Eastwood Pro-Former Tubing Bender

Hydraulic ram power helps you bend steel tubing easily.

Eastwood Pro-Former Tubing Bender - EW12485

Pro-Former Tube Bend uses hydraulic ram power to help you bend steel tubing easily Using the latest in metal-forming technology, it multiplies your power to assist you in producing accurate bends easily.

No kinks, no flattening.

Perfect for roll cages, tube chassis fabrication, custom cross members, transmission mounts and general shop fabrication projects.

It includes all 5 dies and followers, which will bend steel and chrome-molybdenum tubing, up to 60-degree bends in 1.5", 1.625" and 1.75" tubing (0.049" to 0.082" wall thickness) and up to 90 degree bends in 0.75" and 1" tubing.


Hydraulic tube-forming machine lets you bend steel and chrome-molybdenum tubing up to 60 degrees (in 1.5", 1.625" and 1.75"-diameter). tubing with wall thicknesses from 0.049" to 0.090"), and up to 90 degrees (in 0.75" and 1" tubing).
If a 90-degree bend is required on any of the 3 larger diameters, simply bend two 45s and weld together.
Includes all 5 dies and followers.
Solid construction and reliable 8-ton hydraulic cylinder provide safe and accurate bends.
One-year warranty. As a complete kit, this is one of the best metal shaping tubing-bender values on the market!.


Always wear eye and skin protection when working with metal.

Bending Capacity

Mild steel tubing: bends up to 60 degrees in 0.75:, 1.0", 1.5", 1.625" and 1.75" diameter with wall thickness from 0.049" to 0.090"
Mild steel tubing: bends up to 90 degrees in 0.75" and 1.0" diameter with wall thickness from 0.049" to 0.090" "
Chromoly tubing: bends up to 60 degrees in 0.75:, 1.0", 1.5", 1.625" and 1.75" diameter with wall thickness up to 0.040" "
Chromoly tubing: bends up to 90 degrees in 0.75", 1.0" and 1.5" diameter with wall thickness up to 0.040" "
NOTE: If a 90 degree bend in heavier wall tubing is required or a bend greater than 90 degrees- you can bend two pcs in small angles and weld together.

msds Pro Former Tubing Bender Instructions

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Tubing Bender - How To Metal Fabrication from Eastwood

ProFormer Tubing Bender uses hydraulic ram power to help you bend steel tubing easily

  • Great results
    I search for a tubing bender and was scared with the prices that I found. The Eastwood bender had the features that I liked, but some of the reviews contradicted, so I took a chance and bought it. It bends nicely. I tried stainless tubing first, with mixed results. It bends DOM tubing without flaws. I would recommend going slowly when bending. This allows the tube time to stretch.
  • Worth the price!!!
    I was looking for a tube bender. Ough! expensive when you need several dies roung and square. Being very satisfied with the 175 Amp MIG welder, I decided to buy again to Eastwood and to import in Mexico the bender. Clever design, well made and sturdy. The design with separate aluminum dies and the 2 steel forming dies, allow to make dies for other sizes like aluminum pipes and for square tubes. As it is now it's a bargain, for further development it's better than a bargain. As always the service was excellent, and I wish to thank Mrs Tina Spencer for her kindness and efficiency.
  • excellent
    Bought this tubing bender to build my roll cage in my Desert fox dune buggy, that i'm restoring for the Oregon dunes. It works as good as they say or better. II now own 3 of there items, The tubing bender, 175 mig w/spool gun, and versa cut Plazma... Thank you very much. David
  • Great bender for the money better customer support
    Set up first time,made two good bends,third bend same pipe broke the 1.5 die,,aluminum cast. Contact Eastwood they replaced the whole unit.works great east woods has earned there name with excellent customer satisfaction. I purchased on a referral and am very happy
  • works well
    Can bend multiple bends on one peace with ease.
  • Great product would reccomend to anyone.
    I started using it the day I got it and it works amazing. I was wondering about it becauae its a manual bender but it is so easy and bends with one hand. All the dyes fit perfect too. I also bought a 175amp welder from Eastwood and it is a great welder. I build racing quads and drag quads and I al very pleased. Eastwood definitlwy has a customer for life
  • Nice working piece
    A little sloppy where the ram joins the frame, a bit if shimming will take care of that. Nice piece for the backyard restorer.
  • tubing bender
    works real good on molytubing, out performs the harbor freight bender 100 times. no kinking, smooth bends every time
  • works good
    bended some 1" for handle bars worked good, i have no need for the 3/4 die wish i had a 7/8 die
  • it works
    bended some 1" for some handlebars worked good ,no need for the 3/4 die need a 7/8 die
  • second review tubing bender
    found i had 2 of the same rollers eastwood quickly sent me the other at no charge to match my die and with the proper lubrication and managed to make a nice 1.5/8 roll bar for my dunebuggy will try other projects and get back to you
  • just saved me a boat load of money
    Not a bad tubing bender, had a few 4' lenths of 1.75" 134 thick roll bar tubing bent 55 degs no kinks or flatting out. as directions say bolt down. may not move around with lighter steel. As for price one use can pay for it self. Got it on sale even better. shipping cost alittle high. Due to the weight. So I picked it up saved 40.00 on top of sale cost.
  • Good bender but understand, "thick walls only"
    Bends 1/4 in.walls or better very well to 90 deg. provided there is little spring back in the metal being bent. The thinner the wall the less degrees acheavable wihtout collapes or distortion. Needs longer stroke jack to eliminate need to adjust in middle of bend. Good well strong machine for price.
  • Does what I need for a good price
    I am using this to bend aluminum tubing and it works very well. Surely there are better/heavier duty tools out there but for my needs there isn't anything that comes close at this price.

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