Eastwood Contour SCT - Surface Conditioning Tool

Quickly remove paint & rust or surface condition metal.

Eastwood Contour SCT - Surface Conditioning Tool - EW21145

Extension Cable & a 2000 watt 110 - 240V transformer INCLUDED

The Eastwood Contour SCT™ is a ruggedly built tool designed for many years of service.

▶   Fully adjustable RPM range from 1000-3700
▶   Powerful 9 Amp double insulated motor
▶   6 Speed position rotary knob
▶   Includes one 4 inch wide by 4 inch diameter non-woven nylon drum

The Eastwood Contour SCT™ is a ruggedly built tool designed for many years of service. Ready for any paint or rust stripping project, it features a drum guard enclosure and a rigidly mounted "D" handle for maximum safety. A high-torque, ball bearing supported motor and hardened spur gears provide smooth operation and long life. Speed is easily controlled with a 6 position rotary knob and ON/OFF trigger control.


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Abrasive Drum Interleaf Stripping Drum 80 Grit Interleaf Stripping Drum 120 Grit Interleaf Stripping Drum 240 Grit Scale Stripping Drum Finishing Drum Finishing Drum 320 Grit Buffing Drum Expanding Drum Expanding Drum


Input Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz (transformer supplied)
Input Amperage: 9A
Drum Diameter: 4"
Plug type: 2-prong, polarized
Cord length: 7'- 6"
Certification: ETL
Speed Control: 6-position
RPM Range: 1000-3700


Always wear all proper personal protecion equipment when using this type of tool. Never attempt to replace a SCT Drum with unit plugged in. Make sure to fully read and understand the instruction manual for this tool before use.

msds Eastwood Contour SCT - Surface Conditioning Tool Instructions

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

The BEST Way To Strip Rust, Paint & Body Filler! Amazing New Tool from Eastwood.

The Contour SCT is the amazing new tool from Eastwood that all the Professionals and DIY guys are talking about! Not only does it easily strip paint, body filler and rust, it also preps the metal for primer, giving it the tooth you need for perfect primer adhesion.

Contour SCT vs 1950 Chevy Truck - Paint, Rust & Body Filler Removal in 4 Hours!

One of our product managers picked up a 1950 Chevy Pickup that he plans on restoring to its original state. We wanted to see how long it would take the Contour SCT to strip down this truck to bare metal. After starting to strip the truck we found up to 4 layers of paint, layers of body filler and even rust in some spots. The SCT ripped through the paint, filler and rust without issue.

Achieve A Brushed Finish to Newly Formed Metal Using The Contour SCT™ from Eastwood

Mike Phillips uses the Contour SCT to remove file marks and other blemishes from his newly formed fenders so they are ready for paint!

