Eastwood Cobra Gas Welding Torch

DHC 2000 Pro Master Kit - Gas Welding Torch.

Eastwood Cobra Gas Welding Torch - EW20480

The unique design of the DHC 2000 pistol grip torch enables high strength welding and cutting of virtually any metal even difficult materials such as aluminum and stainless steel with only limited operator experience and training.

▶   Complete welding system in one portable package
▶   Soft concentrated flame improves control
▶   Welds and cuts most materials
▶   Easy setup and operation
▶   Gas savings up to 60%
▶   Narrower, cleaner cutting

The DHC 2000 also enhances welding capabilities of ordinary materials. For example you can weld and cut the thinnest sheet metals with little or no distortion.


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Gas Welding with a Great Torch Kit from Eastwood

Weld and Cut in one kit with this torch from Eastwood that's Made In The USA.

Gas Welding: How To Gas Weld & Cut Steel, Aluminum & Cast with a Cobra Torch - Eastwood

Learn the tricks to Gas Welding & Cutting with Mike from Cobra Torches. Weld and Cut in one kit with this torch from Eastwood that's Made In The USA.

  • Great Gas Torch!
    I have owned one of these for years. I work in the Aircraft industry and this torch is perfect for tubing clusters. And it saves gas usage over standard gas torches. Very easy to set the flame and the pistol grip is very comfortable when doing a lot of welding.