Eastwood Tinning Butter 1 lb Jar

Tinning butter prepares the bare metal surface so that body solder has a good base to adhere to.

Eastwood Tinning Butter 1 lb Jar - EW31043

Use Eastwood Tinning Butter for tinning sheet metal prior to applying body solder Tinning butter prepares the bare metal surface so that body solder has a good base to adhere to.

▶   Easy to apply right from the jar
▶   Just brush on and heat the metal
▶   No mixing required
▶   1-lb. jar

This tinning butter flux is made of premium 50% tin powder that bonds to the metal when heated with an ordinary propane torch. Leaves a good base for additional body solder. 1-lb. jar.


Always use hand and eye protection. Work in a well-ventilated area. Never use power tools to shape lead. Always wash your hands and forearms as soon as you finish. Don't eat, drink or smoke after handling lead until after you've washed your hands, even if you wore gloves.


msds Eastwood Tinning Butter Material Data Safety Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

  • Required for Your Leading Work!
    As with any toxic substance, a full respirator and non-permeable gloves are a MUST when working with this product.
    Must start with a CLEAN substrate before applying. Apply to a copper (NOT STEEL) sponge. Heat the surface evenly a good 3-4 inches in each direction BEYOND where lead is required to bond.
    Gives visual cues during heating when it is entering the bonding temperature range. Once the hue changes, spread evenly with the copper sponge. Once spread, VERY easy to tell where you put it and where you didn't.
    Make sure to clean after cooling with a baking soda & water mixture to neutralize the acidic flux before leading.
  • Makes tinning easy
    This lead bearing tinning butter works great. It must be applied to a very clean surface. Very very clean. Any contamination will cause blackened areas which need to be re-cleaned and tinned. I recommend using scotch-brite and naptha to scrub the area to be tinned until the heat effected area is shiny and not showing any black carbon contamination in the weld areas. The scotch-brite pads will also scrub out any flash rust. No tinning is going to be successful if there is any contamination of the metal. After scrubbing with scotch-brite and naptha, I take a clean rag and wipe the area down with naptha again. Fold the rag over to get a clean surface and repeat 4-6 times until the rag is not picking up anything. Brush on the tinning butter and hit it with a medium flame. Once it starts to turn orange and you can see the lead melting in it, swipe it with a rag. It should leave a silver surface. It should look completely coated, no black areas or burned spots. Cleaning is very important! This is a great product.
    it's been a while since i have done any leading, ordered this tinning butter to give it a try. this is the greatest stuff ever. sure beats the old method of body soldering. GREAT PRODUCT !
  • A necessary item when body soldering
    This is a good product and easy to use. I wish I could have bought a smaller jar but being a DIYer, I have a lifetime supply.
  • Works Great. Reminds me of Old Times
    I simply used a clean paper towel to wipe it on. I should purchase a copper mesh pad for this stuff, but then that needs to be cleaned constantly. Heated the area a second time and wiped with another clean paper towel. Then started laying on solder.
  • tinbutter
    I'm new to the club...I work as an automotive mechanic for 21 years,but I have no previous experience with tinbutter.I got a piece of metal and now I'm practicing.It doesn't look "impossible" but it's not an easy thing to do.
  • A must have item when doing lead work
    I run a professional Jeep restoration shop, www.classicjeeprestortions.com, we use Eastwood Tinning Butter in all of our leadwork on earlier Jeeps
  • works better then expected
    After years of working in electronics soldering components, this was easy since the same principle applies, just on a bigger scale.
  • Very good product
    The best item to tin with when doing the old school body soldering...thanks for having it