  • Guts and power
    I first posted a question asking if this would remove mill scale from hot rolled steel. The response was yes. Well let me say that was an understatement. This thing is a beast. I purchased several drums but got the large abrasive drum for the mill scale. Not only does the SCT make it easy and quick to remove the scale, it does it without removing any metal. In the past I have used an angle grinder with different wheels and disk for this. It does eventually remove the scale, but it takes time and always ends up leaving some level of evidence of grinding behind. worst of all no matter how careful I am, I end up grind metal away on the edges or corners. Not with this bad boy. I first used it to clean some .125 x 1" A36 steel. It took almost no pressure and only a few passes, and that was due to a slight ridge on the sides of the steel.
  • Still going strong..!
    Purchased a black drum and it did the job quick. Increased my speed setting to 3 and it was perfect. The sheet metal was heating up more with the increased speed and more aggressive drum but not enough to cause damage. Remember to keep moving the tool, wear eye protection, dust mask and ear protection cause my ears are ringing.... It ran for two hours without a problem.
  • Great machine!
    I bought this, with an abrasive black drum as soon as it came out. It's worked amazingly well. My car was mostly surface rust and this thing stripped it right down. The only down side is the high cost of the sanding drums.
  • Perfect tool for my project...!
    First use today and it's an amazing tool. Ran it for about 2hrs on #2 speed setting and the sheet metal stayed cool, so no warping while removing the vinyl top glue, primer and rust. So far so good. Thumbs up to Eastwood !
  • SCT is great
    I got it a couple weeks ago when I was thinking... how hard would it be to strip down and prep the car for paint myself... that was quick. :-)
    I used the 80 and 120 grit so far - next is going to be a bit of finishing to prep for primer.
  • Excellent Tool.
    Got this for Christmas from my wife. She's awesome. Used it on my hot rod taking off old paint and surface rust. Does an excellent job without damaging the metal. The tool came with the red drum and as stated before it goes quick. I love the variable speed to control heat transfer. Its a heavy tool but works well with handle provided. Eye protection and a good dust mask is a must as this produces a ton of airborne material both from the car and the drum. This is a great product for car builders.
  • Wowww
    I purchased the Contour SCT several weeks ago. I didn't open it up till today. I'm not a body and fender guy, just a guy that wants to restore my old muscle car. I've purchased numerous items from Eastwood, but by far, this is probably one of the best items I've purchased through Eastwood. I needed to strip down my lower rear quarter panel to see the patch work that the previous owner had done. I used the Aircraft Paint Remover on the other side, a year ago and that took hours. I decided to use the SCT and all I could say was "Woww". It stripped the paint and exposed the TONS of body filler that was on there. I initially used the drum that came with the SCT and I was very skeptical on how it was going. But once I put that abrasive drum on there, it was all over. I just wanted to do a small spot, but it became fun, so I kept going. By the time, I told myself that the small spot was already done, I did the entire lower quarter panel, in a matter of minutes. I'm still learning about how to do this stuff and with this tool it was very easy. For a "Bonehead" like me, I need easy tools, just like this one.
  • Great tool
    This is a great way to clean metal and give it a nice brushed appearance. I highly recommend the SCT with the red roller, although you will want to purchase several extra rollers because they go fast. This provides a look that you can't achieve with an angle grinder and when using the red roller it cleans metal quickly. This is definitely money well spent.
  • Best tool ever
    This thing is awesome. Easy to use and fast to remove surface rust. I ordered the other drums too. Cant wait to use those next.
  • This thing is a BEAST!!
    Bought this Eastwood Contour SCT to strip a few cars of paint and filler. I tested it on "old paint" and it did go a little slower, however its says that in the VIDEO. Loved the speed. I am Not trying to "Burn" off the paint like a grinder might, or take off any metal, so this Contour is a CHOICE product. I have a dustless blaster, but I find the clean up with this Much better than crushed glass that went everywhere, wet or not. Using the right Drum for the job, and not Pushing this tool ON the car, is key to a great finish. The better the Finish, the LESS work and filler you need later.. Quality built and does Exactly what it is supposed to WITH the correct Drum on it. Best new power tool of the Century !
  • You won't believe what ELSE I use it for
    Okay... I bought this with my alternative purpose in mind to get clearance from my wife.. I bought it to use on woodworking projects and cleaning my stainless grill. Now.. I sold my wife with the promise to clean up the bathroom showers. Let me say that you haven't seen showers SOOO clean... It also has worked great right out of the box for my woodworking projects. I use a lot of reclaimed lumber and want to keep the patina. It is my "go to" tool for many reasons. High quality build. even on 1 it has the power that I need. I debated between this and the Porter Cable version for a long time and settled on the "buy once, cry once" adage and I'm glad I did. I know this is for auto work but (and I will use it for that) there are multiple uses for it...including making your wife happy.
  • Great tool!
    Perfect tool for stripping paint and rust from my 63 ford falcon!
  • Great for stainless
    Took mill stock stainless steel and produced a great finish with the 80 grit and light polish with the 120 flap drums for table legs. Flexible and well exposed drums really made getting into tight spaces a huge benefit at about 1/3 the cost of similar tools. Now I get the benifit of having it for truck body restoration
  • Incredible results!
    So far i have used the sct tool to stip the firewall on my c10 and definitely sped up the process and made life easier. Also i used it to stip paint off an old pantry door that needed restoration i was able to do so quickly and without damaging the bare wood finish! Also saving precious time and money
  • Great tool

  • Well made, feels solid, works great. Cant beat that. Ive been restoring older sports cars in my spare time for decades, and now that Ive retired I have more spare time. So good reason to upgrade my tools. This surface conditioning tool is a real upgrade on other, rotary machines. Easy to control. Very effective.
  • Well built piece of equipment.
    I purchased this tool a couple of weeks ago and I am not disappointed. It is well built and very robust! The motor gives plenty of power! I got it for striping paint and light surface rust off of body panels. Since I have received it I have learned that it will do a good job putting a brushed finish on stainless steel.
  • Works Great
    I bought it with the black abrasive drum. I am rebuilding a livestock trailer and it removes the paint and primer down to the metal. It removes more paint when you pull it towards you. It is easy to handle without the high torque on start up.
  • Easy to use
    I both this tool a month ago to redo my 1963 Corvair Greenbrier. Its so much easier to get off the old paint and bondo then sandblasting. Im having so much fun
  • NSG for brushing metal
    I bought this tool specifically for brushing aluminum panels (.040) - or more specifically re-brushing. It works pretty well (4 stars) for small panels but on my larger panels (12-15 sq') I can't make the passes even enough not to "stripe". I built a long fence for the tool and so I am able to get the brushing straight but maintaining exactly the same pressure by hand to eliminate this striping is very difficult. Other than that the tool certainly has performed as advertised. But since one of the customer demos shows someone brushing a panel I wanted to caution that wide panels are quite difficult.
  • Great for older vehicles with thick metal
    Great machine, bought this for other projects, but decides to repaint the top of my 2000 chevy Silverado. Thought this would be a good test as the paint was just getting thin, and little next to any rust. It did a great job around the edges, but thte top of the cab is way to thin and unsupported to use this tool on. the metal would buckle down under the weight and I ended up stripping with chemical, and finishing with a 6"DA. so great tool, but not for modern vehicles.
  • Great tool but bad positioning of the handle
    The handle is offset to the left of the entire body of the tool so you must keep your hand all the way to the right of the handle or else your drums wear unevenly then you end up with no drum left on the left side and the full drum on the right side. The tool does a beautiful job otherwise