Eastwood Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool

Create 3 kinds of precision flares, in 5 sizes of tubing.

Eastwood Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool - EW25304

The Brake-Flaring Tool lets you create 3 kinds of precision flares, in any of 5 sizes of tubing, in minimal time.

The brake-flaring tool will pay for itself with the first project by creating OE-precision quality and safety brake flares.

Create 45-degree single, double and bubble brake flares in seconds.

Work with stainless steel, steel and soft metal tubing.

Use for brake lines, transmission cooler lines, fuel lines.

The turret-style indexed head keeps all brake-line-flaring flrming dies ready to use.

Quick-release "T" handle screw clamp securely holds the tube-retaining dies.

Includes brake-flare forming tool; 3/16",1/4", 5/16", 3/8" amd 4.75mm tube retaining dies. handle.

Instructions and case included.

Eastwood Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool


This brake flaring tool mounts in your vise to help you easily form 45-degree single, double and bubble flares in OE steel, stainless steel, and soft metal tubing for 3/16"-, 1/4"-, 5/16"-, 3/8"- and 4.75mm-diameter lines...which means it will handle all your plumbing jobs from brake lines to transmission cooler lines and fuel lines.

"Turret-style" design allows you to make those precision flares in minimal time. All the brake-flaring forming dies you need are mounted right on the turret, so there's no fumbling for small parts, no worry about missing dies. "T"-handle screw clamp securely holds your line in place during forming.

To use, simply insert the tubing, swing the turret to step 1 to set the proper line depth. Turn the turret to step 2, where you'll form the flare. To form a double flare, spin the turret to step 3 to form it without cracks or deformation, and in perfect alignment with the fitting. This assures a tight, leak-free, professional brake flare every time!

Compare to high-dollar European or U.S. models and see for yourself - you can't beat the high-quality results you'll get with this brake-flaring tool. It's a professional-grade tool at a do-it-yourself price. Imported.



Always wear eye protection when operating the Flaring Tool as oils, grease and metal particles may be ejected while the tool is in operation.

Make sure that the Flaring tool is clamped securely in a vise, keep hands and fingers away from the mating tool faces.

Wear gloves while operating this tool to avoid cuts from sharp metal edges.

msds Instructions for using Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool - LIVE Demo Troubleshoot Lesson - Eastwood

The Eastwood Pro Brake Flaring Tool lets you create 3 kinds of precision flares, in any of 5 sizes of tubing, in minimal time.

