Eastwood Plugweld Pliers

Extremely durable, chip-resistant finish; coat and cure in under an hour.

Eastwood Plugweld Pliers - EW19134

Plugweld Pliers makes it easier to use your MIG welder for plugging small holes in metal Plugweld Pliers clamps and supports the weld area, compressing the panels for tight plug welding.

▶   Copper pad eliminates problem of burn-thru
▶   Weld won't stick to copper pad
▶   "U"-shaped jaw put pressure all around the spot to be welded
▶   Locks in place like a locking pliers

Plug welds are often easier to produce and stronger than spot welds, so many body panels can be attached this way. The copper-alloy swivel back pad eliminates the problem of burn-thru because it absorbs excess heat; also, the weld will not stick to the copper pad. "U"-shaped movable jaw provides even clamping pressure around the spot to be welded. Imported.


Always wear approved eye protection and gloves when working with metal.

Plug Weld Pliers from Eastwood

Eastwood Plugweld Pliers makes it easier to use your MIG welder for plugging small holes in metal. Check out the video to see the Plug Weld Pliers in action.

  • Outstanding
    I tried the Plugweld Pliers when I received them but after I modified them with an additional piece of copper wrapped around the copper pad in order to protect it and extend its life. The tool makes a quick work of welding a standing flange of sheetmetal when a small hole is added to the top piece to weld through. A great product!
  • Plugweld pliers
    Great for plugging small holes in sheet metal. Allowed me to fill in small holes in sheet metal without burning a bigger hole. I had to learn its capabilities. At first I would get weld on the metal fork of the tool. You have to weld a small area, grind that weld, relocate tool to complete filling in the hole. I suggest a second version with a longer reach and a little wider fork. Worked great for my application.
  • plugweld pliers
    The plug weld pliers works great I wish I would have had it 2 years ago. I have bought a lot of tools from Eastwood and I think they are a great company. They have videos I watch all the time and their products are great. Your never to old to learn and Eastwood is a great place to buy the latest in tools and learn the latest technics. Tool Fanatic -- Bryce
  • NIce product, great buy!
    I'm doing a resto on a 67 F-100. With all of the spot welds that I have (I removed the cowl and cab corners) these have come in handy for installing the new metail!
  • Very nice tool will order again
    I brought this a few weeks ago and glad I did. The first time I use the item I was impress.
  • Very useful
    Useful beyond imagination. Just buy them. You may want to go ahead and get about four.
  • Must have tool
    Must have tool for the restoration guy. Work well for plug welds on seams.