Eastwood Flexible Strip Caulk Bk 2-lbs

Seal-out moisture, debris from irregular areas; non-hardening, paintable.

Eastwood Flexible Strip Caulk Bk 2-lbs - EW13524

Flexible Strip Caulk seals-out moisture and debris from irregular areas Non-hardening, paintable caulk strips match the original equipment look, so they're perfect for firewalls, taillight housings, trim, HVAC systems and anywhere gaps need to be sealed.

▶   2 pounds of 3/16" x 12"-long strips
▶   Stays flexible
▶   Good up to 150 degrees F
▶   Paintable
▶   Black

When you've got a narrow gap that needs to be securely sealed, whether in your garage or in your home, Eastwood's Flexible Strip Caulk is what you're looking for. Seals-out moisture and dirt from irregular openings and anywhere gaps need to be sealed.


Always wear appropriate eye protection.

  • Better than 3M strip caulk
    I've used the industry standard 3M strip caulk for decades. But in recent years when I ordered it, each time the product has been smashed into the package and hard to use. This wasn't a localized incident and it wasn't careless shipping. 3M just mashes it into the package. So, this time I changed gears and ordered the Eastwood version of strip caulk. Much, much better. It's properly boxed and works very well. After ordering this, I won't ever again use the 3M stuff that most places sell. Eastwood really sells a good product here. My highest recommendation.
  • Easy to work with
    All the new dodge truck owners out there. If your third brake light isn't leaking yet, it will be soon. I removed the old(new) gasket and replaced with 3 strips of caulk around the sealing surface. I replaced the light and then proceeded to give the truck a hosing off. No leaks, no wet headliner and no wet seat. The factory should use this stuff. Great product.
  • Great stuff!
    This caulk is just what I needed for my old 1949 Willys Jeep. The original stuff was pretty nasty after 65 years! The caulk is easy to work with and there was PLENTY in the package to do several cars. Great stuff!
  • No Substitute
    When you need caulk like this, nothing else will do. The black blends in with lots of stuff underhood (and behind windshield rubber). Strips are easy to separate in the package and easy to use!
  • Eastwood Flexible Strip Caulk Black 2-lbs
    This product works extremely well. It cost to use ratio is just what I expected from Eastwood Products. I have about half of the box left allowing me to use it on another truck
  • Lookin for DumDum in all the right places.
    Product was exactly what I wanted. Only observation was I wish it came in much smaller quantities. I used about 10% and will probably never need the rest.
  • Great Product !!
    The flexible strip was great for filling in the holes where cables and wires come through the firewall. It was easy to mold into shape
  • I always like Eastwood products!
    I needed this for my 97 Land Cruiser when I replaced the window regulator for the plastic cover between the door and panel. Worked great and I have lots left for other projects!
  • Worked great
    This was the right product for what I needed worked great. Easy to fit in small cracks to seal out moisture. Will order more very happy.
  • Eastwood flexible strip caulk
    Needed to seal exterior pieces on my 29 chevy coupe and this was the answer to my problem it worked well.......
  • very easy to work with
    great stuff. if i need more i will reorder with eastwood