Eastwood Sheet Metal Gauge

Takes the guesswork out of measuring sheet metal and wire.

Eastwood Sheet Metal Gauge - EW28038

This handy gauge shows all sizes of sheet metal and wire from thin 36 gauge to thick O gauge.

Takes guess work out of measuring.

Tempered for long life.

Great Handy present for the man who has everything


CLEAN - Thoroughly strip and clean your metal part before coating. We recommend Eastwood Pre Painting Prep.

COAT - Apply using Eastwood DIY HotCoat Gun 11671A or the Eastwood Dual Voltage HotCoat Gun 11678.

CURE - Cure the part in an electric oven for recommended time. NEVER use an oven that is used for food.




msds Fuel Guard Storage Stabilizer Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Metal Fab Must Have: Sheet Metal Gauge for Welding, Plasma Cutting & More! Eastwood

Takes the guesswork out of measuring sheet metal and wire!

  • Perfect!
    This is the perfect all around gauge to have in the shop. I will take this hands down over a digital gauge anytime. This takes the guess work out of thickness and I set my mig up in twice the time. I also did note that it is made of tempered metal, can't tell you the Rockwell but it is tempered. It is extremely accurate as I tested it against a set of feeler gauges. Great value.
  • Workable Sheet Metal Thickness Gauge
    This is the third attempt to find a sheet metal thickness gauge that is simple, workable and won't fail. Glad to say that this gauge is all three, so the search is finally ended in success. This gauge provides a very easy, accurate means to determine the gauge/thickness of just about any sheet metal product. Have now checked and cataloged just about all the various pieces of metal in the shop. It's a really wonderful little tool.
  • Easy to read!
    I purchased this item from Eastwood almost a month ago. When it arrived I couldn't believe the actual size of it. I've had a couple of these in the past, but they were much smaller. This one is so much easier to handle and see what you are actually measuring. Thanks Eastwood for going above and beyond!
  • Nice Tool
    Being I am new to hobby welding and a limited budget, I can not afford trial and error to build out my tools so far this gauge is alright its heavy, fits my large hands,easy to read and I think it will last for sometime to come.
  • Good addition to your shop
    I cut with a plasmacam table every day. I use various thickness of steel from 18 guage to 3/16" hrs and crs. Have a digital thickness guage that drives me crazy with inaccuracy with temp change. This is the perfect solution. Great tool.
  • If you want to know what the correct gauge is...
    You need to add one of these sheet metal gauges to your collection. For years I've told myself "I sure need one in my shop", well, this is the one to get. No more guessing what the thickness is. Now I can be sure of what I need...
  • Handy tool
    I bought this sheet metal gauge to help me figure out the best settings on my Eastwood mig 175 welder. It is a heavy gauge piece, not a cheapo. It works great, and takes the guesswork out of it. I also got it on sale at a great price. Thanks Eastwood, Robert M, Springfield OR
  • Sweet!
    Good quality tool! Just what I was looking for and I'm glad I bought it. Wish they hadn't shipped it to me with a new sale flyer that listed it on sale for $2.00 less than I paid though.... :-(
    I've been guessing on gauges for years now, usually picking info up on forums from the older guys who assembled the cars(!) This gauge is like school for me, I take it to the Pick/Pull just to learn the thicknesses of certain make/models/areas on cars. I take it to the local metal mart, I'm getting pretty good now, guys ask ME what gauge metal to use for "so and so" on their projects. I like this tool just for what I now know, plus I am matching my work perfectly! Thanks!
  • sheet metal gauge
    perfect for my projects, and setting my welder to the right temperature.
  • Very impressed
    In the catalog and online, it looks huge, but it comes wrapped in bubble wrap in a padded envelope. However, don't let its size fool you. This is a substantial piece of metal with accurately sized slots and clear, easy-to-read graphics on both the front and back. Easier and much quicker to use than digital calipers, it gives you the answer you're seeking quickly and without ambiguity. It's a great addition to anyone's toolbox.
  • It's a very useful little tool to have!
    For the size and usefulness of this little tool, it's absolutely a must have for any garage or shop. It's actually very accurate to. Its well made, doesn't feel like its going to break by just touching it. Overall, love it! Buy it, dont even think about it! :)
  • Metal Guage
    I think all people who work with metal should have one of these gauges. I was extremely happy when it arrived. Now I no longer have to listen to the old comment " well it is either 16 or 18." I carry time every time I go the the shops!
  • Fabricators Best Friend
    This Sheet Metal Gauge makes finding the correct guage stock a no brainer. No more guessing games or arguements in the shop as to what guage material to order. A real time saver. Thanks again EastWood for another great product.
  • Great accessory to any tool kit
    I was so tired of having to guess the thickness of sheet metal unless I buy a specific size, but now with the sheet metal guage I can go to a scrap yard and save money and time finding just the size I need
  • Eastwood Sheet Metal Gauge
    I work for a steel supplier company and when we get new hires in these gauges are an excellent learning tool for them. No mistakes pulling the wrong material!! We have used these for years and love them!
  • Handy
