Eastwood Radiator Black Satin Finish Paint 340grams Aerosol

The right viscosity to spray-paint your radiator without damage.

Eastwood Radiator Black Satin Finish Paint 340grams Aerosol - EW10340Z

Normal engine paints are too thick for radiator use which will interfere with heat transfer and block air flow over the cooling fins. Also, standard paint tends to flake off metal radiator tanks. Radiator Black is specially formulated to solve these problems and is heat resistant to 300℉.
▶   Factory Look Finish
▶   Heat Dissipating Formula
▶   Quick Drying
▶   Heat Resistant To 300℉

Durable Enamel formulation resists temperatures up to 300℉, under hood chemicals and chips. One can covers 6 square feet (most radiators require 2 cans). Net wt. 12 oz.

Standard engine paints are too thick for use on a radiator because they can interfere with heat transfer, and block air flow between the cooling fins. But Radiator Black Gloss is specifically formulated for your radiator, heater core and air conditioning condenser.


Radiator Black is heat resistant to 300℉. This high gloss, low build finish is ideal for radiators. Heavier coatings restrict efficiency. To straighten fins, use our Radiator Plier & Fin Rake Kit (43078). Then wash and spray with PRE Painting Prep aerosol (10041 Z) to remove residual grease and oil. Most radiators require 2 cans. enamel based. Use a light coat of our Self Etching Primer (16014 Z) for greater durability. Use these products in a well ventilated area, or wear a respirator like our Pro Respirator (34029).


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Consult MSDS for specific safety precautions. Always use in a well ventilated area.

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The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Radiator Black Paint from Eastwood

Eastwood Radiator Black Paint is available in Gloss or Satin finish to really improve the look of your car, under the hood. Unlike most paints, Radiator Black provides great coverage with minimal build-up, so it won't restrict airflow or hurt performance. Plus it resists temperatures up to 300℉. Check out the video.

  • Easy to use even spray
    Got this for my honda element new front grill project removed plastic bumper and need every thing to be black behind it Used the paint prep then sprayed​ three coats on rad 30 min in between coats one can was enough looks great
  • Eastwood Radiator Black Satin Finish
    I bought this after reading all the positive reviews on different forums.I used this to touch up my worn condenser which took a beating from the elements. I followed the directions on the can and it worked perfectly. The key is good surface prep and multiple, light, even coats every 30 minutes until its covered. I used 5 light coats in all, but my condenser was already painted black before. I also didn't drive anywhere for 24 hours so that it could cure. Covered even and there was no effect in A/C performance. I highly recommend this product to everyone. I used the satin finish and it looks great
  • A good value for the price
    Replaced engine recently cleaned and pressure tested radiator as a precaution. Applied product with amazing results, one can was more than enough product for my application.
  • Radiator Black Gloss
    Great paint goes on smooth great spray pattern radiator looks new now doesn't effect cooling great for show autos
  • Nice Job
    Sprayed my new aluminum radiator with this. Went on nice with good coverage. Color is just right.
  • rad
    One can did it all, 2 coats, still some left in can. Looks original, THANKS
  • Very good
    Sprayed just fine, look great!! I would recommend this!
  • It painted my radiator. Black
    I was worried at first that one can wouldn't do the job, however I put 3 light coats of this paint on my radiator, and I still have a tiny amount left over. I sprayed it on after I cleaned my aluminum radiator with the Paint-Prep Eastwood can, and it really looks nice! I'm not sure why some of the other reviewers claimed the can clogged. Maybe they failed to flip the can upside-down to clear out any remaining paint in the nozzle, after each use?
  • Rough matte finish
    Bought two cans for my Cold Case F-body radiator, it took two cans to get proper coverage using light coats. Prepped the surface by using scotch brite and Eastwood's Pre Painting Prep. Great adhesion with no issues. Not quite satin in my book, more of a matte finish. Actually kind of looks like I rubbed charcoal all over it. It's really black! Finish felt pretty coarse and not very smooth at all. I'm not going to be staring at my radiator or touching it so it's not that big of a deal. I am happy with the results but may consider using a gloss next time.
  • Satin Black Finish
    I painted a new aluminum 55-57 Chevy ECP radiator with one can. I painted three coats with 10 minutes in between on a 70 day. I painted around the edges of the core first and then painted the tanks last to avoid overspray. I had the radiator hanging on a cable that spun so I could good coverage. I have a few spots on the fins that not as dark but that is due to me missing the angles. When painting the fins first you should do it from each angle and side. If not, you will not get the paint inside the fins properly. This is an application issue and not the paint. I am going to have a condenser in front and a shroud in back so I really took my time on the ends. The radiator tank ends look perfect. I did not need to do another application so I did not have any issues.
  • great product for specific application
    This paint is the best I have used for refinishing radiators during restorations and project vehicles. The thin consistency doesn't clog up the fins, yet it covers well and the sheen mimics original radiator color and texture very well. A must have for the detail oriented person.
  • Worked Fine
    I actually used this to paint the internals of a dehumidifier that I use in a wood drying kiln. The tannic acid released by oak wreaks havoc on untreated metal. So far I have seen no corrosion on any of the internals after painting.
  • Radiator is now black
    I purchased some of this 'Radiator Black' about two weeks ago for a new aluminum radiator and Eastwood has asked me to write a review. I can truthfully say it hasn't come off yet.
  • Looks Good
    The satin finish looked great. Exactly what I was looking for. The can however dripped and leaked all over my hands.
  • Good product, flat finish
    Great coverage and easy to use, but the finish is more flat than satin. I wish I had ordered the glossy.
  • RUNS
  • Coverage.
    Good coverage, no runs, nice finish. Made my new radiator look like it is a stock one.