Eastwood Engine Porting Kit

When serious engine builders "blueprint" an engine, they'll "port" or smooth-off rough head castings around the intake and exhaust ports for improved, smoother air flow.

Eastwood Engine Porting Kit - EW46056

Engine Porting Kit can help your engine generate more power When serious engine builders "blueprint" an engine, they'll "port" or smooth-off rough head castings around the intake and exhaust ports for improved, smoother air flow.

The engine can then "breathe" easier, resulting in greater power and efficiency.
▶   Increase horse power and torque on any engine
▶   Industrial Aluminum Oxide sanding rolls, designed for both cast iron and aluminum cyl. heads
▶   Highest quality components on the market today
▶   Detailed inst. allow you to port both heads in an evening
▶   Developed to work with air or electric 1/4" collet die grinders
▶   Lowest cost "complete" professional level kit available
▶   Click the video below to see just how easy cylinder head porting is
▶   A must for any performance engine build

Internal combustion engines are sophisticated air pumps that pull in an air/fuel mixture, compress it, ignite it, react to the ignition and expel the exhaust fumes. The better an engine pumps air, the more efficiently it will operate. This is one reason why we've seen a turn to multi-valve engines in recent years. More valves means more air moving through the engine. More air means greater engine efficiency - both more power and better fuel economy.

When you "port" an engine, you remove imperfections and restrictions between the combustion chamber and intake manifold and, therefore, increase air flow. This is done by 1) "smoothing" (or, grinding) the passages in the intake manifold so that they are the same size as the gasket and cylinder head, and 2) removing "rough cast" or "flash" imperfections in the cylinder heads and exhaust manifolds.

For best results use a high-speed grinder. To remove more aggressively, use carbide burrs

msds Eastwood Engine Porting Kit Instructions

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.


Safety Goggles and Dust Mask must be worn by anyone in the area where you are working. The porting process involves removing metal with a high-speed diegrinder.
It is essential that you, and anyone else helping or watching, wear proper safety equipment to avoid injury from any metal particles.
Remove all jewelry. Rings, bracelets, watches, etc., should be removed to avoid the possibility of their getting caught on the cylinder head or wrapping around the mandrel on the grinder.
Avoid loose-fitting clothing. We also recommend wearing a long-sleeved shirt to protect your forearms from any flying particles.

Watch Engine Porting Kit & How To DIY Video

Engine Porting Kit & How To DIY from Eastwood

Engine Porting Kit & How To DIY from Eastwood

When serious engine builders "blueprint" an engine, they'll "port" or smooth-off rough head castings around the intake and exhaust ports for improved, smoother air flow. The engine can then "breathe" easier, resulting in greater power and efficiency.

  • Porting
    Well this kit works great this was second kit from Eastwood. Really hight quality.
  • Easy
    I ported 2 heads and modified a eaton supercharger with this kit. I did purchase a single long reach carbide burr. Because the carbide burr did most of the work I only used 2 cones and 1 barrel out of this kit.
    If you have not done this before use this kit and it will take longer but will not allow you to have an oops as quickly as the carbide burr will.
    This is my first time doing this and I ported my first exhaust port with the drum and cone. It came out very nice. After that I was more comfortable with the air grinder and switched to the carbide burr, with the final touches done with the cone and drum from this kit.
    My recomendation is to buy this kit and one carbide burr. You may or may not need the long mandrels but they are definately nice to have. I used both and my carbide burr was a long reach. With this combination I am sure you will have some cones and rolls left over for other projects.
  • Just the ticket
    Long arbors in this kit are just what you need to reach down into the intake runners and remove those casting bumps.
  • great product works like you would expect
    this porting kit does it job perfectly. i used Item #11779 and Item #11916 to remove the bigger peices or material then cleaned and shapped with these. i recomend to anyone wanting to port heads and manifolds
  • Exactly what I needed
    I purchased this kit to clean up what I had already removed when port matching my exhaust ports. These appear to just be rolls of sandpaper, but it made smoothing pretty easy. I only had to use a couple rolls on each head. I'd definitely say its worth the value
  • well worth the money and more
    Very good product. ..high quality for the price. ..i found that using my air die grinder and turning the regulator down to get it below 20,000 worked much better. Use a burr to do main shaping and this to polish it out and it doesn't get any better
  • Great product
    I am very pleased with the engine porting kit 46056 from Eastwood.. The sand paper is of great quality and holds up well, great for smoothing the ports out with. And the 6" barrels are a plus,well worth the money
  • Made porting easy
    This works great but this kit is good for one engine only I used all the grit for my engine but the results is professional I polish all my casting using this amazing.
  • Port kit
    Bought to port some heads after I tried some hf ones that just came apart two seconds after you touch the work. Very very pleased with the Eastwood tools!
  • Nothing but the best
    This kit comes with the long arbors that fit into air tools which is what I was looking for. All the cheap knock off kits don't fit air tools
  • Everything needed to do the job
    This is a very handy kit, it has everything needed to port & polish whatever you want to do. The entire job went off without a hitch.
  • Very nice kit
    I achieve my professional finish with the help of this product especially the 6" barrel helps me reach the hard to reach deep ports
  • good stuff
    I bought this kit to clean and polish some casting imperfections on my intake runners. worked great and easy to use.
  • Great porting kit!!!
    This is a great porting kit! Has every thing I needed to port my heads! Saved me hundreds of dollars.
  • Good product
    Great product great price, the longer mandrels are a must for getting far into the runners
  • Quality Kit
    Recently purchased kit, was complete and enough supplies for two aluminum heads.
  • had fun learing
    product as good as you said. did what it was supose to do thanks!
  • Easy port
    Do the job right i recomend this porting kit+carrbide burr
  • Great produkt
    shipping to Germany very fast, all was perfect thanks