Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Gloss Finish - 946ml

Extreme Chassis Black Gloss has 3X the resins of traditional undercoatings, so it's tough enough for any undercarriage component.

Product Code: EW11173ZP

Size: 946ml

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Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Gloss Finish - 946ml - EW11173ZP

Extreme Chassis Black Gloss has 3X the resins of traditional undercoatings, so it's tough enough for any undercarriage component

▶   Helps seal rust, and improves resistance against chips and scratches
▶   Matches OEM automotive paint
▶   Apply multiple coats without lifting

You spend hours prepping your frame and suspension parts; now top-coat them with a tough, OEM-matching, glossy black chassis paint that provides extreme durability! 3X more resins make it 3X more durable than our original Chassis Black.

Note: This paint can not be applied over top of self-etching primers

3 times more resins make it 3X more durable than our original Chassis Black coating. This maximum-durability, 85%-gloss auto chassis paint formula offers improved resistance to brake fluid, fuel, solvent, chips and scratches. Average-sized frame typically requires 24 to 40 sq. ft. of coverage.


For improved adhesion on clean, bare metal, first prime with Extreme Chassis Black Primer (aerosol 11193Z; quart can 11194ZP; or gallon can 11195ZP). For rusted metal, first prime with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator. Allow 15-20 minutes between coats of Extreme Chassis Black; can be re-coated at any time without lifting


1. Surface must be clean and dry before painting. Use Eastwood’s PRE Painting Prep to remove residual grease and oil. Can be used on bare metal or over a primer. For increased durability, prime with Extreme Chassis Black® Primer Quart (11194ZP), wait 15 minutes to 1 hour and topcoat with Extreme Chassis Black®. Do not use over self-etching primers. Test for compatibility if not using over Extreme Chassis Black® Primer. For best results, use when can and room temperature are between 70° to 90° F at 50% or less humidity.

2. Stir for at least 1 minute before use.

3. For Spray-on Application: several light coats give a better fi nish than one heavy coat. Contents are thinned to sprayable consistency. If desired, further thin with Toluol or Xylol. Apply only enough paint to achieve full hiding. For faster cure, apply a maximum of 2 coats primer and 2 coats Extreme Chassis Black®. Allow 24 hours between coats.

4. Finished article should be allowed to dry 48-72 hours before being handled.



Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting. Follow label directions and consult MSDS for specific warnings.


msds Fuel Guard Storage Stabilizer Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

How to Remove and Treat Rust DIY from Eastwood

Chemical Rust Restoration DIY video.Rust Converter stops residual rust, and turns it into a black, protective, ready-to-paint coating, without sanding.