  • Great tool
    Bought this to replace a cheaper flaring tool that was worn out. This tool did not disapoint, works great. Watched the videos before the tool arrived did a couple of practice flares and then went to town. Very happy with this purchase.
  • Do yourself a favor!
    I had to replace ALL of the hard lines on a Dodge Dakota. All told I had to make 14 bubble flares and 2 double flares. I had 100% success on the first try! Let me state that again so it will sink in. I'd never used the tool before, I made 16 flares, and every...single...one held pressure! I'm as cheap as the next guy, and I had to talk myself up to this purchase, but I'm very glad I bit the bullet. This tool is such a joy to use. I wish I'd known about it years ago.
  • Flaring tool
    Works grate makes factory flares very happy with it
  • One if the best purchases I've ever made.
    Fantastic tool. I only wished they had offered something like this 30 years ago. Nothing worse than spending a lot of time bending up a complex line only to screw up the final flare with the bar-type tool. One thing to note though is if you are having trouble getting a perfect flare, try a different manufacturer of line to see if that corrects the problem. As one reviewer posted photos of some misshapen flares, I also had the same problem initially. I just couldn't make a passable flare. I was using a roll of 3/16 Ni-Cop that I had purchased from Amazon prior to buying this tool. I thought before condemning this tool, I would purchase a spool of known quality 3/16 tubing directly from Eastwood and give it a try. Guess what? Perfect flares EACH and EVERY Time! Two thumbs up!
  • Extremely Happy
    Excellent tool that does a really good job! Very happy with it and yes I would recommend it.
  • well worth the money
    I purchased the 37 degree die also as I was doing AN lines with copper/nickel 3/16 tubing. It worked perfectly from the very first attempt and created consistently perfect flares every time. I polished the tubing in advance as it was going on my street rod and the dies did not scar the tubing during flaring. You have to be sensible about how much you tighten the clamp, but after a couple of attempts you learn. Watching the video also helps with details like that. I also did some 45 degree double flares on stainless tubing and was amazed at how easy it was to create perfect flares in this material. My experience with a hand flaring tool and stainless was not good and very inconsistent at best. My only suggestion would be to package the 37 degree die set in a hard plastic case similar to the tool itself, instead of a cardboard box. I would think at the price, the manufacturer could afford to make that effort. I would highly recommend this tool for it's ease of use, value for the money, and consistent performance.
  • Easy to Use
    I have bought several different flaring tools, this by far is the best I have used. This makes the perfect flare every time. Easy to use and simple, follow the instructions and your set.
  • Works great- Works perfect on Copper/Nickel lines
    I bought this flare tool to replace my steel lines on an old classic car with NiCopp lines. I was so worried about the review stating it doesn't work with NiCopp that I went ahead and purchased a length of SS line just in case... but I tried the NiCopp first and it worked so well I have not tried the SS. I have now made about 24 flares and every single one has been perfect- except one that I switched to the DIN die instead of OP1 and I ended up making a perfect bubble flare, on accident ;) I really don't understand what the one reviewer was having problems with, but it works great and I was smiling all afternoon knowing I just made my own brake lines in my garage, after years of difficulty with a standard hardware store flare tool that I could never get to work. I think part of my success is due to the inner chamfer tool I used to de-burr the inside after the initial cutting, as well as using a small file to break the sharp edge on the outside. I also used a small dab of permatex never-seize on the end prior to flaring... and again, not a single flare that did not come out looking factory.
  • Great tool
    Works great any one needing to do custom brake lines needs this tool
  • Flared flawlessly
    used this to flare all my brake lines and fuel lines on my frame up build. The tubing was the BrakeQuip Copper Nickel tubing so it is pretty easy to work with. I had no cracking of any lines and all the flares looked perfect. I followed the instructions and used a tiny amount of never seize on each flare. I only used the double inverted flare and the bubble flare. You must have a good vise to hold it. It does take quite a bit of force to do the flares.
  • Pro Brake Tubing Flaring Tool
    have only made a few test flares do far using the tool, nut it worked flawlessly. The tuning I had on hand was harder than what I would normally use now, but the tool still worked great. I only tried making double flares because I have very little use for the other types of flares.
  • Best and Easiest on the market
    Makes perfect flares every time. I fab'd all the lines on my Ranchero. Every one perfect. Takes about 30 seconds from start to finish for a double flare. Cut the time to complete the job by more than half. Tool is well built and feels like a quality tool.
  • Do Yourself a Favor...
    and buy this tool. I have struggled with double flares for years. I have a good Ridgid kit and can make a decent flare most times but it takes a lot of time and effort. I watched a bunch of videos of this tool and waited for free shipping as I had no immediate use for it but will be redoing all brake line fairly soon. I also bought the deburring/chamfer tool. Now I can produce a great flare quickly and consistently. I tried it with 3/16 and 3/8 tube with perfect results. With NiCopp tubing it takes a pretty good amount of clamp pressure but not excessive. Maybe I am just old and getting weak. I also found when doing the flaring function I counteract the force to do the flare by applying a pulling force at the knuckle the handle fits into. This seems to counter the force on the handle on the vice. Quality of the tool is very good and the case keeps everything together. I look forward to doing double flares now!
  • Quick Perfect Flares Everytime
    I several flaring tools and always hesitated because of the price. I finally broke down and bought this one and realized what a mistake I had been making. I wasted more money on those other tools and should have bought this one at the start. It is quick and easy and makes perfect flares every time, except when I forget to put the flare nut on.
  • Works as advertised.
    In the process of rehabing a 2003 Chevy 2500HD with stainless brake lines. Pre-bent Lines came with wrong fittings so they had to be changed. This tool is perfect for the job. Just remember to use a lube on the lines.
  • brake flaring tool
    bought this a while back and finally used it this week. OMG it is the greatest thing I ever used. I have repaired cars for 6o years and this is the greatest time and frustration saver I ever used. I never made perfect flares every time so quickly. The old flare tools are terrible and this tool it the best.
  • Really Easy, High quality flares
    I just finished a project that required 3/16" double flares and 4.75mm Bubble flares. Both styles came out really nice. The tool is very easy to use. The quality and consistency is great. Wish I bought this sooner.
  • Very easy to use
    Have used several double flaring tools over the years with mixed results, mostly disappointing. After fabricating new brake lines, installing and finding leaks during the bleeding process I thought it was time to try something else. The Eastwood flaring tool made a perfect double flare on the first try and I've been using it ever since. Great tool, fairly expensive but worth every cent. Highly recommend.
  • well made tool
    This is a really nice tool - I thought it was a little pricey at first but when you consider that mechanics shops get $100 an hour or more the tool has already paid for it self on the first job. You will never go back to the old style flaring tool again although i did a lot with mine in 40 plus years , it was just to much manual labor to get brake lines done.
  • Life Saver!
    Bought cheaper tools and had big problems. Got Eastwood and did the right way. Truck now safe and sound.
  • Finest professional flaring tool available
    The cheap flaring tools are very hard on soft tubing. First time out this tool produced a text book perfect double flare. Indistinguishable from machine made. This is hands down the most cost effective, quality flaring tool available.
  • good flare every time
    I finally gave up tryong double flares on 3/8 stainless tube using conventional tools. The tube would always slip in the tool and the serrations in the tool scarred up the tube as well. The dies in the Eastwood tool hold the tube firmly without scarring allowing the second of the double to be made. The turret feature is really nice, allowing tube line-up and both operations to be easily made without having to insert a die. Remember though, you still must properly prepare the tube end........ I love it.
  • One of the best tools I have ever bought.
    This truly is one of those tools that you can't figure out how you survived without it. Top quality and makes an incredible flare.
  • The thing just freakin' WORKS!
    used this tool to do the brake lines in my MG TD restoration. I found it very easy to make high-quality flares, but it is important to get the two halves of the die even and to make sure the line is flush with the edge. Not difficult, but you have to be careful. These points are made clearly in the instructions. No leaks at all when I was done, which is probably the best indicator of its quality and effectiveness.
  • Amazing.
    Bought this when i had to re-do all the brake lines on a 2000 trans am. this combined with there strightener and line bender made the job so easy. the flares on every line were perfect every time. next I will be upgrading the fuel lines on my buddys 80 Camaro.
  • Surprisingly effective
    I was having problems with my conventional bar-type flaring tool and looked at this unit as a solution. Right out of the box, first attempt, it worked fine. I DID follow the directions to the letter...most importantly, using 'never-seize' grease as a lubricant. Quality seems fine, especially for intermittent use.
  • Love this tool
    Perfect every time- no brainer can't see how you could screw up
  • O.E.M. quality flares
