Eastwood 18 GA, 30" Metal Brake

Bend 18-ga. mild steel to form box and pan shapes, bends, creases.

Eastwood 18 GA, 30" Metal Brake - EW51429

This 30" 90° Hand Bending Brake allows you to bend 18 gauge mild steel metal to form box and pan shapes, and to form bends and creases. The two handles on the front plate of the brake allow you to easily lift the plate forcing the material extended over a straight edge creating the desired bend. Easily screws to your bench or use c-clamps. Bends 0-90° x 30" wide


(Qu) Will this brake bend pieces of aluminum siding trim for small repair jobs?
(An) As long as the Aluminum is 18" gauge or thinner will be fine.

(Qu) how to install and use? the little bench top metal brake ?
(An) This brake is screwed or clamped to your workbench and then simply insert the sheet of metal (up to 18 gauge), clamp the top bar on with two c clamps where you want to bend, and then pull on the handles. You can make up to 90° bends.

  • Can't beat this brake for 100 bucks
    I picked this brake up and have used it for occasional box-making with 20g steel. I have bent up to the 28" wide mark and it bends perfectly. I would recommend this brake for anyone who needs to bend thin steel.