Eastwood MIG Light

Extremely durable, chip-resistant finish; coat and cure in under an hour.

Eastwood MIG Light - EW11614

This MIG Light from Steck allows you to light your welding area before you strike an arc. The light is a AAA battery powered LED with an easy on/off switch along with auto shut off which easily mounts utilizing a flexible mounting bracket. This light will make it easier to see before you weld in tight places like under the car. This will fit all MIG torches from 1/2" to 3/4". Imported. 1-year warranty.

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  • neccassary piece of equiptment if you use a mig welder
    something long needed. No more wandering across the project in the total opposite direction from the proposed weld because you couldn't see what you were welding once you strike the arc! Now I can see the what and where I am welding and I am producing some nice looking welds with minimal grinding neccassary. Anyone who uses a mig should have one. It reallly makes a differance!
  • See what you are welding!
    Really helped improve my welding. Along with the auto darkening helmet I purchased at the same time, I can now see my welds, so I don't have to stop to see if I am veering off course! I would only weld about 2 inches, stop, check, then start again. Now, for the first time, I can weld without stopping to "see where I am"
  • Excellent Product
    This is an excellent product for those dark corners on large or small weldments. I use mine in an industrial manufacturing environment. It's one tough light and so far has held up even when the gun heats up from continuous welding. I have recommended these lights to my colleagues and clients.
  • Torch Light
    Great for those hard to reach places like under the dash and in tight spots on the frame.Just another great tool by a top supplier in the restoration business! "Keep up the good work"
    I think this Light is a must have for any welder. At some point you have wished you could see your weld better. With this mig light it helps brighten up the area you are welding.
  • miglight
    im getting ready to certify here in Washington state and this light has helped to eliminate the dark spots when doing a overehead weld
  • Great
    I can't understand why I did not acquire one of these sooner. Works great in close spots.
  • Does its job
    Puts light where no other device can. A good idea
  • Works well!
    definitively a handy little light! the only thing that may needs to be improved, is making the mount a little taller, so the light can shine around the welding head a little more. Otherwise, a great little tool!
  • Great
    I can't understand why I did not acquire one of these sooner. Works great in close spots.
  • Great idea
    I also have trouble seeing my work during a weld and this really helps. For what it is I think the price is a little high. I see LED lights all the time in the $5 range. One improvement I suggest is make the connection between the light and the rubber clamp taller. As it is the torch tip casts a shadow edge right at the tip of the wire. I think it should be 1/4 to 1/2 inch taller. I may experiment with modifications on mine. If you have trouble seeing your work while welding, this will help.
  • Great Tool For Your Welder
    This LED light is well made, small and easy to use. Since the base is made of rubber, it doesn't slide out of place when your welding. It comes with 2 additional light covers. The picture shows the light mounted under the torch head. I placed mine on top, because I rest the torch on my left hand while using my right hand to pull the trigger. It illuminates the work piece very well and will turn off after a certain period of time.
  • Handy little light
    This is just what I needed for my old eyes. Seeing in tight places was a problem for me. The light works well. On/off switch seems a little flimsy and is easy to turn on and not know it thereby running the battery down. Put electrical tape around the mount so it would not pop off the gun. Time will tell. Light was on the pricey side but could not find it cheaper. Glad I got it
  • outstanding
    I need plenty of light to see the seam when welding. this light fills the bill and more , especially when tacking butted joints. the only issue was with the on/off switch; it was erratic when trying to shut off the light, which would shorten battery life. I would highly recommend this product to anyone
  • Love it
    I love this little light to see welding under cars and trucks. It is a small light but it is bright like a trouble light, where as a trouble light would get burned out rom the sparks this does'nt. Thank you Eastwood
  • Great Addition To Any Mig Welder
    This light is easy to turn on and off with welding gloves on and give adequate lighting to your welding project. The only thing I would change is to make the mounting clamp more rigid.
  • Good tool
    This light work great for me, under the dash and in the trunk.