethane sands easily after a 4 hour cure time.
•   Epoxy is a DTM Primer - Direct To Metal application for a strong bond. Even apply over existing coatings, fiberglass and fillers.
•   All the materials you need are included! You just supply the body filler.
•   Awesome results without overspray or professional spray equipment. Plus no gun to clean. Save Time & Money.
•   Includes enough primer to cover a car in Epoxy as well as everything you need to apply the coating.
•   Nobody will know it was rolled-on unless you tell them!

EastwoodBasic OptiFlow Epoxy Primer Kit

•   (1) Eastwood #23130ZP OptiFlow DTM Epoxy Primer Gray, Gallon
•   (1) Eastwood #23131ZP OptiFlow Epoxy Catalyst, Gallon
•   (1) Large, 7" Roller Frame
•   (1) Small, 4" Roller Frame
•   (4) 2-Packs, Large 7" Foam Roller Covers (total 8 pcs)
•   (2) 2-Packs, Small 6" Foam Roller Covers (total 4 pcs) that fit the 4" Roller Frames
•   (1) Plastic Paint Rolling Tray
•   (1) 12-Pack Paint Roller Tray Liners
•   (1) 5-Pack, 1 Quart Mixing Cups with Lids
•   (2) Eastwood #12416Z Aerosol Guide Coat, Black
•   (2) Eastwood #14149Z 2K Aerosol Epoxy Primer, Gray
•   (1) Eastwood #19857, 16" Dura-Block, Sanding Board
•   (1) Eastwood #19855, 5" Dura-Block, Sanding Board
•   (1) 2.75" x 81.75' Roll #31374, P120 Grit, Adhesive Back, Abrasive Paper
•   (1) 2.75" x 81.75' Roll #19627, P180 Grit, Adhesive Back, Abrasive Paper
•   (1) 2.75" x 81.75' Roll #19628, P220 Grit, Adhesive Back, Abrasive Paper
•   (1) 2.75" x 81.75' Roll #31376, P320 Grit, Adhesive Back, Abrasive Paper
•   (1) 2.75" x 81.75' Roll #31377, P400 Grit, Adhesive Back, Abrasive Paper


CLEAN - Thoroughly strip and clean your metal part before coating. We recommend Eastwood Pre Painting Prep.

COAT - Apply using Eastwood DIY HotCoat Gun 11671A or the Eastwood Dual Voltage HotCoat Gun 11678.

CURE - Cure the part in an electric oven for recommended time. NEVER use an oven that is used for food.

Which OptiFlow Kit is Best for you

EastwoodBasic OptiFlow Epoxy Primer Kit


Always wear eye, respirator and skin protection. Use in a well ventilated area and consult the product MSDS sheet for specific warnings and precautions.

Frequent Asked Questions

What type of roller do I need? Can I buy one at the hardware store?
While the OptiFlow epoxy and urethane can be applied with any type of paint roller, the results will be far less than satisfactory and you will have poor coverage, as well as pinholes and trapped air because standard rollers are not designed for this type of coating. To get optimal results, even coverage and to limit sanding, you will need to use the rollers designed for the OptiFlow Primers. The larger 7" roller is ideal for large, flat panels such as doors, hoods and roofs. Use the smaller 6" Roller for roof edges, windshield pillars, body line contours and tight spaces where a large roller can't fit.

Why do I need to use this primer rather than standard primers?
Both the OptiFlow epoxy and urethane surface were formulated to provide maximum corrosion protection, adhesion and topcoat durability. A proprietary under-indexing of the Acrylic Polyol's provides the coatings with superior flowout in the roll-on application.

Do I need to start with epoxy?
If the substrate is bare steel and you are going to use polyester filler to level the surface, then yes you need to start with epoxy primer. The Epoxy will provide the ultimate in corrosion protection at this stage. If you are starting with a substrate that has well adhered previous coatings you can follow the instruction of block sanding and using the OptiFlow Urethane Primer.

Can I apply these primers over an existing finish?
Yes, if you don't want to strip the vehicle to bare metal, you can scuff sand and use the Urethane over the existing finish as long as you are sure it is still integral and has good adhesion to the base metal.