    If you ever had any trouble making double flares this tool will cure it. Easy to follow instructions, just need a little elbow grease. A solid mount is highly recommended.
  • Great Product, Easy to use!
    I've used several "hand" flare tools and even I hydraulic flare tool and NOTHING measures up to this product! I wish I had more flaring to do so I could use the tool more.
  • Best flaring tool I've used
    I had a brake line job coming in and the tool I had previously used was not available. When I ordered this tool I did not realize that GM had gone to a bubble flair in the mid-1980s. Not only was I happy that this tool would do a bubble flare along with standard inverted flare. After using this tool I was amazed how much easier it was to do a flare than the old style flaring tool I use to borrow. Since I had never used this tool and/or done a bubble flare I made sure to put the flares I made in the easy to get to locations, and the ones that were factory made on the lines in the areas that were harder to get to encase mine leaked. Not one of the flare I made with this tool leaked but, I did have to go back and mess with the connections made with the factory formed flare! Only thing I wish Eastwood would offer a complete kit and/or a storage box to include the 37* AN flare dies and turret.
  • Worth every penny!
    You will not be disappointed with this tool.The tool makes double flares with ease in stainless tubing , it is so easy a 3rd grader could do it.Absolutely great tool.
  • Absolutely worth it!
    Bought it because of the 16 flares in completed in my life with the the "standard flaring tool", 20 of those have failed. Stepped up to this one. First flare was flawless. If you plan on doing any amount of flaring in your life, drop the coin on a tool that'll give you a fighting chance at succeeding!
  • Easy to use
    Bought this to use in my friends repair business. All the techs love it. Way easier to use than those handheld units. Makes beautiful flares.
  • Eastwood Pro Brake Tubing Flaring Tool
    Just bought the flaring tool, have not used it, it is a quality piece and a good discounted price offer. I'm early in the project, so won't need for awhile.
  • Excellent tool
    I just made a few sample flares and I was ready to go, works great and super fast, Can't be without this one in my tool box.
  • Flare tool
    Bought to help with a hydro booster pump. Incredible
  • Great Tool!
    Received package 30 hrs. after order although it said it could take 6-8 business days. Tool was well made and worked perfectly, definitely worth the price paid for this product!! Will purchase from Eastwood again, and have recommended to family and friends.
  • a tool no shop should be without
    I bought this to replace a line on my mother-in-laws 95 Taurus I could not believe how nice of job this tool did and professional looking too. Do not hesitate or think about not buying this tool it pays for itself after a few jobs.
  • Outstanding product
    Flaring tool was very easy to use and made great double flares. No learning curve required. A plastic case was included for easy storage
  • It's awesome
    Awesome flairing tool they got lots of specialty tools
  • Double flare magic
    I bought last week and after 2 tries I was up and running.. If you need a quality flaring tool .....this is it. My 40 dollar flaring tool will go on a shelf never to be used again.. I was a little taken back by the cost at first,but after using it i was totally pleased i purchased it..you wont regret it . The time it saves and the perfect flares every time make the tool of choice for brake lines.Its one of the best tools i own now.Thanks Eastwood
  • So Easy !
    This tool is so easy to use , I can't imagine using anything else
  • Pro-quality tool
    Flares are no longer a hit-or-miss deal and I now look forward to making them. Very nice tool and not terribly expensive if you are willing to spend for something that does a job perfectly. Don't use it often, but when I do......
  • Great flaring tool
    Bought this tool a month ago. Very easy to use and makes perfect double flares every time on both mild steel and stainless.
  • Eastwood Pro Brake Tubing Flaring Tool
    What a great tool quick clean Realy happ with Pro Flaring Tool
  • Best Flare Tool I've ever used!
    I just bought this flare tool, arrived today actually. But I have used this tool in the past as a buddy of mine owns one as well. I have used this flare tool when I redid all the brake lines on my '83 Subaru wagon. I had to remake every external line on that car due to rust issues, and while I was doing a full restoration on it anyway, what a better time to get all the lines made.
    I also had the unique pleasure of using this tool while trying to flare a main brake line which ran down the rocker inside the car. Holding to tool steady to form the double flare was a bit interesting, but we managed to make it work just fine. Even under those circumstances, the tool made a PERFECT double flare!
    Thank you Eastwood for offering such an amazing tool!
  • My New Eastwood Pro Brake Tubing Flairing Tool.
    For years I have tried to flair stainless steel brake line and fought it every step of the way, Using the old fashioned flaring tools. I recently bought this, Eastwood Pro Brake Tubing Flaring Tool and tried to flair some 3/16 stainless steel break line and it worked flawlessly, exactly as advertised, I threw all my other flaring tools away!!! This is the best tool I have bought in a long time. As far as a recommendation goes, don't even think about it, JUST BUY IT, you won't be sorry.
  • What a great tool!
    Don't know why I waited so long to buy. I got tired of doing by hand tools over and over. It's SIMPLE as 1 2 3.
  • works great
    having tried cheap flaring tools and having about 60% success on the first try i decided to buy one of these. Pricey but if it works like it is supposed to will be worth it, a friend came over crying and i did his lines, this tool works, it was easy and makes nice flares. i have to do a whole brake line job on a hot rod and this will make things a lot easier. definitley worth the investment.
  • great tool
    Work's great perfect flare every time highly recommend for do it yourself brake jobs
  • Very nice tool
    I just finished a complete brake re-tube on a classic Corvette. My entire life I have dreaded dealing with tubing flares that leak. No matter how much care I would take they would be split or off center or malformed. It would take numerous attempts to get a good flare. This tool made perfect bubble flares the first time on every flare for the job. This made it possible to have each brake line precisely fitted to the car without the use of any splices. Before I started the job I practiced making flares on scrap material to get the hang of the tool. The only practice flares that were considered unacceptable were ones that I was purposely leaving the clamp loose, or over extending the tube, etc. The Corvette project turned out great and even if I never use the tool again, I am happy that I invested in the tool.
  • It really does easily make brake flares
    Yes, the price is higher than the typical low end brake flare tool, but if you are doing several brake flare, it is well worth it. I used it on stainless brake line and it was still super easy to make the lines.
  • Perfect tool for any automotive enthusiast
    Redid all of the steel brake lines on my 2001 dodge 3500. This tool is invaluable for a project like this. Really simplifies double flaring, and bubble flaring. Fuel lines are next and I don't anticipate any problems with this flare tool... Not a single leak! No complaints does what it says it will do!
  • Eastwood pro flaring tool
    I bought this two weeks ago after trying out ine a friend had. Had to have one after that. If you do your own building, modifying, any kind of brake lines, fuel lines, etc., you need this tool. Best flaring tool I have ever owned!! Hands down!!
  • Super!!!!!
    Been using an inexpensive vise type I bought at a home improvement store with about 30% success rate. Received this one, read the instructions and have had 100% success in flaring. My only question is - Why did I wait so long???
  • Excellent tool
    The best and simplest tool for flaring tubing.Well worth the price.
  • worked great
    Tested it on stainless lines. Did a great job first time. Years of experience with old style and this is far easier.
  • Must have !
    Best fare to I've use for the price, everybody needs one for their tool box!
  • nice tool
    after struggling for years with a standard flaring tool with double flare adapters,i finally shelled out the money for this tool.just wished I had bought it years ago!ALL THE FRUSTATION I EXPERENCED WITH MY OLD RIG MAKES IT WELL WORTH THE PRICE I PAID!i have made around 30 double flares so far and all have been perfect.even the stainless steel brake line I used came out perfect.
  • It works as good as advertised. That means a lot!
    I have been looking for a product like this for quite some time. I have come across a few designs that looked very good but the question to me was does it deliver what they say? I found this product demonstrated by a trusted youtuber and then I was sold.
    The shipping was faster than stated! It somes in a nice protective tool box. The instructions were simple and if that is not enough Eastwood has a video demonstration as well.
    Using the flare tool is a snap. You will want to practice just a little to get the feel of it but it is no where near as much trouble as getting the feel of the old style crank flare tools. The indexing step makes a big difference in reproducing great results every time. I have made bubble and double 3/16 for cars I work on and they came out as close to perfect as you can get with no grip marks.
    I will review again after owning it for a longer period.
  • Great time saver!! Well worth the money.
    I had to replace all the hard lines on a Dodge Durango. This tool made it incredibly quick and easy to do both the bubble and double flairs I had to do. I had no issues with the lines not sealing after they were installed. I've been a professional mechanic for almost forty years and this is the best and easiest flairing tool I've ever used.
  • Good tool
    Verry nici nice tool I am verry happy Thanks Eastwood
  • Haven't made a bad double flair since buying it!
    This tool has performed flawlessly since buying it a month ago. It's easy to use, quick, and makes perfect flares every time. My old flaring tool was dicey even when new. The only way to screw up is to forget to slip on the fitting prior to making the flair. Just replaced every brake line on my old rusty dodge truck. I was even able to make some flairs on lines while under the truck. This tool has made a nasty job pleasurable.
