Eastwood Carb Renew 2 Bronze Aerosol 141 grams

Newly reformulated Carb Renew 2 restores the OEM factory bronze appearance of most carburetors, and has improved fuel resistance and durability compared to our original formula.

Eastwood Carb Renew 2 Bronze Aerosol 141 grams - EW12867Z

Carb Renew2 restores that original bronze look found on most carburetors

▶   Natural 3-8% gloss matches OEM bronze

▶   Heat-resistant to 300℉

▶   Aerosol can covers about 2 sq. ft.

Newly reformulated Carb Renew 2 restores the OEM factory bronze appearance of most carburetors, and has improved fuel resistance and durability compared to our original formula.


Since Carb Renew2 is translucent, it's very important to thoroughly clean the surface and bring the base metal to a uniform look. While your carburetor is apart and all jets are removed, simply spray Carb Renew2 on the exterior of the thoroughly cleaned bowl cover and main body. Apply in very light coats to replicate original plating.


Please read and follow label instructions carefully. Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection, and use in a well-ventilated area. Consult the MSDS for specific warnings and precautions.

msds Carb Renew II - Bronze Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Carb Renew Acrylic Enamel Paint by Eastwood

Carb renew is available in Bronze and Silver to provide that OEM look found on almost any carburetor while also being resistant to fuel and most additives.

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  • Great Product
    I have used Carb renew fo years. I just finished a carburetor with Carb Renew ll. I like the bronze color. Washing the carburetor after using carb cleaner is a must. You wouldn't paint a car without using degreaser or tack rag. Preperation of the metal will give you best results for painting. I highly recommend this product. I have never received anything but the best service and products since 1998. In my opinion, Eastwood is the best in providing quality products for your restoration.
  • Carb Renew A#1
    I tried this for the first time and the before and after pictures says it all
  • Very good product
    Needed to freshen up/rebuild a 3310 Holley.Disassembled and cleaned,and put on several light coats. Happy with the results.
  • Pretty good paint
    I've used more than 50 cans of this and it holds up good to gas. But not any solvent. I bead blast and wash before I paint. Covers fast. Dries quick
  • Covers well
    Was told to get 2 cans but 1 was plenty to do the 3 carbs . Real nice spray that was so easy to apply lite coats ! Was for a 66 gto . almost ready to drop back in !
  • Nice product!
    Restored a 66 GTO tripower and I couldn't be happier with the results. If it holds up, it will be well worth its cost.
  • carb renew
    I use this stuff all the time. If you soak the carb first and then bead blast it. It will look almost brand new. I have done at least 3 carbs so far with just one can.
  • works nice.makes them look new.great products.
    I used eastwood products in the past.the carb paint works great & trunk spatter paint too. Great other products.try them you wont be dissapointed when prepped right. Thanks Eastwood products.
  • Carb Renew2
    I bought this one month ago and I'm very happy with it.
  • Very Impressed
    I used just less than one can to coat 3 Rochester 2GC's. The carbs were disassembled, cleaned with dish detergent, degreaser, carb cleaner, and a tooth brush. After being allowed to dry overnight I used a hair dryer to make sure all the water was gone and the carbs were room temperature. The finish is amazing, the carbs look new. I'm sold on this product as are all my car guy friends!
  • Looks better than new !!
    I have purchased this product before, and the results depending on your prep when done right is out standing. The cleaner and more uniform the surface to be coated is the better the results. I rebuild a lot of carburetors and this is the best coating I have yet to find. The coating is durable as well especially for a 1K product.
  • Great finish!
    Follow the instructions on the can and you can't go wrong! Not an exact match to the dichromate factory finish but much better and realistic than anything I've tried on carburetors in the past. I sprayed one complete Holley model 4150 and probably have enough for another. This is a good product and I'll buy it again.
  • Covered great and did make the Carb. look new,
    Other than the Double order , I was very pleased with the coverage. Just becarefull when ordering and make sure you only receive the one can that you order, and not 2 cans to pay for. then paint and color are great
  • covers well, looks good!
    Bought it on a lark; covers well looks good. has some filler properties for pits. Makes an old carb look decent. I'm sure a master painter could make it look like new.
  • top quality
    I used the carb renew spray on pair of older Holley carbs. results were better than expected. Be sure to start with CLEAN surfaces and use a light coat. Works great!
  • good product, goes on nice, great finish,
    I have used this product before, has nice finish, I sudjest a clear coat after painting, I have done 3 mopar sixpack setups, all have come out nice,
  • making old carbs look new
    had some old crummy carbs. after cleaning and spraying they looked as good as new. This stuff is so easy to use. And looks great
  • Carburetor Bronze Paint
    Excellent product, outstanding company that sell great car products w/fast shipping. Very well satisfied customer.
  • Nice Product
    Easy to use , great coverage, did 3 carbs and one brake booster and still have plenty left
  • great paint
    this paint works an looks great also Eastwood is a great co.
  • Great Product
    This producted worked perfectly and happy with the results
  • carb paint
    I used the bronze it went on easy and it looks great.
  • Stinky but covers well
    I made the mistake of leaving my son's Holley carb bowls in the cleaning solution overnight. Much to my surprise the next morning, all off the original color was gone. All that was left was black and nasty looking and very little original plating. So I gave Carb Renew @ a try. I did work well and covered easily. I heated the bowls with a heat gun first since it was February and cold. I also cured the paint with the heat gun. Carb back together and it looks much better. Expensive, stinky, but it works. Now when I fire it up and some gas runs to the carb, I'll see if it the paint is really gas proof. I hope it is. Use in a well ventilated area
  • This is a great product
    I have read the reviews. The problems people are having stem from there first cleaning process. If you clean the carb with hot soapy water. I use Dawn dish soap. Then rinse good and dry this product works great. Thanks Eastwood for your product
  • Nice coverage
    Applied this on my 1904 and it really looks nice. I have no complaints other than I wish the cans were larger otherwise I would have Given it A 5
  • Paint works very well and looks great
    The carb looks almost like new. I would use this product again. Just make sure you clean the carb well before applying. Nice finish
  • So far, so good
    I have painted my carb, but the engine has not run yet. Looks good and I like the flat finish.
  • Carb Renew II !!
    I utilized Carb Renew II for the first on my old 1969 Quadra Jet. The bronze color looked ok. It is important to clean the carburetor before using Carb Renew for the best results. There is sufficient product to complete one carburetor and I was pleased with the final outcome. The one short fall of Carb Renew II is that the cost is salty.
  • nice color
    cleaning and blasting your carb. makes the paint seem to look good on it . how long it will last i don't know, i have just tried it . it seems to cover very well, looks good too. i have more carbs. to build so i will see how it works out .
  • Good Carb Coating
    I use this product on Rochester carbs that are too far gone for dichromate. It provides a realistic appearance of the original dichromate.

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