Eastwood UNDERHOOD BLACK® Matte Aerosol - 312grams

Acrylic lacquer for an OEM-matching matte finish under the hood.

Eastwood UNDERHOOD BLACK® Matte Aerosol - 312grams - EW12032z

Underhood Matte Black is the correct shade of black, having just the right matte finish many older car manufacturers used on radiator supports, inner fenders, firewalls, underhood brackets, and other parts. Hardware store black paints are either too thick, too glossy, or the wrong color. Just clean, degrease, and prepare the parts well, then spray on for a "factory-like" finish. This acrylic lacquer withstands up to 250℉ and goes on thin for a smooth finish that will not hide surface details.


Use Underhood Black for the correct matte black finish used on inner fender, fire walls, brackets, and more on many cars. Underhood Black is an acrylic lacquer and withstands up to 250 degrees F. Use PRE Painting Prep (10041Z) to remove residual grease/oil before painting. Use Self Etch Primer (16014 Z) Aerosol or (16009 ZP) Quart on clean metal surfaces.

Note: Underhood Black is a Lacquer Paint. Do not use with ENAMEL primers. Use these products in a well ventilated area, or use a respirator.


always wear skin, eye and respiratory protection when painting do not use near an open flame. Always paint in a well ventilated area. consult MSDS for specific safety warnings and precautions

msds Click for Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

  • Great finish
    I have a 65 mustang that had a neglected engine area and the need for a 347 stroker... While the engine was out my friend convinced me to detail the engine compartment. I bought this Eastwood product on Eastwoods reputation and my previouse experience with rust treatments from Eastwood. By the way they are great as well... With a little cleaning and scuffing with a scotch bright pad I was able to make a huge difference in the look of my project. It covers well, is forgiving and drys quickly. The spray nozzle on the can is way better than your average spray can. It really lays down a nice pattern. Two cans did my engine area but I bought three. It has a soft kind of glow and sets off the engine nicely. It looks correct as a finish
  • CDK
    This is the finish you're looking for...
    I sprayed my engine compartment/inner fenders/radiator support with this paint and the finish is virtually identical to the factory color and sheen. I am not aware of any other aerosol paint on the market that will get this close to OEM.
    My favorite thing about this paint is its resistance to oily fingerprints. You can clean oils off of this paint without them staining (unlike all other low gloss paints I've tried). I didn't have any problems with the cans or nozzles (I've used 6 cans now), nor did I have any issues with variations in the sheen. The paint dries wildly fast and lays down smooth because it's on the thinner side (I suspect it's this way to obtain the unique finish). Use a black primer to reduce the number of coats you'll need to cover.
    For reference, I needed 1.5 cans to paint the radiator support on my Chevy K10.
  • A+ Finish
    I've restored quite a few cars experimenting with under hood coatings finished to show like original. Eastwood Black Matte underhood coating has seemed to be the best so far, and definitely going to use on future projects. The product lays out thin, in which gives you a very even finish after a few coats which is extremely helpful in getting no runs or uneven 'blotchy' areas. And when finished looks great, will buy again!
  • great stuff
    I was looking for something to replace the semi gloss black that I'd been using so I bought one can of matte black.i've since ordered about 15 more.this paint sprays excellent and covers even.it also dries quick.i love it and try to always have a back up can.

  • Very quality product. Sprayed and laid out very smooth.
  • very happy with how this matte black worked out.I
    Excellent product,like I always receive from Eastwood
  • Excellent
    I find this "matte" finish is more like a very low gloss that is perfect for under the hood (i.e., firewall, inner fenders). I've tried the low gloss version but found it to be too glossy for me. I love this matte finish because the slight sheen looks great and it doesn't detract from the engine
  • understand the product
    This paint is lacquer based, it is harder than enamel that is why it can chip easier than regular rattle can paint. When restoring cars I use this paint for odds and ends brackets, inner fenders and firewall walls with great results. you need to know the product so your not disappointed, Don't use this on parts that get a lot of abuse, use enamel instead
  • Great Coverage
    In the past I used another satin black, but that formula seems to have changed and is now too glossy. I find this Eastwood Matte Black to be the perfect underhood finish. I love the broad spray that covers well with a light coating that make it easy to lay on without drips!
  • AAA Product
    I have used many paint products over the years and can say this matte finish is the easiest paint I have ever used and the finished frame I painted turned out awesome and I will be buying this product again for sure in the future, thanks eastwood
  • very durable
    Sprayed engine compartment, air cleaner and misc. parts. Looks just like factory finish. Got some chemical cleaner spilled on it. thought it was a goner, didnt hurt it at all.
  • Very good paint
    I've used this paint for years and it is great for many uses. I use it on bolts after cleaning and they look brand new. It is durable and chemical resistant.
  • does it all
    this product does just what is supposed to do gives you the perfect finish at a great price
  • eastwood underhood paint
    used this on my latest project, goes on smooth and looks great. will use again
  • Looks great
    Paint went on easy with no splatter, looked great when dry. Very happy!
  • Works perfectly
    exactly what I needed to do some touch-up in the engine compartment!
  • Underhood Matte Black
    Great paint for underhood easy to use looks great good spray pattern