  • Great on Stainless!!!
    I needed a quality tool to flare stainless lines for my hotrod and this does a great job. When it comes to stainless 3/16" line the standard wall thickness is .028". Don't use any other line unless it specifies the wall thicknes or you will have trouble. This tool gets it done. It does not slip like others and is well made rugged and easy to use. I've seen a few others selling what looks to be the same tool on the internet so i don't know who is really making it, but Eastwood has a fair price. Even got mine on sale.
  • Brake tool
    I'm building a t-bucket and bought this tool to do the brakes. Every flare came out perfectly and was easy to use. I did not have any leaks.
  • Best Flaring Tool Ive ever owned!!!!
    Bought this a month ago, read the instructions and immediately produced manufacturer perfect flares with little effort. Stainless steel lines took a little more effort however still got perfect double flares. Own several other flare tools and none of them come close to the flare quality as this tool produces.
  • Flaring tool worked as published. Had no problems with product. Make sure you mount it in a good vice because it takes a lot of force to work. Works Perfect
  • Amazingly quick and simple
    I did not have an option of premade brake lines so I got this and went to town. So simple to use, and will pay for itself on the second vehicle job.
  • Flares The Easy Way
    I bought this after many frustrating attempts at bubble flares with the cheap hand tool. The Eastwood tool looked worth the extra bucks. I do a lot of my own auto repairs. Glad I purchased it, easy to use and consistent. I was even able to repair one line on the car with a second person to counter the force to produce the flare.
  • Works Great
    I bought this tool because I needed to flare some transmission cooling lines and when I used this tool after two practice flares I was off and running. It work perfectly none of my flares leaked which I cannot say was the case with my old flare kit. This kit will save you hours I made 4 flares in maybe 5minutes.
  • Best flaring tool
    I have used other flaring tool but this is by far the very best
  • Fantastic flaring tool! JUST GET IT!
    I had to replace every brake line on my 91' Caprice due to rust out issues. This meant a combination of bubble flare (also known as DIN or ISO) and double flares. Using this tool made it super easy, and I didn't have a SINGLE fitting or line leak after using it. Awesome, awesome tool!
    I am in the process of restoring a 65 RCE Scout back to showroom condition(with a few upgrades). Since I want this truck to be around and looking good for the next 50 years, I decided to use all stainless fittings for the brake and fuel lines. After reading extensive reviews on all of the flailing tools available, I decided on this one. Right out of the box, my first 40, 3/16 stainless steel tubing flares were perfect. I used the Eastwood deburring tool to prepare the tubing and a dab of brake fluid for lubrication (proper preparation is a must for any flaring tool). This tool is a pleasure to use, but be sure you have a good "fixed" vice. My Craftsman vice is not fixed and has tendency to rotate as the locking mechanism is of poor quality.
  • Pro Brake Tubing Flaring Tool
    Outstanding product. Not sure I would spen the money on this were I not running all of my brakes lines in stainless steel but being that I did this tool was a necessity. Worked exactly like they said it would and consistenly gave me professional flares.
  • Makes perfect double flares!
    The first time I used this tool it pushed the steel brake line into the die instead of forming a flare. I cleaned the brake line and die with acetone and tightened down the die very firmly. Perfect flare! Way better than those cheapo flare tools that make uneven lopsided flares.
  • The only way to go!
    We purchased one of these at our restoration shop about a year ago. It makes flawless flares every time. I had to buy one for myself. I've fought the hassles of line fabrication for years, and this tool makes it easy.
  • So easy now...
    Wish I bought this earlier is my only regret. tool is awesome.
  • Easy to use
    This unit replaced a old style unit works great it is also the great option for 37deg SAE worth getting.
  • Worth every penny and more!!
    Make a flare in less ten 10 seconds, so simple, it's stupid easy! I bought the traditional flaring tool from Snap On so I thought I had that would be problem free....I was wrong. I not knowingly made single flares instead of double flares and had leaks on some of the fittings. Then I came across the Eastwood flaring tool but was a little pushed back on the price. Then I though about how much my life was worth........yup more then $200.00. This has to be one of the best tools I bought in recent years! The case was solid and compact, everything felt like top quality! No regrets!!
  • easy to use
    I am building a 32 roadster from the ground up. I have an old style flaring tool and it is iffy at best. A real pain to get a good flare. I broke down and decided to treat myself to a quality flaring tool. I spent more time bending and routing the lines than I did flaring them. I just wish I would have bought it for my last build. Easy to use and fast !
  • Pro brake tubing flaring tool
    This tool is without a doubt the best I've ever used. I bought this tool because I was frustrated with the typical parts store flaring tools. So far I've flared 3/16 iso or bubble flares 5/16 stainless steel double flare 1/4 stainless steel double flare.
  • Best flare tool ever
    The tool worked like a dream. I highly recommend it.
  • Impressive tool!
    I have purchased a dozen tools from Eastwood over the last 25 years, all did the job, but this tool is fantastic, I almost sprung for the blueprint brand, + $150, sure glad I did not, this tool is great, I always had trouble making consistent double flares. I also needed a tool that would make bubble flares, this tool creates both with consistency.
  • Easy
    Great tool. Do all the steps and it works great. Very quick.
  • easy to use
    Used it every day the week I got it. In New England we constantly replace brake and fuel lines from rust. This tool is a real time saver. Works slick.
  • Absolutely great tool.
    I build a lot of cars and this is one of the best tools I have every purchased. Makes flares quick, easy and accurately, not to mention the time savings. I can't believe I got by so long without it.
  • Excellent tool
    By far the best flairing tool I have ever used. Worked great.
  • OMG
    After trying to use the cheap flaring tools you get on loan from auto store and failing multiple times, I decided to cough up the extra money and buy the Eastwood flaring tool. WOW this tool works great from the very first time I used it. It does a factory style double flared without deforming tubing sides. CLEAN sides! I made 6 double flare ends and one DIN with no failures. Wish I had this tool years ago. Not sorry I spent the extra money to get a quality tool.
  • " GREAT " NO other word for it...
    I bought this Flaring tool to Re-pipe my International Pick-up Trucks Brake Systems, which have 1/4" tube, and have done One Truck so far, with GREAT Results... While Being a little bit on the Expensive side, I DO think it was well worth the Expense and Wait
  • Works great...make sure you clean it.
    Creating nice flares is easy. I found that if I used a cone shaped file on a rotary tool to deburr the line after cutting it, and lubed it with clean brake fluid, the flares came out uniform every time.
    After doing all my hardlines I stored it for about two years and found rust starting to form on the fittings i had used previously. I neglected to clean off the brake fluid so it was my fault. It's too expensive of a tool to be neglected..lesson learned.
  • Cant tell!
    I bought this for my garage business and did a test run and you could not tell a difference between the one I made and the one that was bought at the store. awesome results.
  • Eastwood Professional Tubing Flaring Tool
    I bought the tubing flaring tool awhile ago, but wanted to use it a few times before leaving a review. I used it, and like anything else new to me, it took a couple practice lines but I got used to it, everything was great. It is everything that you guys at Eastwood, and all the people that left the great reviews said it is. I am by no means a pro, but with this flaring tool and the Eastwood 180 Degree Tubing Bender that I purchased, I think my lines are better then some of the work I've seen, and its much quicker with the right tools thanks to you. I recommend this tool to anyone that gets a thrill out of doing something yourself, and doing it right !!
  • Stainless... no problem.
    I have struggled for years with flaring stainless line. This unit holds the tube securely without scarring it (cheap tools often leave serration marks) and flares easily in two steps. Yes, its expensive, but I wish I had just saved myself some frustration and bought this tool the first time.
  • Excellent Quality & Quality Results
    This complete brake flaring tool is the set you need. It does not damage the brake line unlike most other brake flaring tools including expensive hydraulic tools. However you cannot use this tool under the vehicle. The tool must be mounted to a vise to use. It produces some of the best results i have ever made with ease. Molded case could use a space for the add-on 37 degree die set.
  • Very easy with perfect flares!!!
    This is a professional tool and that is why I bought it. I wanted perfection and this tool gave it to me easily. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone who want perfection fast. Just the best flaring tool made. Thank you Eastwood, I will be buying all my auto tools from you.
  • great addition to the tool arsenal!!!!
    Received the tool about 1 week ago and have used it on three different occasions. It makes great flares with little ease. Great tool.
  • Wise Buy
    After wasting 6' of tubing I decided to purchase this tool from Eastwood. Best money I've ever spent. Work perfectly every time just as the video suggest. I have purchased several tools from Eastwood and have never had a problem. And will purchase several more before my project is complete. A quality job requires quality tools....from Eastwood.
  • Great flaring tool...shot on everytime
    Let me say shipping was fast, couldn't wait to open her up. The tool comes in a nice small plastic case. I took the tool out set it up and made a total of 4 flares and everyone of them was shot on, don't get no better then that. Don't waste your money of them cheap junk flaring tools that you can pick up for $29 or so bucks. Thanks Eastwood