  • Great paint
    I've sprayed several cases of this paint. It's my go to paint after blasting parts. It sprays on nicely, with good spray pattern. The paint is durable and covers well. I wish replacement nozzles were available as I've had a few clog after uses.
  • Great Finish
    So far so good. Followed the Eastwood recommendation of 2 coats of chassis black primer followed by two coats of extreme chassis black on the engine bay of a 68 Mustang. Can't speak to the durability yet, but the finish looks outstanding. I though the paint wasn't drying because of the gloss.
  • This stuff is great to work with!
    With proper prep adhesion is great. The aerosol cans have a really good pattern, and the cans emptied all the way. This job took 2 1/2 cans of both primer and paint. Its very tough as well. I dropped a skid plate on accident and it didnt scratch or chip. Everything was taken to bare metal, and solvent cleaned alot.
  • professional finish
    Great product, i used it in the engine accessories such as brackets, pulley and other parts of suspension, leaves a nice glossy deep black
  • Works very well.
    I am restoring a 71 M G B. The finish looks great, sticks very well, and has resisted some abuse, not flaking off. What more could you want.
  • Good product
    I used por15 rust preventative as base and this as the top coat, coverage is really good and durable
  • Read the instructions!
    I bought this to do the engine bay and transmission crewmember on my '68 mustang. I haven't sprayed the bay yet but have done several parts such as the crewmember and steering box. It looks very similar to powberciating and is a solid coat. I covered the parts about 4 times with a few minute between coats. Jus enough to prevent runs. Do you metal prep correctly and take your time spraying and this works very well. Even the rough casting on the steering box went on well
  • Great engine bay paint
    Bought this to spray under carriage and engine bay . Sprayed with a 1.3 tip and reduced 2:1 to get a high gloss on the engine bay. Sprays smooth and leaves a nice glossy deep black finish. Be careful for runs when spraying reduced
  • Awesome paint
    I tried this after using another brand with poor results. It sprayed really well with no problems flowed great and nice shine.
    I've used this product for years on several projects.Can't say enough about eastwood products.I don't use anything but on my toys.If you read the instructions and do as it says it works beautiful.
  • chassis paint
    Was a bit expensive but after using this product found it to be worth every penny
  • Excellent Product
    Product meets all expectations. When the time comes, I wii reorder this product again.
  • excellent product
    the chassis black sprays great and lays done a nice even coat the best nozzle I've used in a spray can
  • Chassis Black Paint
    I have bought and used this product and absolutely love it. In a wet condition the accidental overspray just blends and is forgiving. I truly love to use this paint and will continue to use it for my restore projects.
  • Chassis Restoration - 41'Studebaker Champion
    After using different chassis paints over the years together with a wide variety of rust primers, I decided to utilize Extreme Chassis Black as my top coat and was not disappointed with the results. Prep my frame from bare metal to application of a brand name metal rust primer. Then sprayed Extreme Chassis Black with outstanding results. Great product coverage, two coats is a must to ensure proper coverage. I will use this product again, Thanks !!!
  • good product good service
    Extreme Black Chassis paint works well and seem very durable
  • Excellent Product
    I've this on chassis and wheels and it holds up great. Super durable and high gloss.
    I used this product in the past while the engine was removed from my 90 GMC Sierra SLE 1 Ton Dually. I do a mini restoration every time I work on a vehicle. It has a ZZ509 racing crate engine that is tuned port injected. PERFECT SLEEPER for the import tuners to smell some exhaust, :-)
  • Great product
    I do several restorations or underside detailing of cars per year. Chassis black products cover extremely well in one coat. This is the best underside paint I have ever used.
  • Excellant Product
    Excellent Product Good value Service a little slow close enough for the post office
  • Great product
    Easy to use, doesn't require a paint gun dries fairly quickly and best of all looks amazing. Even better when used with Eastwood clear coat. Used it on my 67 and 68 Camaro chassis and couldn't be happier.
  • Excellent Product
    I've been using this product since it became available and recommend it for all your restoration projects.
  • Love it!
    Metal was prepared by sandblasting so it was perfectly clean. Used the Extreme Chassis Black primer and waited the recommended 24 hours prior to top coating with the gloss. After 48 hours, the paint is hard as nails and look fantastic. I'm very impressed with this product. Like any paint work, the end results are dependent on the prep work so I don't know what would happen if you don't follow the directions, if you do, it will look great.
  • Extreme Chassis Black Gloss - Excellent
    Purchased the Extreme Chassis Black Gloss to paint a few suspensin parts on my frame-off project. Probably the most expensive spray paint you will ever buy, but is far superior to any other I have used in the past. Lays down nice and coverage is excellent. If you only have a few parts to paint and don't want to break out the spray gun, this is the paint to get. The shine is great. Looks just like some powder coated pieces I have on my chassis. Seems to be very durable so far as nothing got chipped or scratched during assembly. Just be sure to use the Eastwood Chassis Black Primer first for best adhesion and durability. Over all an excellent product, just a little on the expensive side.
  • Mac
    The only downside if there is one is that it isn't cheap but then if it was cheap I don't think it would be the product it is. One can does cover quite a bit because it is not watered and thinned out like a lot of spray can paints are. It sprays good, lays down good, is very durable and holds its gloss very well. It is also a black black without much of any other tint like you see in some black paints. It can be used for a lot more than just spraying frame rails and suspension parts.
  • Extreme Chassis Gloss Black is great!
    I recently rebuilt the 12-Bolt rear end in my 99 Camaro and wanted to finish it with a coating that is durable and looks good. After a lot of research I brushed on POR-15 but was a little dissapointed with the end result. They say it is "self leveling" but I could still see where I had overlapped layers while going around the tubes and there were inconsistencies in the color. I smoothed out the POR-15 and bought two spray cans of the Extreme Chassis Black-High Gloss. Damn this stuff works great!!! Not only is it durable, but it looks like it was sprayed from a real spray gun and cleared after. I definitely recommend using this stuff on any chassis parts if you want a great appearance and don't mind spending the extra $$$ for a better quality paint than what you can get at the hardware store
  • Extreme Chassis Black and Primer on Triumph Trophy Frame
    I'm restoring an old motorcycle, and did a lot of research about what kind of paint to use for painting the frame and all of the other parts that would use the same paint. I wanted something that would look good and last for many years. I had read all of the various positive and negative results from people using powder coating, and I also wanted to keep my restoration costs within reason. I ended up choosing Eastwood's Extreme Chassis Black and primer because they were reasonably priced, and supposedly long-lasting and durable.
    I first used Eastwood's Dekote to strip the original paint from the frame and parts, and then used Eastwood's Oxysolve that dissolves the rust and leaves behind a very paintable oxide finish. Both are great products. I believe their newer product is called Rust Dissolver.
    For the primer and paint, I used spray cans because I didn't want to have to deal with the messy nuisance of cleaning a spray gun. After wiping down the frame, I sprayed two light to medium coats of primer, waiting 24 hours between coats. I then sprayed two medium coats of the Extreme Chassis Black Gloss Paint, again waiting 24 hours between each coat. The results are very impressive. Needless to say, I'm glad I did my research. I made sure the first coat of paint went on light to medium, and the second coat medium to heavy, leaving an even wet coat appearance, but being very careful not to lay it on too heavy in fear of running or sagging.
    My only complaint is the spray nozzle. PAM no-stick cooking spray uses a much better spray nozzle design, and I have to wonder why automotive paints don't use this same type.
    I gave this product a 4 for quality only because of the spray nozzle.
    Would I use this product again? You bet!
  • Extreme Gloos and Satin
    Outstanding product. I am rebuilding the engine compartment of a 1970 chevelle and am using the high gloss on the upper and lower control arms. It goes on very easy and looks great. Looks alot better that I thought. I also used the Extreme satin on the frame and I am very happy with that. Even after putting on the new parts the paint holds up. Both are great products.
  • Another use for a great product
    Two years ago I had the outdrives on my boat professionally repainted with a black epoxy paint. It cost $850. After one summer in the water, the paint had totally lifted off the outdrives--leaving only the primer. Rather than spend another $850, I cleaned them good with PRE Paint prep and tried repainting them with two coats of Extreme Chassis Balck Gloss. This fall when I pulled the boat the outdrives were intact. Just another use for a great product and it cost me less than $50!
  • Chassis Black High Gloss
    Outstanding gloss. Project still looks wet long after it's dry. We don't color sand half as many parts as we did because of this product's very smooth, high gloss finish.

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