Eastwood Lead free solder Tube of 4

Lead-free solder is stronger, safer, than lead-based body solder.

Eastwood Lead free solder Tube of 4 - EW11460

Lead-Free Solder is stronger and safer to use than lead-based body solder.

▶   Wide working range (over 500 degrees)
▶   High-strength, easy formability
▶   Clings even to vertical services
▶   4 bars, each 20" long, 1/4" in diameter

Eastwood's Lead-Free Solder is ideal for leveling and building up edges and style lines on horizontal and vertical surfaces

The wide working range (500+ degreesF) makes this one of the easiest solders to apply. This special blend of tin, copper and zinc produces high strength, with easy formability. Can be applied with an oxy/acetylene or propane torch.

msds Eastwood Lead free solder Material Safety Data Sheet

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  • Great product! Easily met my expectations.
    Old -school method with new technology worked great on my project. I used a propane plumber's torch and had very little difficulty melting the solder; it flows like butter and spreads evenly with some practice. I found that preparation is important in order to obtain the best results. Clean bare metal, lots of soldering paste (flux), and plenty of heat are essential. Also, too much applied solder is not better because you'll have to spend more time removing the excess. As far as cost goes, if more of us used more of this solder, then, perhaps, the price would go down.
  • Good product, High price
    Flows good and had no issues. I just wish it was cheaper.
  • Leading a 69 Camaro firewall
    First time lead wiping - this stuff is easy to apply but the secret is preparation preparation preparation. Along with everyone else - I just wish it were cheaper, then I would use it more often. Eastwood's shipping time could be a little quicker too just quietly!
  • Excellent and Easy to use
    Lead Free Solder was everything that was promised. Very easy to apply. My only regret was not ordering extra solder when i bought the kit. I wasted a small amount getting used to it. Ordering more today.
  • an exceptional product
    this is a great product that has allowed me to make repairs when metal was to thin to mig weld.....its also environmentally and user safe.