Eastwood Silver Cad Aerosol 340gm

Silver Cad Aerosol system is perfect for alternator pulleys, coil clamps, carburetor and transmission linkage rods and much more. Aerosol System is specially formulated to recreate actual look silver plating.

Eastwood Silver Cad Aerosol 340gm - EW10022Z

Spray-on the realistic look of silver cadmium plating

▶   Restore underhood and under-car components
▶   Acrylic lacquer
▶   Withstands up to 250℉
▶   Can covers about 6 sq. ft.

It's not plain old silver paint...Silver Cad Aerosol faithfully replicates the special bluish-silver tint of the original cadmium plating used on many engine and transmission parts.

This easy-to-apply, single step aerosol system has been specially formulated to recreate the look of actual silver cadmium plating. Not merely silver paint, Silver Cad faithfully recreates the bluish-silver tint of the original. Perfect for coil clamps, alternator pulleys, carburetor and transmission linkage rods and much, much more! Acrylic lacquer withstands up to 250℉.


Easy-to-apply, single-step aerosol recreates the look of actual cadmium plating. Perfect for underhood and under-car components like coil clamps, alternator pulleys, carburetor and transmission linkage rods, and more.


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection use in a well ventilated area consult MSDS for specific warnings and precautions

msds Click for Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

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  • Easy Use
    I bought this product to restore hood hinge's for my 1954 Chevy car. I bought a extra pair of hinge's that had rust but were solid for restoration. Thought about a professional restoration but figured I could do a good enough job a lot cheaper than the over $200.00 most restorers were asking. Soaked the hinge's in a bucket of white vinegar to remove rust, cleaned in baking soda, primed with gray primer, scuffed with scotch bright pad, and painted with Eastwood Cad Paint. Perfect!!
  • OE type of look for little money
    Purchased 2 cans to help with cleaning up a 1949 Indian model 149 motorcycle. This machine has the original factory paint, but many of the cad plated parts had the coating worn off in many places or in poor shape. The Eastwood cad paint was very close, not exact, but very convincing in appearance. It really made the bike look nice. On this model machine, even the wheels were cad plated, and I got quite a bit of coverage out of 2 cans, and I still have some left for touch up of bolt heads etc. Thanks Eastwood.
  • Great Product!
    I used this product on various aluminum parts for my AMC Jeep. The finish is smooth as glass, and in areas where you might goof and cause runs, the paint smooths out and blends evenly. Also, I was amazed at how much coverage I got out of a single can, as I didn't think it was ever going to run out! Pricey? Yes (not so much the can, but with shipping added it's a bit much overall) but in my opinion it's worth every penny. You definitely get what you pay for.
  • Better than I expected after a test spray on scrap
    I needed to refinish some partially rusty 64yr old cad plated seat adjuster rails. Long story short for a variety of reasons, decided to try this. Wire wheeled a rusty pitted fan blade to do a test spray on and thought it looked pretty much like aluminum paint after applying a wet coat. Went ahead and did a full prep on the rails and decided to try this anyway. Applied a very light coat and was immediately impressed. Huge difference between rough metal test spray and the smooth rails. If anything the color was a touch more bluish than the original cad, strikingly more cad looking than the almost aluminum metal flake look on the old fan blade. Hard to believe two such different colors came out of the single can I bought. A second light coat finished them off very nicely.
    5 stars because they look great and I don't know how the heck I could've ever had these plated while all riveted together with captive ball bearings between the sliders.
  • works good
    restoring a '57 Vette, and other older stuff-it has the old factory look (not too new).I also use it for other things and it doesn't have any "lifting" or chemical problems,and no "spot repair rings"..not a substitute for cad.plating,but it looks great to me.---Mitch B
  • excellent products
    Have been using East Wood Products for 25 years. They always give you a great finish and look great forever.
  • Results were great
    Media blasted some fasteners on my air filter housing, and the silver cadmium spray looks great. Came out even, no runs, and looks pretty convincing. Much cheaper than sending those off to the local plater.
  • Covered very well & went on nicely
    I used this to restore my Stealth's shifter assembly & am very pleased with how it turned out. I used EW's self-etching primer, the silver cad paint & protected it with EW's Diamond Clear.
  • A great product
    I have used this silver cad in the restoration of our '78 Corvette and it works great
  • Good product
    Good paint. Nice finish
  • very good
    went on well, looks good.
  • Silver Cad is the way to go for detailing
    I purchased the Silver Cad to aide in an older restoration of our 63 NovaSS. When we built the car we didn't use factory correct colors or quality paint. I soaked all the parts in my solvent tank between 2 days to 1 week to disolve the old paint. The Silver cad actually has specks of metal flake (seen in the air when spraying parts at night with Halogen lights) but when dry the paint seems smooth & hard. The Silver Cad seems to be the right consistancy to flow onto the part and not be too runny or easily run if you shoot a tad bit too much. To me Eastwoods paint seems expensive but for restoration and quality it is worth the money.
  • Good substitute for plating on a car that will be driven.
    An easy to use paint, especially when you understand that its a lightly pigmented coating that needs to be applied in several coats. Its a good quality coating. Since it is somewhat clear when applied to give the best effect you need to be sure the surface is uniform color. In other words strip the part, don't paint over rust or old paint... I apply directly to bare metal being careful not to apply too much at a time (it runs and pools easily). I like it on bare metal because it looks more realistic. You can always shoot it with a matte clear for more protection. In my opinion, the metallic should be a little more like a pearl. Be sure to clear the nozzle every time you use it. For some reason this coating tends to clog more. My only complaint is the nozzle, for the price it should be as good as the new Rustoleum spray paints.
  • silver cad
    working on a 52 harley flathead and wanted to give some of my hardware and brackets a uniformed finish.found the product worked well and looks fairly close to real cad.maybe not 100%correct but i knew that going in and could have spent hundreds more having true cad plate done.happy with the results...
  • Good Substitute for Cad
    Overall a good product with great coverage. Two coats is usually plenty. Although nothing can really replicate cad plating, this is a great product for getting that cad look without finding someone to actually plate them. I'll definitely use again.
  • Silver cad
    I use this on dash pots etc that were originally silver cad. I glass bead the parts first and paint with silver cad. It gives the part a cad look and the paint is great quality and flows out well
  • silver cad
    I really like this paint it has just the right shine, went on nice & uniform No sags or runs & covered real good.
  • it really does a good job of making the parts like like new
    best paint out there to bring old parts back from the dead i haven't found anything that can match it
  • Spray cap/applicator
    The product is good. But, I get 'splatter' most all the time.....and I don't need that! Something needs to be done with the applicator. Same thing with your 'Rust Encapsulator" spray cans...

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