Eastwood Rust Encapsulator White Aerosol

Reformulated with TWICE the corrosion resistance!.

Eastwood Rust Encapsulator White Aerosol - EW14824z

Stop rust in its tracks! Our Rust Encapsulator (White) has been reformulated with TWICE the corrosion resistance!

You thought it was good before...wait 'til you try this Rust Encapsulator! It seals and stops rust and corrosion from spreading, but it performs even better than our original formula. Tested against well-known brands, the Eastwood Rust Encapsulator has proven to be superior in sunlight resistance, preventing rust creep, and overall durability.

  • ▶   White
  • ▶   Twice the corrosion resistance of our original formula for greater durability (tested to 500 hours in a salt-spray chamber)
  • ▶   Epoxy-fortified for better adhesion and topcoat compatibility
  • ▶   Penetrates deeper to prevent rust from spreading or forming, even in hard-to-reach areas
  • ▶   Cures faster, and the low-VOC formula is acceptable in California
  • ▶   15-oz. aerosol covers about 10 sq. ft.

Unlike off the shelf under coatings, Rubberized Rust Encapsulator can be applied directly over rust and without the bubbling that creates air pockets thus trapping rust. Since its engineered with high tech flex agents, its pliable finish protects surfaces from abrasions, road hazards and deadens sound. So durable it exceeded 1,000 hours of salt spray chamber testing, this surpasses the standards for a 2 component catalyzed coating! Simply apply directly over rust or bare metal; no need to topcoat. Remains flexible and durable. Satin white finish.

Wire Brush to remove loose rust, scale and paint. Remove dust, grease, oil deposits. Shake can for at least 2 mins after mixing ball starts to rattle.Feather surrounding paint with 220 grit sandpaper. Apply Rust Encapsulatorcan 10 to 12 inches from surface. Single coats dry to the touch in 20 minutes and arethoroughly dry in 3 to 4 hours at 68 degrees F. For greater durability a second coat can be applied one hour after the first. Allow 6 to 8 hours after last coat before applying top coat.

always wear eye, skin and respirtaory protection. Apply in a well ventilated area away from open flame.

(Q) Can Rust Encapsulator be applied with the Undercoating System?

(A) Technically, yes, but this application isn't recommended because Rust Encapsulator requires surface to be free of grease, oil, and loose rust. The best product to coat inside box sections is the Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust (16017ZP). This waxy, oily product flows into pinch welds and through rust to seal surfaces from contact with moisture and air, but cannot be painted over, so it's only suitable for inside box sections that don't show. Use lacquer thinner for cleanup.

  • Good lasting coverage !
    This is a good encapsulator when applied correctly. As with all Eastwood Rust Encapsulator products some common sense prep is required. You just don't spray it on and walk away. For years I only used their black and then resprayed a color to finish. This white is good as it's applied. No need to spray over it unless you want a different color. I sprayed the underside of a truck hood. It is holding up well against road rash and heat. Highly recommend it.
  • Great product
    I've used the black a lot and love it. The only thing I would say is different with the white is that where I could use the black as the final finish after two coats, the white is just too translucent to act as a final coat the way the black is. Plan to put paint over the top of the white encapsulator to get a truly white finish. This is exactly what you want over rust on a part which will have a light colored finish, just top it off with the paint color of your choice.
  • I like this stuff.
    Have used the black version in the past, out of a can. I was very happy with the results especially since it was outside with no topcoat. However, shelf life was not infinite. Hated to waste this pricy stuff. So, I bought a spray can of the white.. Hopefully this will solve the shelf life issue. I used it on a white trailer. Went on great,sanded well for topcoat. Saved a lot of coats of primer and white paint to be able to paint white over it!
  • great
    this is the 4th can and i put it on my outdoorrailing which i formerly couldnot get rustfree for more then 4month ,now the railing is through a very harsh winter here in nj and it is still as good as when i first applied it . it`s worth the price because one does not have to repaint i hope for the next couple of years. GO AND BUY THAT STUFF!!!
  • Excellant Coverage
    I purchased about 3 weeks ago and finally got to use some. I need it on me house. It is steel sidings that thru the years of other owners neglect has rusted in places creating eye sore. I used a wire wheel brush electric to knock off the heavy rust and sprayed the white over it. My son and I liked the coverage and the ease of use. Wondered How the Quart or Gallon would cover Using A Spray Gun ..... Worth the Try for the price. I No not whether it will hold up. I intend to purchase additional for other items in white and the black. The temperature was a lil chilly today But the prep was easy and the coating we sprayed two coats. Will Update review thru the winter and spring. We will be painting a Gray over this white in the spring. Great stuff. It encapsulated the rust and none came thru as yet ....... Amazing Coverage .... Will also purchase for the truck, Car, and tractors. As well as the other things needing painted. Thank You For A Great Product.
  • About the best you can buy at any price.
    After wasting money on Rustoleum, I bought this on other's recommendations and WOW. It did exactly what was advertised. I have never seen another rust product like it. I bought more and more. Finally a solution to rust.
  • Keeps my old car like new
    I bought this to cover surface rust on my beautiful, 18 year old Buick until I can run it through the body shop. Matches well. Coats better than competition.
  • GIA
    excellent product
    Rust Encapsulator White 15 ounce Aerosol is very easy to use and gives great results faster. I used it for my Suzuki, and very pleased with the result.
  • white encapsulator
    I also used this product for base coat on small projects and cleared over with great results with urethane clear.
  • Lays on nicely, flows well, ends up hard as a rock.

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