Eastwood Bead Roller Metal Fabrication Forming Dies

Increase the capabilities of your bead roller with more forming dies.

Eastwood Bead Roller Metal Fabrication Forming Dies - EW20267

Increase the capabilities of your bead roller with more forming dies.

▶   Fits most bead rollers with 7/8 in or 22mm shafts
▶   Includes 9 steel dies and 1 polyurethane lower wheel
▶   Hem edges, create offsets and flanges, form style lines, contours and channels
▶   Dies are machined out of CR12 steel with a 35 HRC hardness

This kit includes an additional 10 dies to use with any bead roller with a 7/8 inch (22mm) shaft. With these additional dies on your bead roller you can create hemmed edges, offset flanges, contours, deep channels, and style lines. This kit also includes a polyurethane lower "skate board" wheel, which can be used with a variety of upper dies. The dies includes in this kit are inside and outside offset dies, 3/8 and 1/2 inch tipping dies, round and knife edge tipping dies, 180 degree lower die, lower edge forming die and a lower forming die. All are made of CR12 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 35 HRC.

Fits the Eastwood Bead Roller Kit - with Mandrels and most bead rollers with 7/8 in or 22mm shafts.

Eastwood Bead Roller Forming Dies
Custom pick-up truck bed created by Eastwood customer "Joey M" using the 20267 Eastwood Bead Roller Forming Dies


▶   (1) Polyurethane Lower Wheel (A)
▶   (1) 180 Degree Lower Die (B)
▶   (1) Inside Offset Die (C)
▶   (1) Outside Offset Die (D)
▶   (1) Knife Edge Tipping Die (E)
▶   (1) Lower Edge Forming Die (F)
▶   (1) 3/8 in Tipping Die (G)
▶   (1) 1/2 in Tipping Die (H)
▶   (1) Round Tipping Die (I)
▶   (1) Lower Forming Die (J)

Eastwood Bead Roller Forming Dies


Always wear appropriate eye and hand protection when working with metal. Keep fingers away from moving parts.


The following images illustrate only some of the many contour configurations that can be created in metal by combining the dies in this kit. The resilient composition of the "A" Polyurethane Die offers mar-free backup for any Eastwood Die and allows for the creation of virtually any metal shape imaginable.

TIP: Experiment with material that is close in thickness to the gauge of metal you wish to use. This will enable you to determine the metal contour that will result from your experimental combination.

Eastwood Bead Roller Forming Dies
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Bead Roller Forming Dies - Increase the Abilities of Your Bead Roller

In this video the Eastwood R&D demonstrate the uses of their bead roller forming dies.

How To Use a Bead Roller with Offset Tipping Dies

It's easy to make your own floor pans, wheel tubs, drip rails, motorcycle fenders, firewalls, dash components and more. The Forming Dies really expand the abilities of a bead roller. See how easy it is to use in this video.

  • Outstanding Quality
    I learned long ago that quality tools are a great investment that pays for itself almost instantly. I purchased the Eastwood bead roller combo set and had to have the other dies to get the most from my investment. I'm glad I did! The ones that came with the bead roller are good but these are great and I've used them extensively already. So far the performance has been flawless!
  • Great tool to have !
    I'm two weeks in on using the new dies and wishing I'd had these a year ago !
  • Great Set
    I was amazed by the quality of the finish and the different combinations you can used . The service and delivery to Canada was very good. Wider bead rolls would be a nice addition if they were available,I have an Eastwood bead roller that I have motorised
  • Finally
    These are great! They make your bead roller a real piece of equipment. Great quality and assortment. If you are wondering if you should buy them, do it, you won't be disappointed
  • real nice finish and quality product
    received the dies a few weeks ago anxious to try them out but first i must finish building my powered bead roller
  • Play Dies
    Excellent !!! All kinds of shapes can be done with these. Only thing about it was the wait in getting them delivered. Eastwood gave me the opportunity to cancel twice, but no way was I going to. They even look cool. There are other companies making sets that fit this unit. So no limits.
  • Great set for the price
    This set is perfect for someone working in their home shop or garage. I do a lot of sheet metal repair on muscle cars and art work and these are perfect. The only complaint is that the skateboard wheel is already cracking after 2 uses. The material I'd just to hard for its intended use. The skateboard wheel is also hard to get on and off and slides of the shaft once you start bead rolling. I use it on the lower shaft because it makes it easier when working alone. They need to also include a longer bolt to prevent it from sliding off the shaft. I made a 32 ford mailbox with the dies. Well worth it. I wish they made an adapter so they would fit the larger electric bead rollers. They would sell like crazy then I think.
  • Bead Roller Forming dies
    I own an auto body shop and use my bead roller alot on rust repairs & metal fabrication of panels. I purchased these bead roller dies more out of curiosity and was totally blown away ay how well they performed even on 18 ga. sheet metal. I even used it to repair an obsolete license plate bracket that was totally distorted. For the price you can't go wrong.
  • Nice Product
    Realy Nice Product , High Quality.Thanks you very much