Eastwood Rockwood Pneumatic Paint Shaker

Air powered paint shaker mixes standard pint to gallon cans perfectly in minutes.

Eastwood Rockwood Pneumatic Paint Shaker - EW15205

Air powered paint shaker mixes standard pint to gallon cans perfectly in minutes.

▶   Fits standard 1 pint to 1 gallon round paint cans
▶   Compact, lightweight design
▶   Heavy duty construction
▶   1110 cycles per minute
▶   Requires 70psi @ 4.3cfm
▶   Durable powder coated finish

In just 2 minutes this Rockford pneumatic paint shaker will perfectly mix paints from a 1 pint can all the way up to a full gallon. Needs just 70psi and 4.3cfm to deliver professional quality paint mixing at 1110 cycles per minute. Lightweight and compact, it can be set up and ready to shake paint in almost no time at all.

Eastwood Rockwood Pneumatic Paint Shaker

With a lightweight, compact design, but featuring heavy duty construction, this pneumatic paint shaker will give you years of service. Durable powder coated finish with a grease fitting for easy serviceability. Handles all standard round paint cans from 1 pint to 1 gallon.

Eastwood Rockwood Pneumatic Paint Shaker

* Air Inlet Thread Size: 1/4" FNPT

* Speed: Max. 700 Cycles per Minute with 1 Gallon (16lbs. max.)

* Maximum Pressure: 95 PSI [6.5 bar] / Air Consumption: 4.3 CFM [122 cmm]

msds Eastwood Rockwood Pneumatic Paint Shaker Instructions

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.


Read instruction manual before using this product. Shaker MUST be mounted to rigid immobile surface. Improper use and/or mounting could result in personal or property damage.

Rockwood Pneumatic Paint Shaker - Mix Paint Perfectly in Minutes

  • Rockwood Pneumatic Paint Shaker
    I purchased mine about 6 months ago, I actually had to convince myself I needed it. After about 6 months of back and fourth I finally decide to purchase it. I am glad to say I couldn't be happier, a little assembly to do nut so little a 5 year old could do it. I mainly use mine to shake rattle cans which I was told I couldn't do that but I do and it works great paint covers more evenly and spray poly goes on beautifully. Anyway use it almost daily couldn't be happier with performance & quality. If you don't have one in your shop get one you'll be glad you did. Tim S. Illinois
  • Time Saver
    I purchased this thinking I would use it now and then, but after using it once I was hooked. I use it for shaking primer, paint ,bondo and even spray paint. I read a review were they said the can would not stay in the shaker. the only time I seen this happen is if you go above the recommended air pressure. I also installed an inline air drier on mine and later plan on adding a regulator. Only regret is that i didn't buy on sooner.
  • Does the job
    I had a gallon of Rust Encapsulator sitting in the cabinet for a couple of years . After 5 minutes in the shaker it poured out nice and smooth. Instead of mounting it to the bench , I mounted it to a piece of 3/8" plate with a small piece of angle iron welded to the bottom and stuck it in the vice . Works awesome
  • Wanted to Try
    I took a chance on this to see if it would be worth the purchase. Results are in and it was worth it. Very easy to set up and use.
  • Great results at Great price!
    In the process of assembling the shaker and mounting it I read where you should first hand stir thick material. This was a huge disappointment! I took a can of Slik Sand (spray-able bondo) that usually starts up arthritis pain in my hands when I stir it. This was the whole reason for buying the shaker. The can had sat for over 6 months. I let it run for 5 minutes at 90 psi. It worked great!
  • Good Quality
    This shaker has dramatically reduced our paint mixing time.
  • Great addition to my shop
    I finally purchased a paint can shaker for my Furniture Medic shop. This has been a good investment and over due. I mounted it to a steel workbench and connected the air hose and proceeded to mix all the gallon cans I had in stock. Remember to add pneumatic oil as you use it. It works fine, it is easy to use and will help the products that I have on the shelf stay mixed and ready to use.
  • Outstanding Machine
    This Rockwood Paint Shaker works extremely well. It is light weight and well built. A word of caution: Be sure it is securely bolted to a well built bench or solid surface. It is designed to shake like heck, and it really does. Remember, you want it shake the paint, not the bench. The shut-off valve allows you to adjust the amount “shake” so you can fine tune it
  • Mmmmm, pancakes!
    This shaker works great. Mixes paint to perfection. Good for pancake batter, too. Make sure you have a very sturdy mounting . This thing really rocks and rolls! Oh, and don't put your man bits in it.
  • Excellent
    Works great! Bolt it down good cuz it will shake right off the table! :). Very satisfied.
  • Excellent
    Works great! Bolt it down good cuz it will shake right off the table! :). Very satisfied