Eastwood English Wheel Forming Band

Extremely durable, chip-resistant finish; coat and cure in under an hour.

Eastwood English Wheel Forming Band - EW20637

This forming band enables you to form metal quicker and have more control of your Eastwood English Wheel.

▶   3" wide x 0.063 thick, high-density EPDM rubber.
▶   Fits Eastwood and all other 2" x 8" Upper Wheels.

The EPDM material transfers energy across the work surface under light pressure which enables more material forming per pass. The band is an inexpensive add-on to take your English Wheel to the next level.

To install the Forming Band on an Eastwood Knock Down English Wheel (item # 14156):
1 Remove one snap Ring from either side of the Upper Wheel axle.
2 Using a punch or drift press the axle into wheel as if you were uninstalling it.
3. Once the internal washer is free from the axle, remove the punch and washer.
4. Feed forming band through the space created between the wheel and upper yoke
5. Re install washer, axle and snap ring.


Always wear eye and hand protection when using an English wheel.

English Wheel Forming Band Uses - Tech Tip From Eastwood

  • Does exactly what it's supposed to
    I read the previous 1 star review and decided to order mine anyway and take a chance. My E-wheel band showed up 2 days earlier than expected and was a breeze to install. It is a tight band but I exerted nowhere near effort the other reviewer did. I can only assume that Eastwood has either updated the band since the last review or there was a mistake with the last reviewer's order. In any case the band fit my 2" wide x 8" diameter wheel fine. I should note that my wheel is a different brand than offered by Eastwood but the band fit like a snug glove. I shaped a test piece of 18 gauge with finesse in moments. I'm very happy with the band and would highly recommend it.