Eastwood Hotcoat Powder Platinum

Extremely durable, chip-resistant finish; coat and cure in under an hour.
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Eastwood Hotcoat Powder Platinum - EW11875LB

Do The Job Right with Eastwood Powders!

▶   Provides extremely durable finish
▶   Contains no environmentally harmful solvents
▶   100% Virgin powder
▶   Impact resistant and flexibility
▶   Good chemical resistance

Eastwood Powders are far superior to liquid coatings. They provide an extremely durable finish that is chip resistant. All Powders are formulated of the highest quality materials and are chemical and fuel resistant. Eastwood Powders are durable enough for under hood applications and heat resistant up to 250℉. They are suitable for any metal surface and most cure at a temperature of 400℉ at 20 minutes after flow out. With Eastwood powders, you can be assured of high transfer efficiency and brilliant colors.

Powder Coating 101

Powder coating is becoming increasingly popular as a nearly indestructible alternative to regular paint. In this video we go over everything that a beginner needs to know when they start powder coating! From safety supplies to getting you the right powder coating system we make starting this process easy.

HD version of this video can be downloaded here


CLEAN - Thoroughly strip and clean your metal part before coating. We recommend Eastwood Pre Painting Prep.

COAT - Apply using Eastwood DIY HotCoat Gun 11671A or the Eastwood Dual Voltage HotCoat Gun 11678.

CURE - Cure the part in an electric oven for recommended time. NEVER use an oven that is used for food.


Color: Platinum
Cure Temperature: 400℉
Cure Time: 20 Minutes after flowout
Powder Type: Polyester
Finish: Smooth
Coverage: 1/2 lb. of powder is approximately 10-20 sq. ft.


When applying powder always apply it in a well ventilated area away from heat sparks and open flame. Always use a respirator rated for dust while applying powder. Always store powders in cool (less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit) dry (60 percent or less humidity) well ventilated area away from heat sparks and open flame.

Other Colours

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Powder Coating Made Easy - Dual Voltage Powder Coating Gun from Eastwood

With our dual-voltage HotCoat gun, you can powder coat interiors and hard-to-reach corners using the low 15,000-volt setting, or switch to the high 25,000-volt setting for multi-coat coverage over larger areas with increased powder adhesion and minimal overspray. Either way, you'll get all the benefits of powder coating in your own shop!

Extremely durable finish
Coat and cure in under an hour!
Easy to apply
Quick color changes

  • Beautiful Bright Silver, but wasteful
    I bought this Platinum powder(and a few others) to brighten all the nasty 22 year old aluminum in my engine bay. I couldn't be happier. The color is MUCH brighter than the image on Eastwood's site, it looks like a dull gray, but is actually a light silver especially in sunlight. But there is a negative to this powder, it clumps on the gun while using, so you must constantly tap off the excess or risk a clump falling on your part. Not a big deal, but does waste a good amount of powder. Overall I highly recommend.
  • Hopefully this will help folks
    I bought this powder to coat my Porsche phone dial wheels. I chose this powder based on A.) the name of the color since Platinum is a very light metal. and B.) Customer reviews that said it was much lighter than the picture in the catalog.as well as the comments it did not need a clearcoat (many silvers require a clearcoat to prevent the metal from oxidizing). Perhaps I assumed too much since I expected a light, bright silver and a shiny finish. Wrong on both counts. THIs powder never really looks liquid while baking since it has a low gloss sheen. And the color is nearly identical to the color of my wheels when sandblasted. It is slightly darker than that and only a shade or two lighter than the color on my monitor in the catalog. So I did clearcoat them to smooth and shine them up, but the color choice is still unfortunate. THe name needs to be more like gunmetal gray than platinum. All of that said, the powder shot well, covered well, and did what it ought to do. I should probably give it five stars, but I think the description and the reviews are misleading. I've used paint that resembles this called Cast Blast as it resembles freshly blasted cast iron.