  • Great tool
    bought this tool to change the brake lines on my car. At first, I tried the small, cheap flaring tool, but they obviously not allow me to flare stainless steel tube, so I bought this tool from Eastwood.
    To be fair, it took at least 2-3 tries before getting a good flare, probably because I was a little hard on the second step or because the tube was not straight enough, but still the bad flare were still better than any flare I could do with the cheap tool.
    Now that I'm using it correctly, I'm making perfect flares all the time. To straighten the tube, you can use the flaring die: you insert the tube so it is flush to the inside ledge of the die and you screw gently the die. The tube will straighten by itself on the updown axis. Then you rotate the tube 90 degrees and you do it again. The tube will be straight enough to flare it correctly.
    I have nothing to complain about regarding the product quality: it looks ok and sturdy.
    The only cons I see is that it requires quite some strength to make the first operation and while the lever is somewhat long enough for you to be able to do it, you need your bench to be heavy enough not to move. I had to hold my bench while turning the lever, because it was moving while turning the lever.
  • Excellent
    After purchasing this tool it sat around for 2 or 3 months and then I needed to install a complete 3/8 stainless fuel line with multiple fittings. This would normally have been an all day job and lots of frustration using my old flaring tools. I took time to read and understand the instructions as I began, and could not believe the quality of the finished product on the first flare. Every flare after that was top drawer and QUICK. The job went quick and frustration was replaced with looking forward to doing another high quality flare. I now wish I had not waited to use the tool, but that is what use of the past tools caused me to do; wait until the last minute to take on the task. I do not have any complaint about the tool, it is high quality and easy to use. If you do any work that requires flaring, regularly on even one big job, this tool will save a tremendous amount of time in the initial process as well as in not having to re-do the work. I have been restoring cars for others and working on my own for close to 50 years, no tool has impressed me as much as this one.
  • Easy to use/ no leaks
    I have had this tool for two months. It was simple to use right out of the box. I had frequent leak problems with my old clamp type flaring tool. This Eastwood rotary flaring tool makes perfect flares every time. I had mechanics try to tell the difference between flares I made and flares on tubes purchased at the auto store. No one could tell the difference. The only downside is that it would be extremely difficult to make a flare on the car. This tool makes it worth your effort to remove and reinstall the brake pipe.
  • Simply Awesome
    Over the years I have used several flaring tools varying in price, but I have to say this tool makes the best bubble flares and with the least amount of effort. I have a friend with expensive Mastercool hydraulic flaring tool and this Eastwood blows it away in quality and ease of use. Hopefully this tool will be last flaring tool I have to buy.
  • fool if you pass it up
    took longer to unpackage (WHICH i got the tool the NEXT day, less then 20 hours after ordering), put in the vise and breeze through the instructions then to make the flare. 3/8" line. set die in place with line, adjust with tool (preset on turret), clamp down tight and set the OP1, pull, then OP2, pull and DONE! absolute beauty!!! the tool itself looks like cheap casting but i hope for YEARS of use!!! the time you save messing with one of those hand flare tools, you can be doing other things....its AMAZING tool, easy to use but takes some effort to pull the lever. Also, i flared factory Ford power steering line in the picture, NOT some thin wall brake line. 5 star for ease of use and quality of flare!!!
  • Best Ever!!!!
    Bought this Flaring Tool plus the 37* AN Head also. This is the easiest, best ever tool for the job. Blows away my old cheap tool. Made a few modifications to the case and I get everything in easy. Eastwood should modify the case to except the 37* parts also and sell them as a kit.
  • Awesome Flaring Tool
    Just bought this to flare some stainless 3/16" brake tubing and it worked incredible. One thing I would say that needs improvement is the length of the flaring die. The bender i used had a 7/16" radius and a few of my flares were close to the bends. Had to cut tubing to length and flare it before bending. Other than that the tool is incredible and makes flaring super easy! Well worth every penny!
  • Great Tool
    I'll tell you what, if you want perfect double flares, this tool will do the job. If you have used those other flaring tool from the auto parts, you then know they don't work. The Professional Brake Flaring Tool is very easy to use. I recommend this Tool to anyone who is working on brakes. Thanks Eastwood for a great product!!!!
  • You need this tool!
    Like the title says you need this tool. I had the old type flare tool an hated to use it because of bad flares. Now that old tool is in the scrap pile.
  • Great flaring tool
    easy to set up and use did 13 stainless steel brake line flares and all worked without a leak. Very pleased with the tool.
  • Brake line flaring tool.
    Robust construction, easy to use, produces excellent results, highly recommend
  • Best tool I have ever brought
    I brought a cheap an nasty clamp up type an they are useless , got this an wish I brought it years ago
  • great tool!
    This is by far the best way to flare brake or fuel lines.
    Unfortunately my first one broke but I'm still giving it 5 stars because of the outstanding customer support I received in replacing it.
    And its just that good of a tool.
  • Great Tool!
    I bought this tool last month and have zero regrets. The best flaring tool money can buy! Bought it to double flare stainless lines and it works great. Would recommend to anyone shopping for a flaring tool.
  • Easy to use
    I flared 3/8 inch tubing with no problem, thanx Eastwood! It was easy, the clamp held the tubing and in a couple of steps I was done, the flare was perfect.
  • Why didn't I have this years ago!
    This is truly a professional tool a perfect job quickly and easily every time!
  • Wonderful tool
    I build Street Rods and have every tool you can imagine, but never had a good brake line flaring tool. I bought this tool and did a job on a 1937 Chevy Street Rod new brake lines and it works wonderful!!!!!!!!! Will never look back!!!!!
  • Worth every penny!
    I bought this professional quality tool after buying and using two different flaring tools - the old-style wing clamp and the newer inline models. Neither provided satisfactory double flare results every time. Once in about every three or four attempts, I could make a usable double flare.
    With the Eastwood cam-action tool, I can produce a perfect flare in one-third the time and with less physical effort thanks to the advantage of the lever-cam.
    It is a great product. I will pass this tool to my grandson for his future use. I am certain it will still produce good flares when I do. It is that durable.
  • Gotta love it!
    I would echo the other positive reviews, this is now one of the best tools in my box. All I wish is that I had bought this first before messing around with a cheap flaring tool that I knew better than to even try, pre-formed brake lines that never fit the way they are supposed to, etc. I got a couple rolls of the good copper-nickel lines and the rest was a breeze. Now that it's all complete I'll try practising on a couple of the leftover SS lines to see how it does on stainless lines but I'm sure that will be just as flawless.
  • Amazing tool, worth every penny!
    If you've ever worked on brakes you know how much of a pain it can be without the proper tools. This flaring tool takes all the fears of flaring and throws it out the window. perfect flares every time.
  • Flaring tool
    This tools works as advertised. I had a slight problem at first. It could have been addressed in the instruction. Once I figured it out however, it works slick. I ordered the second die; I probably shouldn't have but u never know. I contacted Eastwood with my concern but the explanation to my question was not addressed. Maybe it's just me.
  • Awesome tool
    This is the only way to flare hard lines once you've used it. The only down side is that they don't offer this as a full set with the 37 degree wheel and a case they all fit in...
  • Nice tool!
    If you watch the video and follow ha suggestions, you will find this is a good tool. I don't like doing things twice and can't stand the cheap tools so I stepped up and spent a few extra buck for what seemed to be a quality tool. A few practice flares and I was flaring stainless steel like a pro! The two tools that need to be high quality are torque wrenches and brake tools, after all my car and all the work I have put into it, needs to stop well. Now I'll call Eastwood out to make a tool to make stress coils on my brake lines.
  • Awesome Tool!
    I have an old plow truck that blew out a front brake line. I couldn't find a replacement online anywhere and it wasn't safe to drive. I purchased the Eastwood "Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool" and it worked perfectly right out of the box! I made up a custom brake line and had my plow truck back in operation in no time. This tool paid for itself the first time of use for me! One thing to note, if you have any short 45 or 90 degree bends close to your flare end, put the fitting on and flare it before making the bend. You need 2-3" of straight tubing to clear the flaring die so a bend would be in the way....
  • Awesome tool
    I was having issues with old flaring tool and decided to invest in an upgrade. What a good choice. One of the best tools I ever bought. Effortless to use and precise. Thanks
  • Excellant Tool
    Now that I have received the tool, I am really satisfied with the product.The tool may be costly. but when I viewed the product on the Website, it appeared to have a good Engineering design so I gave it a go, best decision I made. I have not had a chance to use the Tool but looking at the example flare sent with the product, it is obvious that the flaring tool along with the pipe bending tool and the ratcheting pipe cutter are well designed tools with a lot of thought put into their design.
