Eastwood Half Round Mill Cut Body File & File Holder For Half Round Body File

Solid maple file holder for your half-round body file.

Eastwood Half Round Mill Cut Body File - EW31051

Made from high grade steel, this 14" body file features 8 teeth per inch for fast cutting with less material build-up. Use with the 31053 solid maple file holders for maximum control and precise results.

Eastwood File Holder For Half Round Body File - EW31053

This is a solid maple file holder.




Always wear approved eye protection and gloves when working with metal.


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Fender Repair. Fixing a 1956 Chevy Fender. Body work at Eastwood

Finishing the rust repair on the Tri-Five Chevy Fender. How to make a patch panel fit perfectly, plus how to add the body line that was missing from the patch!

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