Eastwood High-Temp Blue Masking Tape

High-performance silicone tape for fine parting lines.

Eastwood High-Temp Blue Masking Tape - 1/2in x 72 yd - EW21669

Blue polyester tape is ideal for general powder coating applications; it is the industry standard for conformable polyesters.Removes cleanly from surfaces without leaving a residue, and is well-suited for applications such as taping off large surfaces, general purpose die cutting, PC board masking, and sharp edge masking.

▶   Maximum Temperature: 500 degreesF
▶   Total Thickness: 3.0 mils (1/2in x 72 yd)
▶   Extremely Conformable

  • Worked Great
    I bought 2 roles of different sizes. I have had a ton of part powedercoated. Motorcycle engine parts, covers, frame and suspension parts. The tape worked great. Just as good as the tape the powdercoater uses. I mask my own stuff after I media blast it so I ensure the powder coat does not get where I want. Many of the parts I have had coated were very detailed. The main thing with this tape is to burnish it down with your finger nail to have sure it is on the surface well. It cuts nice with a razor blade as well.
  • Worked as expected
    I bought the 6-roll pack, and used the various sizes to block areas I didn't want powder on and to cover previously powdered areas for a two-tone effect. The tape worked well creating crisp lines. It was easy to remove if you did so after one curing cycle. If used through two or more cycles, it becomes brittle and is more difficult to remove. This did not detract from the overall usefulness of the tape, but was an minor inconvenience.
  • A killer combo when added with the High-temp plugs
    I honestly had my doubts about how well this tape would hold up and mask off areas from the powder coat. But i was proven wrong. This tape did exactly what it says. It's easy to apply, it withstands the heat without coming off, and after the curing process it's easily removed with NO leftover adhesive on the unit. AMAZING combo with the High-temp plugs!!
  • Great stuff!!
    I use Eastwood tape exclusively on all my parts that require masking. It has always worked well with no slippage or peeling. And the free shipping is like icing on the cake.
  • DAN
    Very Cool Product
    This doesn't look like masking tape but it sure works like it is supposed to. A true 5 star product.. Easy to apply and stays where you put it.
  • worth every dime
    worth every dime as it does exactly what it is supposed to do and does it well. Works good and seals really well with sharp line when removed.
  • If you're powder coating do yourself a favor!
    I used it once and I am sold! It seems like a lot of money for tape but if you take what you do seriously it's money well spent!
  • Great for powder coating
    Masks well and comes off clean without leaving any residue
  • great tape
    liked tape nice to use fast shipping great overall service
  • Great Item!!! Great Price!!! Great Service!!!
    Great Item!!! Great Price!!! Great Service!!!.
  • works great
    .item works as decribed.just mask areas you want without powder and throw it in the oven!! works great!
  • Not stable once heated...
    .I bought this as a cheep alternative to the fiberglass tape. It works good for masking cold but as I found out while doing a two tone job, it shrivels up once preheated (even with the dual voltage gun, multiple coats sometimes need preheated).
    In my opinion, only good for initial masking while cold, I wouldn't expect it to "hold a line" once heated. (5 stars for cold use & 0 stars for hot use).
  • Worked well under the circumstances
    .I used the tape to "mask off" a knife blade that I was soldering a hilt onto. Unfortunately, I got the blade a good bit hotter than the recommended 500 degrees for the tape. The tape disintegrated about an inch up from the hilt but the rest of the blade (5") was not scorched as it would have been w/o the tape.
  • Like the 500 deg.rating!
    My favorite high temp making tape, but we need a 3" wide roll. 2" wide tape won't mask an intake to head gasket surface in one pass! It will still shrink off from concave surfaces..
  • Great tape
    .This tape was much easier to work with than the fiberglass tape I have used in the past. Did a great masking job.
  • Works Great
    Tape works great in the oven. No messy goo clean up.