  • Worked on Stainless Tubing
    I bought this specifically to flare Stainless Steel 3/16 brake line. My first attempt didn't work due to the tubing slipping in the die. I solved this by degreasing the die and the tubing for all subsequent trials and using a very small amount of anti-sieze compound on the forming tool. This worked and made nice looking bubble or full flares however it requires a sturdy vise and a lot of force on the forming handle.
  • Great tool
    drive my cars til they die. Living in the rust belt, I've learned the hard way that it's not a bad idea to just replace all the brake lines after their 10 years old. This tool made flaring SO MUCH EASIER. It's a breeze. Kinda spendy but worth it to me.
  • wish i had this 20 years ago
    wish i had this 20 years ago.makes a perfect flare
  • worth it
    I hate flaring tubing, they always come out wrong, this is a no brainer, great flares, easy to get it right the first time.you only think its expensive until you use it, worth every penny
  • Works just like on the video
    I had to fab a set of brake lines that rusted out on a 2002 Buick. This tool amazed me and changed my attitude toward flaring steel lines.
  • money well spent
    excellent tool,does the job right the first time ,every time,cant say enough on how good this tool is,a must have for anyone that does flaring lines.
  • Works great!!!
    Now I have to admit that since I just got this tool I have not used it a lot yet. I have a small hot rod shop and I have been using a hydraulic version for several years. The quality of my trial flares are amazing. It does more or less require that you mount it in a sturdy vise,whereas my hydraulic tool does not. But it is quick and easy to use. Very pleased.
  • Amazing Tool
    I purchased this tool based solely on reviews via the Eastwood Web site and I could not be happier. I have been wrenching on my vehicle(s) for years yet never created any brake or fuel lines and this tool made me look like a pro. The price is a little hi but SO well worth it when you can get perfect flares the first time.
  • pro brake flaring tool
    I received my pro brake flaring tool along with the other tools I order just before the 4th of july,have not had the chance to use them love the way they look an fell.
    Recived the Flaring tool and am VERY impressed with the ease of use. Makes a perfect double flare in all size I have used. A little pricey however with the saved time in labor and NO leaks to repair I know it will pay for itself. Thank You
  • great tool
    After going to 2 auto parts stores to find a replacement brake line for my truck and neither store could help me. I purchased the pro brake tubing flaring tool. Took longer to read the direction than to flare the line. This was one of the best purchases i have made.Got it done on the first try with no leaks and the brake line is in one piece just like the factory
  • A Very Very Good Tool
    Best tool for the job!
  • Great Tool
    Best flaring tool I've ever purchased. Will make plumbing my street rod brakes a lot easier.
  • really great tools
    i tried many flaring tools to flare stainless steel brake line, but no the others is capable to do this. i dont try with steel brake but im sure it make a perfect flare in a seconde
  • guy
    This is one of those tools you see online and think oh that's cool but pricy then after fighting with a less expensive tool and reading reviews and seeing it on sale finally say what the heck and bite the bullet and order it and after using it the first time spend the next three days kicking yourself for not getting one of these a heck of a long time ago yes this is one of those tools that is just that AWESOME !!!
  • Very happy with this tool
    All the praise and good things you have read or are about to read are all true. I can't add anything more than what is already said. Highly recommend.
  • "Bubble Liscious"
    I tried all the other so called bubble flare tools (what a waist of time). This unit was spectacular....Worked like a champ. I think this is the first review I have ever written. I am so happy I bought this, you will be too....
  • vic
    great tool
    been building cars for over 50 years and this is one of the best tools I have ever purchased
  • You will not be disappointed
    Excellent tool. Makes double flares that match factory.
  • Professional Brake flaring tool
    I have just received my new tool and I'm very happy with it, it will give my classic car the look it deserve so if your looking for the best buy this tool you will be very happy you did
  • WOW! I've finally found the great double flaring tool!
    After fighting to make good double flares with what was supposed to be a good flaring tool (rhymes with frigid), I broke down and bought this one. I sure wish I had this tool when I was doing 3/16" stainless steel brake lines for my '33 Plymouth. It made great double flares right out of the box. Bravo Eastwood!
  • Why didn't I buy this sooner
    After reading people rave about how nice this is I bought it on sale and I am 100% satisfied! Perfect flares every time - takes the worst part of doing brake lines out of the equation. If you have a big project coming up - don't hesitate to buy this.
  • A+
    This Tubing Flaring Tool is sturdy, very well made and has idiot proof instructions and operation.
  • excellent tool
    Ran all new lines on my 2000 GTP. Used nicopp line and it seriously double and bubble flared like it was play dough and came out perfect. Very easy to use, instructions are very clear and understandable, makes flares in the snap of a finger. Highly recommended
  • Impressive & VERY Effective
    A bit expensive but it pays for itself in effectiveness. Compare this tool to the typical cheapo wing nut assemblies and it's no contest. This flaring tool puts the flare on the tubing w/out mangling the tubing (wing nut jobs have serrated jaws that put teeth marks on the tubing) and makes the flare "square" on the end of the tube. Looks like a flare made by an industrial high volume process. FANTASTIC
    Wing nut tools make it VERY easy to put a crooked flare on the end of the tube and that's dangerous. Wing nut tools should be outlawed.
    For someone who does a lot of flaring, this tool is a no-brainer. Even if you only do occasional brake line fab work, I still think this tool is a no-brainer. The ease of use, it's near perfect execution, and the avoidance of frustration from using the wing nut tool is worth the money in my opinion. HIGHLY recommended.
    Its a bit expensive but that's what you pay for precision and durability. Yes the dies could stand to be cast a little bit cleaner. But they still get the job done very well. The fact that you get a wide selection of flaring sizes also adds a lot of value in my opinion. I do a lot of DIN/ISO bubble flares (single flaring op). But in the event I have to do some SAE double flares, i'm all set. No need to have another set of forming dies for my piece of crap wing nut tool. I'll be putting that junk tool in the back of the garage cabinet, probably never to be used again. A quality tool like this is long overdue in the American DIY , and even professional shop, marketplace. Thumbs up to Eastwood for making this tool easily available to the average Joe.
  • pays for itself after one use
    Don't go to Eastwood if you want cheap tools or products. This flaring tool is just one of the examples of their professional grade equipment. Easy to use, great end results, pays for itself after one complete job.
  • Great tool for stainless Steel brake lines
    I have used several different manufactures brake line tools and most work ok on aluminum and common steel lines but have problems with stainless. The Eastwood brake line tool made the flairs in stainless with no problems, perfect every time. This was a great time saver.
  • Anybody can flare like a pro with this tool
    My son and I replaced all the brake lines on our '54 Pontiac Chieftain and this tool flared every single fitting perfectly the first time and this was the first time my son had ever run brake lines. It works great with 0.028" stainless steel also. Highly recommended.
  • Best Flaring Available...PERIOD !!
    WOW..!!!!! Just open the carrying /storage case, read the instructions, clamp it in the vise and prepare to be amazed.... I had purchased at least 3 other flaring tools from the usual places, Sears, Jegs,Napa..etc...all failed miserably. Now i just clamp the Eastwood flaring tool in the vise and have perfect flares every time.. It is so simple to use with no guess work ...It actually takes less time to flare the line than it does to cut it...It makes perfect bubble flares for fuel lines too..Do yourself a favor and order it today..
  • Best investment in a brake tool.
    I do a lot of custom brake line work and couldnt be more excited about how easy this tool made the dbl flares and how quick it was to use. Best buy ever.
  • One small step for mankind, one giant leap for flaring tools!
    I build resto-mods and street rods so pre-bent lines are not always available. This flaring tool is absolutely the best money can buy. I cut the end off an new pre-bent line, flared it with the new flaring tool and showed it to several of my car buddies. None of them could tell which was the factory flare and which was the flare I made. Quality build, easy to use and twice as quick as the old vice and wrench style flare tool.
  • You get what you pay for
    This item is fairly expensive, especially if you need it for small jobs, but when you factor in finding a good flaring shop, gas money or shipping costs to send in a brake line, etc., you're still better off to buy this tool. Works like a professional machine shop tool. No problems, no worries, just a job done quickly and correctly. I would recommend this product to anyone.
  • Outstanding tool
    I usually don't get too excited about a new tool but with this new Brake Tubing Flaring tool, how can I not! As a hooby I build Factory Five component cars and I like to make up the brake lines to better suit my build. In the past I have used the old standard flaring tool. Never again! The Eastwood professional flaring tool is just too easy to use and it makes the nicest flares. Don't let the initial price scare you away it IS worth the money. You will save so much time with this tool and have confidence in your work.
  • Great tool
