Eastwood Stitch Weld Magnets

Super strong magnets hold patch panels in place, perfect for blind repairs.

Eastwood Stitch Weld Magnets - EW20421

Super strong magnets hold patch panels in place from the outside, perfect for blind repairs.

▶   8 pack of strong rare earth magnets
▶   1/2 inch (12.7mm) diameter disc
▶   Strong enough to hold patch panels
▶   Hold flush patches in perfect alignment
▶   Position panels with no gaps
▶   Perfect for blind repairs

If you have ever tried to weld a patch panel into a spot where you can’t access the back side, these rare earth magnets are a life saver. These nickel plated super strong magnets come 8 to a package, and each one measures just 1/2 inch (12.7mm) in diameter, but are strong enough to support several pounds. Place them every few inches at the edge of your panels and you can position the panel with no gap, or the perfect gap for whichever welding method you are using. Use a few of these magnets and never feel like you need 3 hands again.

Eastwood Stitch Weld Magnets

These 12.7mm diameter x 19mm length rare earth neodymium nickel plated magnets are design to offer superior panel alignment when welding patch panels. With N35 strength, high heat resistant of up to 200F, these magnets will keep both panels in perfect alignment when stitch welding. 8 pieces are included in this kit in which are used approximately 2 inches apart along your weld seem. The magnets will keep both panels level and aligned, while eliminating panel gaps, distortion and raised/recessed areas. For use when MIG, TIG or Gas welding to hold panels while tack welding material.


Magnets are nickle plated to eliminate corrosion. In use the nickle plate may chip and the magnets may need to be replaced after time.

Hold Panels Flush for Perfect Fitment - Stitch Weld Magnets From Eastwood

In this video we show how easy it is to fabricate patch panels using Stitch Weld Magnets from Eastwood. These super strong magnets make it easy to hold panels in place where clamps won't work.

  • They may be small, but they are mighty
    I haven't used them for their intended purpose yet, but I have used them to aid in placement and aligning of weld-in louvers on my car's hood, and two of them can hold an 18 x 7 piece of 20 gage steel without so much as a whimper. Couple of things to be wary of. They state in the directions that they are brittle and will chip if allowed to come together with any force. They aren't kidding. I wasn't careful and allowed two to get too close to each other and they snapped together with enough force to chip one. Also, keep them in the box when you are not using them. I left one out on the bench while I did some fine tuning with a grinder, and it collected every metal filing within a foot. I now have a magnetic Chia Pet covered in metal chips and they are a bugger to remove. If you follow the instructions, store them carefully and use as intended, they are a great product.
  • Many Many Uses
    I bought 2 sets of these a month ago they are the best magnets I have ever used, I run the fabrication department in a very large restoration shop and everybody wants to borrow them all the time! I have used them for so many different jobs, I'm going to buy a couple more sets just to have more on hand and the price is GREAT.
    I bought these magnets on a hunch i might need them and when i saw them i was thinking they are so small and then i found out how strong they are i would recommend them for sure.
  • Surprised
    I'm surprised how strong these are. Strong enough to pinch your fat fingers if you get between them. Nice that Eastwood includes enough of them to be useful. Good price. Good product
  • Don't let them touch!!!!!
    I've used other magnets. I never will again. I will buy more of thes magnets. But don't let them close to each other. They snap together and are tricky to get apart. So I've stuck them all over the face of my toolbox. When I need one I get one. Great product for any restoration project
  • Small size, Big power
    These may be small in size, but they are super, super strong in magnetic power. I recently used just one to hold a 2 square inch patch in the hinge support area of a truck hood. There was no room for a clamp so this magnet was perfect. Highly recommend for small panel welds.
  • Excellent holding power
    I haven't used these yet for the intended purpose (holding panels to mig weld), but needed some magnet power for a couple of other purposes. Do they hold? You bet they do! In fact, I had to wrestle a bit to get them where I wanted them to be.
  • super strong
    Just got them so I haven't used them much yet. they are super strong. very surprised at the holding strength. Be careful not to let them bang around against each other because the chrome plating will chip off. I found out the hard way.
  • stitch weld magnets
    every little thing helps in tight spots there just great ,they hold things when everything else fails, something everybody should have when welding
  • very strong for their small size.
    I have used them to hold brackets in position for tack welding...very handy
  • stitch weld magnets
    handiest little things for panel welding and super strong.
  • super powerful
    they are awesome holding panels, i use them all the time
  • These are very strong magnets.
    with good suport these magnets are perfect for welding.
  • Very strong
    Super strong and compact the price is very affordable.
  • Awesome holding power
    Read about using these to hold patch panels in place to start welding. I have issues with arthritis and have a hard time holding things in place to weld. These magnets are a tremendous help. Now if I could just grip them tight enough to get them apart..lol
  • Helping Hands
    I purchased these magnets to assist me to align my auto body panels for welding. They are great when fitting the panels and keeping everything flush and straight.
  • They do what they are suppose to do
    Not much to really say about these other then they do their job. Very strong magnets.