What safety gear is needed?
Just as with any catalyzed coating you must wear the proper safety equipment- NIOSH approved respirator, eye protection and skin protection when applying the product. Refer to the product MSDS sheet for complete safety instructions and warnings.

How much sanding is needed?
The cured Epoxy or Urethane coating will require block sanding with 320 and 400 grit sandpaper. The epoxy will requires 48-72 hour cure before sanding. Both coatings can be sanded dry or wet.

How much do I need to do a car? (epoxy and urethane)
For an average mid-size vehicle you will need to purchase one Epoxy Kit and one Urethane Kit, or the Complete Epoxy-Urethane Kit.

What is the difference between this and your regular primer?
The OptiFlow Epoxy and Urethane will have the same mechanical properties, corrosion protection and durability as any high quality brand professional coating. The difference is that OptiFlow is formulated for people that do not have paint gun equipment, the skills to spray, or proper area to spray apply finishes. Plus there is no overspray or paint gun to clean up, as well as the convenience of rolling.

I’ve seen people roll on "hardware-store paints" and it looked pretty good. Why do I need this primer?
"Hardware Store Primers" are single component coatings, even the most well known brands. While you can use these products, they will not last or look good for long. OptiFlow is a high performance 2 -component, catalyzed coating that is designed for automotive steel substrates that provides an exceptional corrosion barrier to the substate and promotes superior adhesion for top coats.

What is the flash time? How much time between coats?
Flash time is 20-30 minutes depending on temperature, but as always consult label guidelines and instructions during application. Typically the second coat can be applied after 20-30 minutes.

Can I apply in my driveway? My garage?
OptiFlow coatings are designed just for that! Inside or out because you don't have to worry about getting overspray on the neighbor's cars or everything in your garage!

Is there a roll on topcoat / color / clear?
Not at this time, but we're constantly striving to provide more unique, quality products for our customers.

What is the 2K AeroSpray and why do I need it?
The 2K aerosols are designed for spray applications in areas that will ultimately prove challenging to get with a roller or under hood, doorjambs, deck lid areas. These are highly durable 2-component coatings just like OptiFlow. There is a bladder inside of the can, that when punctured, releases the catalyst into the primer, creating a 2-component coating.

Why don’t I just use the 2K AeroSpray cans to spray my entire vehicle?
While you can, you must consider the cost. It will take 2.5 cans to apply 3 wet coats of Epoxy to a typical door (4.2’L x 2’H). It will require approximately 28 cans of Epoxy alone to completely cover the entire vehicle with 3 coats and that is before any body work and an additional 2 sealer coats of epoxy and before Urethane.

Can I roll on the primer and spray a topcoat or send it to a professional to spray?
Yes, that is exactly why we designed and formulated the OptiFlow System! You save 70-80% of the cost of a high quality paint job simply by doing the labor yourself. Once completed you can take the vehicle to a shop for color or invest in yourself and buy one of our HVLP systems. And with the money you save, you can buy an engine for your project or more cool tools to do the job right.

When do I do bodywork? Over bare metal, over epoxy?
It’s your choice. There are two schools of thought on this and ultimately it's personal preference. Some say “filler over bare metal”, and others say “filler over epoxy”. The benefits of the OptiFlow system is that you can choose to apply body filler over the bare metal or epoxy primer. Eastwood body fillers are designed with superior adhesion to bare clean steel, with a blasted or 80 grit profile, or can be applied directly over the OptiFlow Epoxy primer. The OptiFlow Epoxy primer is also formulated to bond directly to our polyester filler or properly scuffed urethanes, epoxies, enamels or fiberglass.

How long does it take to roll on a typical coat on an entire average size car?
It only takes between 12 and 20 minutes to apply a coat on an average size car, and this includes spraying 2K AeroSpray Primer in the hard-to-reach areas.

How many coats of each primer do I need to apply?
Typically you will apply 2-4 coats of Epoxy Primer and 3 coats of Urethane Primer.

Can I roll one panel at a time or do I need to do the entire vehicle at one time?
You can roll the entire project at once or do one panel at a time. You'll get great results either way.

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