    OK, this tool is probably more expensive than it should be. However, that being said it is a great tool that is very well made. This is one of those few tools that works exactly as it says it will. I'm restoring a 1951 Willys CJ3A and had to make up a new fuel line with doubl 45 degree flares on each end. Within 10 minutes of unpacking this tool, I had the tubing cut, flared on both ends and bent to shape! It actually took more time to unpack and get rid of the packing material than it did to use. Even my father, a long time tool fanatic, was impressed by this tool. If you are a gearhead and make a lot of your own brake, fuel, or vacuum lines for your projects, this tool will pay for itself. If you don't make your own lines, buy this tool and Easwoods tubing bender and save even more money! Great tool!
  • Someone pinch me! Please ! Yep Its real !
    Yep its true, a flaring tool that works 1st time everytime! I could not tell which flare was made at the factory, mine or the factory one. I had my friends 5 yr old daughter make a double flare ! Again worked 1st time ! So everyone put your BRAKES on and STOP grab this tool now!
  • Easy to use, even for a beginner
    I just got done replacing all of the hard lines on my '92 Wrangler. I've never done this before. This tool made me look like a pro getting this job done. The old brake lines came out and new ones went in without one defective flare. The machine made quick work of it too. I am totally satisfied with how this tool has functioned for me.
  • Simple & It Works
    I struggled for years trying to make decent double and bubble flares with multiple tools/kits. I finally bit the bullet and spent the money to get this Eastwood tool. OMG. It works, simple to use, and makes perfect flares both double and bubble flares. Now I feel bad about the time and money wasted trying to make flares with inferior tools. Happily none of my old flares failed on our race cars. But now that concern is gone as this tool makes flares in my shop as good as any found on jobber shop lines or manufactured cars. Takes longer to mount the tool in the vice than it does to make an outstanding flare. If you produce your own brake lines, this tool is a must have.
  • Best ever
    This tool gives me the nicest flairs ever, and quickly also. The best that I have ever used, and I have been working on cars for a long time!
  • works good
    I have only made one flare with it but I thought I would rather pay for the tool than one set of preformed and preflared brake lines. I bought a hard line with flare nuts and flares on each end but one flare nut didn't fit and the length was not right (prop. valve up to MC). so I cut the line, slid on the old flare nut and put it in the new tool. At first I did not clamp it down tight enough and the line moved when I tried to flare it. Next time I tightened the clamp a little firmer (did not want to strip the threads of a $200+ tool) and it worked perfectly. I was careful to know where the end of travel was on the lever (its about 135 deg from start). Again, did not want to screw up an expensive new tool. but it worked perfectly. I lubed the dies before flaring. It says to use antiseize but it cakes up, I used light oil. the flare did not leak and looked like factory. I got it 10% off and had returned a flaring tool to a competitor that no matter what the line would slide through the clamp.
  • great tool
    this tool makes me look good like a pro and to think I use to hate brake lines
  • Excellent Company!!!!
    Was really impressed at the workmanship and design of this product, never new flaring lines could be so easy, doing my 67 Firebird lines, Thanks Eastwood!!!
  • well worth the money
    this is the best brake line tool. I use to use the old clamp style this hands down kicks butt. I build racecars and we have to build all the brake lines from scatch this is such a time saver and the flares are always right the frist time no leaks.
  • Best Flaring tool ever
    I've been flaring lines for 42 years and this is the best tool ever it is so eazy to use I wish they had this in 1970.
  • Great tool!
    Wish I had one years ago. Perfect flare right off the bat.
  • Unbelievable
    Doing the brake lines on a 37 ford truck. Hot rod style so everything is custom. Expected to have to get used to the tool.... Nope from the first scrap piece... PERFECT FLARE! Never been easier. As much as I hate to admit it. It is worth the money. No more "I really hope this works!!!!" No worries now. Best thing I ever bought
    Been a mechanic for over twenty years saw this product waited fro it to go on sale wish i wouldn't have waited best flaring tool I have ever used! Relined a friend's 55 Chevy without a single bad flare! LOVE IT!! Definitely would recommend this tool
  • Tep
    Best purchase in a long time
    This this has made me look good. I now am the jedi master at brake lines and friends come to me for their fast flaring needs. I honestly cant believe how a tool can speed things up with higher quality than standard flare kits. If your tackling any type of brake job that your making lines this is a must have.
  • Excelent Tool
    Hi this is the grreatest Tool; I have made many lines withthis and received compliments and they do make it for 37 Degree
  • AWEsome
    WORTH every Penny! Wish Id bought this years ago. You WILLbe happy!
  • Very good tool.
    Makes very nice flares and is very easy to use.
  • Awesome tool
    I used this with Eastwood's tube bender to re-do the brake system for my 1960 Ranchero.
    For the DIY'er, this a must have in your toolbox.
  • Great for 45 degree flares just no 37 degree
    Iam still keeping it so sorry not for sale now.. i have future projects to use it on ,,sorry thanks
    really would be awesome for 37 also hope they make a block setup for it someday.
  • THE Solution to Brake Lines FLARING !!!!!
    If you are doing ANY brake line work, then RUN, don't walk, to your computer and order this tool! I wish I had owned it 10 cars ago, and I will use it for 1000 cars yet to come. It is a rare tool in that it WORKS every time !! Always a perfect flare: no more thrown-away brake lines! As for the price, I don't care: after YOUR first use of this tool, YOU won't care about the price either!
  • awesome tool
    if my husband had it his way he would have every new tool out there to compare with his other stuff(snap on ,Mac Tools ) etc
  • can you buy any diffrent angle dyes
    Hi I am a certified licensed automotive tech ,the old school guy that i was training under had said to me that if you are doing an stainless steel application you will always need a 37 degree anvil .I was also told that with this proper bit that if you try to a double flare you tend to crack the tubed flair.I must say that the old guy new his stuff and i tend to agree with him about somethings ,but does anyone out there agree with me on the 37 degree anvil?I believe if you are going to do a 100 % job you gotta give 110 %on the line period
  • best flaring tool ever
    this is hands down the best flaring tool ever,hard to pay $250 if you wont use it but compare the price to pre bent lines it will pay for it sellf plus watch the vido and right out of the box you will make perfict flars i also bought the brake line forming tool should be sold as a set
  • Brake flare tool works great
    This tool makes a perfect double flare every time. You won't believe how easy it is to use.
  • Truly Excellent
    I am redoing all the lines on a 40 year old car and bought one of the bar-type flaring tools...a quality one. I struggled with it but just couldn't master the perfect flare, on my first attempt to bleed the brakes, fluid came pouring out of the connectors...made me feel stupid.
    So I threw in the towel and bought the Eastwood tool...which is simply amazing. This makes a perfect flare every time versus 1 out of 10 with the bar style...and is really fun to use. Just the read the other reviews...this is one of the best tools I now own...the price is just fine for what I received.
  • The best tool I have ever bought
    Often when you buy a tool, they don't work as advertised or are a pain to use. Sometimes they are just cheap, one shot, tools that you know you shouldn't have bought but you needed to save some bucks. However, if you really want a job done like a pro, you need the right gear.
    Sometimes though you get lucky and find a tool that is a real delight to use, simple, elegant and which produces professional results, first time, every time and this flare tool is one of those. After hours and hours of practice and finally getting some decent double flares from the standard clamp and screw type flare tool, I had the need to do a lot of pipe work and I wasn't looking forward to it. I had to get the job done as good as the factory so I splashed out and bought this tool and had it shipped to Australia. Couldn't buy anything like it here - no matter the cost.
    The results were way ahead of any of the flares I had paid brake shops to do and this tool is worth every cent.
  • Great tool
    I took a chance and purhased this tool to replace my old flare tools and WOW... It took longer to cut the material to length than to do the flares...
    I do tubing kits for restorations and I did my forst kit 16 inverted flares in less time an better quality than it took me to cut the 8 sections...
    Very easy to use and easy on the hands...
  • Dan
    Makes my work look like a pro
    Fantastic Tool
    I’ve worked with professional grade plumbing flaring tools before, and I can tell you that the Eastwood flaring tool is simply unbelievable! The stainless lines were always very hard for me to get right with the plumbing tools, but every flare has turned out to be perfect with this Eastwood tool. The price is a little rough for a hobbyist like me, but I figure the value comes back in not having to rework leaky connections.
  • Great Tool
    Worked great,and the flares were unbelievable.It was worth every penny.
  • very nice tool indeed
    I'm no expert but "This tool rocks!" I used this professional brake tubing flaring tool for my 3/16" stainless steel brake lines and am amazed how smooth and simple this tool works. Perfect flairs each time. The key is to make sure the line has been prepped correctly before the use of this tool. The only weakness IMO is the clamp. I overtightened it and it snapped at the pivoting hinge point. Either there is not enough strength in the material used or I was Conan the Barbarian when it snapped. Should have been made of steel. Eastwood came right through and replaced it in no time. I would recommend it to anyone who is frustrated with cheaper hand held kits.
  • tubing flarer kit
    I've used the simple kind with the screw handle but these are much easier to use. Directions could be a little clearer on which die to use(as they have 2 different ends on each block), but after figuring out which side of the block to use, this tool worked like a champ. I used it on 3/16 auto brake line and no leaks- first try.
