Eastwood Coldshield Thermal Paste

Works as a heat sink to protect against weld heat damage and warping.

Eastwood Coldshield Thermal Paste - EW13904

Stop Welding Heat Damage

This is the kind of product that you have to try to believe how well it works!

We held onto a small metal panel while a torch heated the metal almost white hot. The part in my fingers never went above about 85 degreesF! That's the kind of protection Cold Shield provides.

Imagine how well Cold Shield will work for you the next time you need to weld close to plastic trim, wiring, or when you want to minimize panel warpage and paint damage.

Once the job is done just wipe it off with a water dampened clothe.

Cold Shield is non-toxic and bio-degradable. 32 oz. jar. Made in USA.


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  • Cold Shield
    I found it better to have the Cold Shield back over an inch away from the weld. Closer It was to easy to get a cold brittle weld. Other than that it works as advertised. Where a 1/4 stick weld was easily held by hand when the cold weld was one inch away from the weld and two thick before bare hand held metal.
  • works great
    I bought this to weld window rivets to regulator with nylon rollers worked great with out melting the nylon rollers