Eastwood Thermo Coustic Tape

This high quality thermal insulation tape from Eastwood are available for sale now. The vapor barrier tape is one of the best foil tapes you can find on the market.

Eastwood Thermo Coustic Tape - EW52144

This pressure-sensitive industrial aluminium foil tape is easily trimmed with household scissors.

Insul-Tape readily conforms to irregular surfaces, sealing seams, edges, and joints, while providing a superior vapour barrier. 50mm x 9 metre or 2" x30'rolls.

This Thermo coustic tape is used in conjunction with the Thermo Coustic sound proofing sheets. It will seal the edges or joints.

  • Great stuff
    This tape went on with no hassle. It stayed where we put it even when we moved around on it, after it was applied. It went alot farther than I expected. It was well worth the money.
  • tape should be included in the add ons
    .the insulation & shipping was great but why did you not have the tape included as a add on. So both could have been included in the same shipment? That would have made a very happy customer.