  • Best tool I ever bought
    I have a bunch of custom cars I am working on and I have always hated flaring my own brake lines and you never can seem to find the right length premade. After throwing my old flaring tool across the garage I broke down and spent the money on the Eastwood flaring tool. I can honestly say this is one of the best tools I have ever bought, it worked perfectly the first time and literally takes seconds to make a perfect flare. Every time one of my buddies comes over I have to get it out and show them how well it works. I no longer cringe when I think about making a custom brake line, actually I am looking forward to using it again soon!
  • magic tool.
    price can be off-putting for some, but use this tool once, and you will wonder how you did with-out it. beautiful flares and super quick.
  • Great tool
    I purchased this tool several months ago when Eastwood offered a one day sale on line for $153.99. What a great tool for this kind of money, it really is worth the full price of $219.99. This tool makes double flares so fast and easy and don't make those ugly grooves next to the flare as those bar type do. The base of this tool is made of cast alumimum and will get damaged in a vise if you don't protect it in some way as you need to clamp it pretty tight. I have no regret in buying this tool,I just love it.
  • Works on stainless
    This week the shop I work at purchased one of these tools to flare stainless brake lines on 55 Chevy. This tool actually works on stainless which are impossible to do with the cheap wingnut type of tools and is much easier to use. I will probably buy one for my personal tool box at home since I have made hundreds of flares on projects in the past. I agree with the review by Bloose that a set of optional 37* AN dies would make the this tool the ultimate.
  • Works on stainless
    This tool actually works on stainless brake lines which previously were impossible to make and is really easy to use compared to the wingnut style of tool. The shop I work at just purchased one of these tools this week and I'll probably will buy one for my personal tool box as I had to make hundreds flares on past projects. As the review by Bloose suggested if Eastwood would offer a set of 37* AN dies the tool would be the ultimate.
  • You need this tool!!!
    After messing around with the "cheaper" double flaring tools the adage "you get what you pay for" rang true once again. This tool makes flaring simple, quick and painless. Even stainless steel lines are easily flared. Don't waste your money on the others if you will be making very many flares.
  • Perfect Flare On The First Try!!!
    I was replacing every hard line on my F100. After an day of botched flares with my old hand held tool, I decided I would give this Eastwood Tool a try. I was a little shy of the price, but decided that if it worked it would pay for itself on the first job. Boy did it work!!! I cut a few short pieces of tubing and found that it was IMPOSSIBLE to make a BAD flare. I bent, flared and installed every tube on my F100. Then bled the brakes! Not one leak!!! This is one buying decision I have not regretted. Thanks for a great tool Eastwood!
  • Outstanding!!!
    After using the Mastercool $400.00 tool which works very well, this flaring does the same job in about half the time. I show it off to my friends all the time!!! Hopefully they will come out with one that does "bubble" flare as well as the late model GM fuel line fitting.
  • Jim
    Great Product
    I have used various flaring tools over the years and have even bought expensive ones that claim to do a great job Ive spent $150 on some of those expensive ones. None of those flaring tools will make a double flare that works everytime. Well this tool does its worth the price cause it works and does what it claims to do. This tool is very easy to use and takes out any guesswork. Thanks for a great tool Eastwood !!!!!!!
  • Great tool to add to our shop.
    What can I say that hasn't been said. Great tool and Eastwood is a top company. Get this tool you won't be sorry.
  • jky
    Great product
    So, I've never done any flaring before, but remember my Dad trying to use one of the handheld jobs years ago. Didn't want to go through that hassle again, so opted for the Eastwood tool. It was a bit more money than than the expensive manual units, but seemed a whole lot easier, and looked to be more idiot-proof (which comes in handy for me.)
    Received it the other day, and had to waIt a couple of days to try it as the line I ordered was trailing the tool. Gave me a chance to check out how the tool was made, and how it's supposed to work.
    When the tubing arrived, I cut off a 1' piece as a test piece, and had at it. Aside from a bit of indecision as to when the tool stroke was completed, it was dead-nuts easy to form a perfect flare in about a minute. Doing the other end of the test piece yielded another perfect flare in about 20 seconds. Then I cut off one of the flares, installed a fitting, and formed a third perfect flare in another 15 seconds. Then I bent up the test piece to use as a bench bleed rig for the trailer brake actuator.
    Very impressed with the quality of build, and the ease of use. Almost makes me want to replace the brake lines more often than necessary.
  • Fantastic
    This is the best tool I own. I hated flaring before. I could never make a good double flare. This tool makes it fun and easy. A monkey could do it. Thanks.
  • Professional Flaring Tool
    I am a hot rod hobbyist, and I love working on cars building early ford hot rods and T Buckets. I have always used the conventional flaring tools to make lines but after going through 3 sets of tools, because of dyes breaking, I wanted something easier and professional. This works great! Can do flares super fast and they are perfect almost every single time. Initial price hurts a little but its well worth it!
    A perfect flare everytime. Very easy to use. Highly recommend this item. Don't waste your time with the cheaper flaring tools.
  • great investment!!
    very happy almost fun to use have flaired hundreds of brake lines in my life and this is the best tool iv ever used!!
  • Tim
    Nice Tool
    You can feel the quality in this tool. Lots of steel, beefy construction, nice blow molded case. Weighs probably 10 pounds. I had never used a flare tool before, but found the Eastwood on sale for $160, which makes it more competitive with the nicer bar-style units.
    The very first flares I made, while practicing on some short lengths of tubing, looked PERFECT. I followed the instructions exactly (including anti-seize) and used high quality tubing. It takes only about 30 seconds to make a double flare start to finish once you get the hang of it.
    It's not cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. The primary safety system on your car is not the place to cut dollars and cents. The complete lack of frustration during use, not having to do flares over again, speed of use, and quality results make this an excellent buy.
  • Best Product on the Market!
    Well I must say, this is the best tool I have ever seen. I did my 1st flare today and wow! I could never make a good double flare with other tools that I have and with this one, the very 1st try was perfect. We do brake lines at work and I'm going to bring in my flare to our QC and show him my flare from my home tool. Thanks Eastwood for a great product!
  • Excellent tool
    I tried several of the lower priced double flaring tools that clamp onto the tubing using soft galvanized dies with little serrated teeth and was never able to find one that would hold 3/8 steel fuel line tight enough to successfully form a double flare. Additionally, the little serrations always bite into the tubing leaving nasty little grooves behind. The smooth hardened steel dies on this tool easily hold the tubing during all flaring operations without damaging or deforming the tube. Definitely worth the money, makes perfect flares every time with very little setup time and prep work.
    Only downside to this tool is that it must be used in a vise (it takes too much force to turn the handle for the tool to be used on the vehicle) whereas some of the more expensive hydraulic tools look like they can be used closer to your project. This is one of highest quality and most well thought out tools I have seen in a long time, the tool is a pleasure to use.
  • Great Tool But a Little Pricey
    While a little bit pricey, this tool makes up for the cost through the elimination of frustration and bad flares. Easy to use and almost idiot proof, I was able to make better flares without even reading the instructions than I ever have before.
  • mac
    superior tool
    I am building a Clubman kit car, and doing my own brake and fuel lines. This tool produced first rate flares. It has a solid, wellmade feel to it, and was much cheaper to buy than its English equivalent. I expect to use it on my next kit car project, probably a Shelby Cobra.
  • Great flare tool
    This is the first flare tool I have used that always makes good double flares. It works just like in the video.
  • Fantastic
    It's a little pricey but you get what you pay for and this tool is does the job. If you follow the directions you'll have success on the first try. Making sure the tube is lined up properly, it's cut at 90 degrees, there are no burrs, and adding a little anti-seize are critical to a nice flare. Pretty simple. What I really like is the heavy construction. This is a tool that made to last a long time.
  • Excellent product and easy to use.
    Great product. Used this to put double flares in stainless tubing and it worked flawlessly
  • Great product
    This flairing tool works great . If you are replacing your brake lines and want them done correctly and safely with no leaks at the flare end this tool is a must . Price for this uint may seem high but when you are working on brake or fuel lines you want a top of the line product and this is it . HTH Good luck on your projects and work Safe !
  • excellent product
    This is the best money I've ever spent on a tool. I spent alot of money on cheaper flaring tools, but none would flare stainless to my satisfaction. This tool does!! It paid for itself the first time I used it! Not only does it make excellent double flares in stainless brake line, it only takes seconds. Well worth the money. I could never be confident about forming my own brake lines, with this tool I can. Any one can do it. If you are even thinking about buying this tool,DO IT!! You will never have to my preformed lines again.

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