Eastwood Original Chassis Black Gloss Finish - 946ml

Extremely durable, chip-resistant finish; coat and cure in under an hour.

Eastwood Original Chassis Black Gloss Finish - 946ml - EW10354ZP

Eastwood's Original Chassis Black Gloss is the perfect coating at the perfect price for any under car component.

▶   Resists corrosion, chips and scratches
▶   Resists brake fluid, fuel, solvents, UV
▶   Matches OEM finish
▶   Apply multiple coats without lifting

The 85% gloss finish creates a custom look with superior protection on suspension parts and frame. Tough, long-lasting formula resists chips and corrosion, so it's ideal for the value-conscious enthusiast who wants a factory-fresh look while staying within a budget.

Note: This paint can not be applied over top of self-etching primers.

Chassis Black Gloss applies smoothly over bare metal, Eastwood Rust Encapsulator, or Eastwood Chassis Black Primer. (Not for use over self-etching primers.) High-solids content, pre-thinned to sprayable consistency. Withstands temperatures up to 300℉. 30-day Eastwood warranty.


Eastwood's Original Chassis Black is formulated to provide you with the right sheen, durability and long-lasting great looks. Its 85% gloss level is correct for many factory restorations or use in a custom application. Ideal for frames, suspension components, roll bars, differentials, floor boards and much more. Fortified with high solids and epoxy, Chassis Black resists chips, UV rays and high temperatures up to 300℉.



1. Ensure surface is clean and free of debris, greases and oils. Use Eastwood's Chassis Kleen™ and/or Eastwood PRE™ Painting Prep to remove stubborn grime and prepare the surface for painting.

2. Chassis Black can be applied over bare metal or old paint. To ensure good adhesion, scuff the old paint with 320-grit abrasive. For the best adhesion apply Eastwood's Extreme Chassis Black Primer prior to painting. DO NOT USE OVER SELF-ETCHING PRIMERS. Test compatibility on a non-descript area before painting.

3. SHAKE CAN VIGOROUSLY FOR AT LEAST ONE MINUTE. Apply to surface with steady strokes about 8-10 inches from surface. It's better to apply several light coats than one heavy coat. Ideal conditions are 70℉ to 90℉ at 50% (or less) humidity. Conditions will affect dry times.

4. Apply several light coats until hiding is achieved. Allow at 15-20 minutes between each coat. Full cure time is 24-36 hours, depending on conditions. If re-coating after 36 hours, scuff surface with 320-grit abrasive.


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting. Follow label directions and consult MSDS for specific warnings.



msds Click for Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

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