Eastwood Blast Out of a Bucket Kit

Eastwood Blast Out of a Bucket is the solution for those fast blasting jobs.

Eastwood Blast Out of a Bucket Kit - EW21109

Eastwood Blast Out of a Bucket is the solution for those fast blasting jobs.

▶   High Performance Blast Gun Assembly
▶   Draws 14in Hg of vacuum @ 80 PSI.
▶   5' Suction Hose
▶   Pick Up Tube & Clamps
▶   3 Replacement Nozzles
▶   1 Replacement Jet

Eastwood Blast Out of a Bucket Kit

Just connect it to your compressed air supply and drop the pick-up tube into a bucket, bag or box of media, suit up in your protective gear and go blasting. Provides a method to strip away old paint and coatings, body fillers, accumulated dirt and minor to moderate rust leaving a clean, bare metal surface ready for local damage repair or painting.

Abrasive media is not included and sold separately.

Abrasive blasting with a professional gun at a price that anyone can afford. No need for a large blast cabinet that your project might not fit in or a pressure blaster that takes up a large space in your garage. This kit enables you to fill a spare bucket with media connect to compressed air and blast away rust and grime on your project anywhere.


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WARNING: Blasting emits abrasive under pressure. Adequate respiratory eye and body protection must be worn during use. Inhalation of silica based media particles have been known to cause cancer and other deadly diseases, and must be avoided. Wear NIOSH approved respiratory protection while operating this equipment.

Remove Paint & Rust - Media Blasting Without A Big Investment! Eastwood

This kit is perfect for someone who either has small jobs they need to blast or just dip their toe into media blasting before committing to a larger blaster!

  • Worked great.
    I had a similar product that was not of the same quality and that didn't work well. I thought my compressor just wasn't up to the job. But the Eastwood product worked well. My compressor still isn't quite big enough to keep up, so I have to take breaks and let it catch up.
  • Great Product!
    Great product that performs well! This has made preping faster & easier. I would highly recommend it.
  • Works great!
    Originally, I was planning to buy a sandblaster with a tank but decided on this instead and I did not regret it. Had a little issue with assembly as the clamps are two different sizes...easily switched around, stuck it in a bucket of media and got to work immediately. Just make sure you are using a good compressor with good water filter with this. I had an issue with moisture and slightly turned one of the tips oblong shaped because it was clogging. Not the product's problem but mine.
  • big things in small packages
    I wanted something that didn't take up a lot of space and this was it. It works well with a good dryer. Haven't had any problems with it. I recommend this blaster to any beginner and for someone who isn't doing big job's.