    I am not really good about telling the gage of sheet metal and this tool is simple, quick, accurate and easily carried. Now I can set my MIG welder perfectly without guess work. A must have.
  • It works
    Not a vey complex tool but it works. I'm new to welding so I need help setting up my MIG machine. This is the right starting point. You have to know how thick the material your welding.
  • great tool
    this is a great piece of tool ,well made and easy to use . my grandson took welding classes and he says he never saw tool like this before.he also likes it and gives it a thumbs up
  • Excellent
    I have had several gauges before, but they were thin and cheap, the Eastwood gauge is accurate and made to last. No more blowing through sheet metal when I am welding.
  • Exactly what I needed
    Great handy way to know what gauge your working with and when I first opened the package it surprised me how well it is made it should last as long as me great product
  • Great tool
    Bought this 2 weeks ago and have used it twice since then. Being pocket size it is great to take to the hardware stores to make sure you are getting the right metal!
  • Perfect for anyone trying to Weld Sheet metal
    This is a perfect tool for anyone who is starting out welding or for the weekend hobbiest such as myself to set up your welder to avoid burn through or bad welds.
  • Great Sheet Metal Gage
    I bought the Eastwood sheet metal gauge to help me figure out the best settings on my welder. It is a heavy gauge piece, a great gage and works great
  • "DURABLE" Nice Heavy Duty Measuring Device
    Constantly use it to ''Preset" welder as saves the Guess Work . Have it Attached to my Mig welder so it doesn't get misplaced. Absolute great "TOOL"
  • Good gage.
    Well made and accurate for its purpose. From 14 gauge stainless, it is designed to be used in a shop setting. A hard case would be a good addition.
  • excellent guage
    just what I was looking for, a quality made sheet metal guage with all the graduation markings too help me identify the thickness of metal & wire.7
  • Great Little tool
    I bought the gauge cause I never know metal thickness. Make it easy so set my welder. Sometimes the simplest tools are the best.
  • great tool
    The gauge is great,with the thickness in decimal on one side and gauge thickness on the other is the best.Thank you.
  • Awesome
    This is siply awesome letting you know the almost exact thickness of any metal you are working with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Simple, sturdy and just plain works
    My eyes aren't well calibrated so this tool gives me confidence that I am not over temping my TIG or MIG rig
  • very helpful tool
    I'm restoring a 71 Olds Cutlass and this tool helps choose the size sheet metal to use. Thank You eastwood
  • Great gauge.
    This is a great gauge. I have found it to be very accurate and easy to read. All in all a good bargain.
  • Must have.
    Handy little tool to measure material thickness. Everyone working with sheet metal needs one of these.
  • Very Big Help on sizing the sheet metals.
    This thing is Grate for checking out what size metal you need to use. Its been a big help to me!!
  • K
    What a deal !
    This gauge is a great value. Accurate when I compare it to my micrometer. Glad I bought it.
  • sheet metal gauge
    excellent tool to gauge sheet metal that i use to restore my 71 Cutlass. Thank you eastwood
  • Built to last
    Great gauge that should never wear out. I bet this will pass on to my great grand kids.
  • Perfect
    Exactly what was oredred, better than expected. Price was right and shipping was fast.
  • great tool
    gauge is very sturdy wont be bending or breaking now is much easier then the old ruler
  • Good tool
    Tool works good and is constructed good. Nice to have but the price is a little high
  • Great Tool
    Handy thing to add to the tool box. No guesswork, Simple, Accurate, Easy to use.
  • Handy
    A very handy tool, especially when describing different gauges of metal
  • just my opinion,
    nice gauge, very well made. takes the guess work out of metal thickness
  • Size doesn't matter?
    The physical size is small than I had imagined. Works great for the job
  • Quality!
    Well made, durable, easy to use. Eastwood dependability. Thank You.
  • Good value for the price
    Easy to use, and pretty good for the price compared to other stores
  • good product...
    A worthwhile product and a must buy for anyone working with metal..
  • Handy Tool
    Nice tool for measuring sheet metal thickness as well as wire size
  • sheet metal gauge
    simple & handy to have especially If your not familiar with metals
  • Professional quality tool
    Purchased a month ago. Works great! Very helpful for my projects.
  • very useful gauge
    very handy to have working with sheet metal and car restoration
  • High quality and works great!!
    Quick and easy to use!! This will last forever. Fast shipping.
  • Great tool
    Helps the novice with welder settings for sure in my opinion.
  • great product
    great to help set welder to get start setting .great price
  • sheetmetal guage
    Exactly what i wanted . Good quality not cheep sh#t !
  • great
    just what i was looking for, to restore my model T
  • Eastwood sheet metal gauge
    Nice tool to have. Fast delivery. Thank you!!!!!!!
  • Cool tool
    This and a bolt sizer need to be in you tool box.
  • Why didn't I buy it sooner?
    Perfect, a must have item and its steel!
  • Good Tool
    Did not expect the gage to be this good
  • Good Product
    Nice looking and works well
  • Ali
    Excellent tool
    This tool is a must!

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