Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Primer 400ml Aerosol

Epoxy-fortified primer promotes better adhesion and durability.

Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Primer - EW11193Z

Eastwood's Extreme Chassis Black® Primer is a professional-quality primer for use over bare metal, under Original or Extreme Chassis Black, to assure maximum adhesion and chip-resistance. Extreme Chassis Black can be scuffed but not sanded. 10% gloss.

For a more durable Extreme Chassis Black finish on bare metal, start with this Extreme Chassis Black Primer.

Epoxy-fortified it is the perfect foundation formulated specifically for Extreme Chassis Black and original Chassis Black.

It maximises adhesion and improves chip resistances.

Coverage 400ml aerosol covers 1.7 square metres

How to Use - Aerosol

1. Read all directions and warnings for safe and proper application.
2. Clean all surfaces thoroughly to ensure surface is free from all grease, oil, and any polysilicons. Eastwood's PRE is recommended. Make sure that steel is free from rust. For best results use when can and surface are between 70℉ and 90℉ (21℃ and 32℃), 50% or less humidity.
3. If making spot repairs, feather-edge by sanding original finish with 220-320 grit. Do not use Extreme Chassis Black Primer over new enamel. 4. Shake can for 2 minutes after mixing ball moves freely. Use in a well ventilated area.
5. Apply by holding can 10 to 15 inches (25 to 30 cm) from surface. Spray two thin coats allowing 2 to 4 hours between coats. Opaque black color indicates full coverage has been achieved.
6. Can be top coated with Extreme or regular Chassis Black after 2 to 4 hours.
7. When finished, invert can and spray for 2 seconds to clean spray button.
8. Average coverage: 8 square feet.

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The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

  • Primer over POR15
    I had blasted my Ford 9" and the painted it with POR15 to prevent any further rust. Because I knew POR15 wasn't UV resistant, I wanted to paint it Satin Chassis Black to match the rest of my frame and suspension pieces, so I hit the POR with some POR15 Self-Etching Primer to applying the Eastwood Chassis Black. MAJOR MISTAKE! I didn't notice you can't use the Chassis Black over a self-etching primer (not sure why but it is what it is!) so I had to strip off all the old coatings down to the POR15 (now THAT stuff is tough!) and then used the Chassis Black Primer before laying down the finish coats of Satin Chassis Black. Came out GREAT this time!!
  • Good stuff!
    This product performed as expected, sprayed from the can without problem. Aroma wonderfully toxic. One knowledgeable observer thought that the primer coat was finish coat. That good.
  • Extreme Chassis Black Primer
    I purchased Extreme Chassis Black paint on sale a while back on sale. I finally got my Cycle Frame sandblasted and was ready to start the paint job. The insreuctions on the can recommended Extreme Chassis Black Primer, so I ordered a couple of cans. The Primer adhered to the blasted frame quite well and was a great base for the Finish coat of Extreme Chassis Black. The final job looks great. Only time will tell if it's durability is as good as its recommendations and reputation
  • Using this on Frame and parts
    I'm using this on my 1928 Durant frame and I like the way it goes on. Another thing I like is that it comes in quarts and aerosol so you can do the smaller parts by can. I recommend it to anyone.
  • Sprays on real nice.
    I can't paint, but I try. Chassis black primer sprayed on real nice, no runs, and that's a miracle for me! Can't wait to top coat with satin chassis black!
  • great primer
    I used this on a chassis and its much better than the stuff at the auto parts store, I only wanted to do this one time and this is worth the price.
  • Great Product!
    I bought this primer and the extreme chassis black stain for the top coat. I also purchased Eastwood's After Blast and PRE painting prep, as to follow the instructions to the "T". I bought this "system" to paint all my small parts that couldn't go to the powder coater for a car restoration. This review will reflect the primer.
    Summary of how it went: Some of the parts were E-coated and some were bare. I treated the bare stuff with the after blast for 5 mins. or so then washed with the pre paint prep, the E-coated stuff was just washed with the pre-prep. Along with the parts for my car I sprayed a piece of scrap tubing to test the toughness after. I went really slow and methodical to try and get the maximum results that I could. I actually went as far as to warm the cans up and also warm the parts before starting. The primer sprayed nice and even, the pattern was good (disclaimer: I am not a pro, just a hobbyist. It sprayed good for me contrary to some of the negative reviews for Eastwood's rattle can paints) and the paint laid out really nice with no runs (multiple lighter coats). I shot the parts in between coats with a hair dryer to keep the climate warm due to is being below optimal temps this time of year and to help the primer flash off. I did this after noticing the scrap test piece I painted took almost 48 hours to become tack free. That piece I painted then moved inside the house where the heater was on from 68-70. When the paint is dry the finish on the primer is almost a matte finish, I would say optimal for an under car black color but probably not good to leave without a top coat.
    After a few days of cure time I took the scrap piece I painted and did some destruction testing ( the other parts were top coated within the time frame the directions called for). I was shocked with the results, the paint stuck way better than any other product I used in the past. The paint did come off with some persistence, but I would say it will hold up to the once in a while tool drop or splash of gas/chemicals.
    Final assessment: All and all this is one of the better products I have used to date. The primer has good adhesion, lays down nice and easy to apply. One can of this primer goes a long way as well. I bought 4 cans thinking that's what I would need and ended up using 1 for all the parts I had at 3 coats per, so that's a big pro! The one downside to this product I would say is that it takes a long time to dry under normal circumstances, the directions contradict the actual cure time. I will say that in hind sight I should have gone with Eastwood's 2K product line just for the added bonus of an actual 2 part paint system, so if that's even a consideration of yours I would advise just going with it. The price difference is negligible from this line to the 2K line in my opinion..
  • Must Use As Directed......
    This is an excellent product if you DO EXACTLY WHAT IS RECOMMENDED. If you cut corners (aka, don't use Pre-Prep or After Blast,) you may have issues. I did exactly as it recommended and it laid down a perfect coat. Hard as nails and perfect primer for the Extreme Chassis Product.
    Oh, be careful. If you let the product sit in the can for too long the solids will settle. Make sure you 1) Stir very, very well until most of the solids are broken up. 2) Use a strainer to filter out the particulate solids that don't get broken up. If you don't it will clog your gun.
  • Very tough and chip resistant, trouble with adhesion
    I sprayed this over top of Eastwood AfterBlast and it proved to be a very tough and chip resistant even for a primer. I did have trouble with some places flaking and bubbling. I attribute this to me not moving the frame inside before the dew set in as only the top sides had this issue. Overall I would use this primer again..
  • Goes on nice.
    I'm a lousy painter and only do it in hopes of getting better. Extreme chassis black primer sprayed on real nice, no runs; that's a miracle with me on the nozzle!.
  • Good Results
    I'm glad that Eastwood came out with this primer. Now I know that I'm using the correct primer under Extreme Chassis Black. I brushed this on several types of surfaces, from smooth to rough, with good results. It covered in one coat and dried to the touch in 30-60 minutes.
  • Used previously with good results now repeating the products
    A good pair of products for clean chassis components and frames, used the primer and gloss black on a project a year ago and now have new project and these products will be used to paint frame and chassis components.
  • Great product!
    Sprayed great and great coverage. Looks great, even for an amateur painter like myself..

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