Eastwood Perfect Panel Prep Tool®

Extremely durable, chip-resistant finish; coat and cure in under an hour.

Eastwood Perfect Panel Prep Tool® - EW21130

The Eastwood PERFECT PANEL PREP TOOL® is an exclusive, patent pending, design provides a perfectly beveled 45° weld-prepped edge in 20 or 18 Gauge sheet metal to achieve solid, full-penetration MIG or TIG butt welds.

▶   Each strike forms a perfect 0.062" x 45° beveled flange
▶   Works great in 22 to 18 gauge
▶   Proper weld-prepped edges allow strong, flush, crack-free welds in sheet metal

This hand tool was developed for the novice and professional MIG and TIG welder. Eastwood new Perfect Panel Prep Tool® quickly and easily creates the exact 0.062 inch length x 45 degree offset needed for full penetration welding in 22 to 18 gauge materials assuring a structurally sound and invisible welds even for beginners. You are assured of full material thickness after the repair and elimination of the cracking and paint related issues. Butt welds will now need less grinding and paint prep while also gaining strength.

A must for the beginning welder and professional like. Minimizes blow through and warpage when joining panels. Great for patch panels of full quarter panel replacement. Simply cut patch or full panel. Overlay panel over repair area, scribe and cut panel on vehicle and use the Pneumatic Weld-Prep tool to create the "perfect weld edge". The formed edge of both panels is now created that will accept the full penetration MIG or TIG bead with almost no post grinding or leveling. Minimizing warpage and crack potential. Patent Pending.


Always wear appropriate eye and ear protection. Keep fingers away from moving parts.

msds Eastwood Perfect Panel Prep Tool Instruction Sheet

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You Need This Tool - Episode 48 | Perfect Panel Prep Tool by Eastwood

    I've been using a flange tool for years now, for smaller, tighter detailed jobs this Prep Tool is perfect! The bead will be just sub-surface, so minimal grinding/distortion. I've done jobs with flat sheet and now curved and the panels actually stiffen up a bit, which is great (no "oil canning") to preserve body shape.
  • Works well, helps produce a stronger weld joint
    I've seamed about 3-4 feet of sheet metal with this tool so far and once the initial adjustments are made (read the instructions!) its been super easy. I even found the sweet spot in the set up of the tool to make the prep work almost effortless in 18-20ga body panels and numerous patches. If you're having to fight it or feel like you need popeye arms, your settings need a tweak. Makes clean bends and the resulting welds are stronger than I expected and seem much stronger than butt welds I've laid in the past. If you're good with your welder, you'll have minimal mud work to do on the panel once you've laid the bead and ground it down.
    The tool feels well built for being a stamped steel vise grip clone. It doesn't feel cheap or have imprecise cheap movement in the mechanism. The locking mechanism holds well and the jaws have a quality precision about them that makes the bends clean and crisp. I was actually surprised it sold for the price Eastwood sells them for. I would have guessed it to list for 50-100% more than what I knew I paid.
  • Meets Expectations
    Works as advertised and does the job you need it to do. A little on the pricey side but worth it when you need to keep from grinding away metal with the weld.