Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher

Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher.

Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher - EW20447

Constructed from solid steel, this easy to use tube notcher is built to perform accurate notches, time after time.

▶   Create notches in 3/4" to 3" Tubing
▶   Adjustable up to 50 Degrees
▶   Accepts standard hole saws
▶   Works with any 1/2" drill
▶   Mounts in a vise or on a bench top

Designed to notch tubing from 3/4 In to 3 In tubing, which means you can build anything from a Go Cart to a 3 In exhaust on your hotrod. Use any 1/2 In hand drill to power the Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher. Accepts all standard hole saws. Adjustable up to 50 degrees with the loosening of one bolt. Adjust to your desired angle with one hand and lock down the bearing block with your other. Easier adjustment than other designs on the market. Vise or bench top mounting.

Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher

The Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher is designed with the professional fabricator in mind to create precision "fishmouth" notches within a wide range of angles from 90° to 150° in tubing up to 3" diameter using a hand drill with a 1/2" or larger chuck. Equipped with roller bearings and a 25 mm steel shaft, this notcher should provide years of reliable service.


Keep fingers and hands away from moving parts while operating this tool. Always wear proper hand and eye protection when metal cutting.

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How To Make Perfect Notches in Tubing - Eastwood Tubing Notcher

Randy shows you the Eastwood Pro Tubing Notcher and how easy it is to use to make your own roll cage, exhaust or even go cart chassis.

How To Notch Tubing to Build a Roll Cage, Exhaust, Go Cart Chassis - Eastwood Tubing Notcher

ndy from the Eastwood Research & Development Department shows you how to properly notch tubing so you get perfect fitment every time, which means stronger construction.

  • Best tubing notcher for the money.
    Very impressed with the quality of this unit. I've always made my notches with the lousy $36 not hers from Harbor Frieght, which wear out bushings fast and are hard to make angles with. This Eastwood unit has roller bearings to support the hole saw shaft, which should last a long time. The entire unit looks like billet steel and is very rigid. There are measurements for your different angles on the side of it. I also really like the securing mechanism for the hole saw bit. It holds the hole saw tight and true, and comes with an adaptor bushing for different brands of hole saws. My hole saws are generic Home Depot ones, and they fit great. I really believe this is the best price to quality ratio notcher you get. Thanks Eastwood!
  • notcher
    The notcher center line with the tubing center line with the 1" tubing i was cutting didn't match up. a .060 shim fixed it. i haven't tried any other size yet. but after shimming it works awesume. would highly recommend it
  • Tube notcher
    Assembled and use the day I got it. PerfeCt cuts on my chrome moly roll cage project. Unfortunately, the bench top band saw has yet to arrive
  • Professional tool!!
    Worked great with no problems. Easily did schedule 40 two inch pipe with 20 volt cordless drill at 37 degrees.
  • Heavy duty tubing notcher
    Like the roller bearings for the saw shaft.
  • great enginering
    Does a great job, quality of tool is excellent. We had older unit - this tool saves time & is more accurate
  • Pretty good unit
    Overall the unit is solid built and sturdy however, I discovered on the first cut that the hole saw is .073" higher than the tubing being cut resulting in a less than acceptable notch. Having access to a mill I simply removed the bearing/shaft support and removed material to center the hole saw to the material. After that it cut clean, fast, and perfect