Eastwood Drill Press V Block Fixture Center It

Here's how to drill thru the center of bar stock, round tubing.

Eastwood Drill Press V Block Fixture Center It - EW43369

Great Accessory For Your Drill Press. Centre-it, makes it easy to drill through the centre of bar stock and round tubing. Also works great for holding tubes in place while sawing.

Constructed of heavy 6065-T3 Aluminum for years of use.

Center-It measures 4" wide by 5" long. The 2" vee with 90 degree angle suits most tube applications.

  • Very helpful tool
    The v block is a very handy and easy to use aid for drilling round stock. Within two minutes I was set up and drilling perfectly centered holes through tubing and bar stock. It's as easy as lining your drill bit up with the channel in the bottom of the block, lining up your tubing with the bit and drilling your hole.
  • Very helpfull aid for drilling round stock
    All of us have had difficulty drilling centered holes in round stock. This device has eliminated my fear of drilling an offset hole. As Joe said in his review, just line up your drill bit with the channel in the bottom of the block, line up your tube in the bit and drill the hole. Thanks Eastwood.
  • Simplicity
    Recently purchased. So very simple and handy. Made a small piece to attach it to so it could be held in a vise, too. Gonna order another.
  • Just what I needed!
    I got 2 of these mainly to hold 4x4 stock during wood working projects. Have come in handy countless other times and I had no problem attaching them to my drill press plate.
  • ok
    this v block does not come with the red pipe as shown to align the pipe or round stock. it is a very good idea bit it needs the pipe to align it properly.
  • Wood and PVC
    Perfect for my 1/4" ceder dowels and 3/4" PVC pipe
  • Handy Tool...
    Maybe because I don't have the highest quality drill press but I experienced problem with smaller length items moving around while in the jig. Tried clamping down smaller items in the jig but not so easy when clearance of drill press coming down must be maintained.