Eastwood Brake Gray Aerosol - 368gm

Ultra-durable Brake Gray Paint resists brake fluid! Pure stainless steel pigment in an epoxy ester resin.

Eastwood Brake Gray Aerosol - EW11756Z

Brake Grey Paint is an ultra-durable resistant to brake fluid!

Eastwood Brake Grey is a durable, heavy-duty coating that actually resists DOT 3 brake fluid, so it's perfect for painting master cylinders, disc brake callipers, brake drums, spindles, mounting brackets and hardware.

Eastwood Brake Grey is a heavy-duty coating containing pure stainless steel pigment in an ultra-durable epoxy ester resin.

It can withstand temperatures up to 204℃/400℉ and can also be applied on metal, ceramics, wood and leather.

Brake Grey exactly matches Eastwood's Spray Grey

Brake Gray comes in a - 368 GRAMS - 13OZ Aerosol.


Use on master cylinders, disc brake calipers, brake drums spindles. Clean surface thoroughly with EW PRE Paint Prep (#10041Z) before applying. Hold can 6-8 inches from surface and apply light coats. Too heavy of a coat will cause runs and drips. Allow 10-15 minutes between coats.
NOTE: Gasoline WILL deteriorate this coating.


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory safety equipment when painting always paint in a well ventilated area. Consult MSDS for complete safety precautions and warnings.

msds Click for Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

How to Remove and Treat Rust DIY from Eastwood

  • Great product
    I bought and used this for the first time a couple years back on my master cylinder. Since then I have used it on my hood hinges, countless chassis parts, and all over where I wanted to duplicate the original bare metal or bare cast look without having bare metal rust problems. It goes on easy and covers great! It is thin enough that it doesn't fill in all the pores of cast so it doesn't really even look like paint! I love this product!
  • Works well
    I bought this to coat my 1960 cadillac master cylinder and it worked great. The master cylinder was rusty, I clean it up and prep as stated on can. I then sprayed the brake grey and it went on smooth and dried fast. I used 3 coats and it has not rusted in over a month where as before with it untreated in rusted in a day. Protects against brake fluid and will use again.
  • Great Product
    This product really surprised me!!! It turned out to be outstanding, not only in the color but so far it does seem to be brake fluid resistant. All the other paints I have used on a Master Cylinder look good when you first apply them, but once brake fluid hits them, that is the end of the good looking paint
  • excellent paint
    i have used it on my calipers, master cyl,brake drums and anything that i wanted to look like new metal iam very pleased with how well it goes on no runs and no problems with oil or brake fluid coming in contact with it . i plan on ordering more. and would definitely recommened it to everyone.also it is very scrach resistant.
  • BFR Paint, recommended
    I purchased this product for my master cylinder. It sprayed easy, covered excellent, dried without shedding gray paint on your hands. All indications are that this is a quality product, for $20 it better be.
    I don't mind spendin the money if it does what it says, so far so good. I wish they made it in black for the booster.
  • great product
    Used this product instead of gray usually used. Turned out this paint is fabulous. Love the color and fits fit in under the hood in my '69 GTO. Makes parts look brand new. Paint goes on easily. Will have to wait a while to see it adhesion is good. Otherwise, very satisfied with you product. Thanks!
  • Brake grey paint
    I agree with all that was said in the Eastwood missed the color mark. it looks more like the front side of a piece aluminum foil and could have been 8 shades darker. But if it does the job they say it does im good with it. Only time will tell as its less than a week since I did the job
  • Great Quality
    I used the Brake Grey on my Calipers, Caliper Mounts along with the inner hub area of my rotors. The quality of the paint was great even from the aerosol can. I highly recommend this paint.
    Going to apply to my master cylinder and steering box.
  • Excellent Product
    Made a diagonal (drag) link for my 4 bar suspension on my 41 Willys. Excellent coverage (covers minor grinding scratches) and dries fast. Color is nearly identical match for the Art Morrison chassis silver gray powder coat.
  • Brake paint
    I wanted to protect my new master cylinder-Clear doesn't look right..I used the esatwood brake gray...goes on great-looks exactly like the new master cylinder...Not shiny-or fake looking,but just like the cast iron look
  • Worked great!
    This paint sprayed well without runs and had good coverage. Paint is more silver than gray, but that was not a problem for my project. It is a nice addition to the aluminum parts on my engine.
  • brake gray
    Cleaned master cylinder with recommended solvent and painted with brake gray. I could see any difference between painted part and bare metal. I would have to say the paint is a perfect match.
  • Brake Gray Paint
    Just tried this stuff, so far I am very pleased with the apprreance and looks, if it is lanything like the other Eastwood Products that I have used then I know that I will be very satified.
  • Works great
    Used this, worked great. New disc brake conversion on a 66 SD but the master cyl soon started to rust. Removed it, quick clean and a few coats of this....looks better than new now. A+.
  • Looks great under the hood!
    While I was detailing my engine compartment I figured I needed to coat the brake master cylinder. I think the finished product really helps to make the total job pop!
  • Nice finish
    Covers well, looks like brand new cast iron, looking forward to using it on the brake calipers, rotors ,drums and hardware. Another great Eastwood product!
  • Fast even coverage,fast drying!
    Sprayed new master cylinder with this product,used very little for full even coverage,1 can should go very far!!!!
  • Now thats what i am talking about
    I wanted a dot3 resistant paint for my Bugs new master cylinder.It applied well and seems to be solid as a rock.
  • The best brake paint on the market
    This paint is the best that I've ever used. Two coats on a new master cylinder with superb coverage.
  • Break Gray
    looks good just like cast iron did Master Cylinder an Calipers looks great !!
  • Super Product and a must have
    This product works better then advertised. It is quick, easy and full proof.
  • Brake Gray
    Haven't had a chance to use it yet but all your other stuff has been good
  • Excellent Product
    Covered without any problems. 3 coats and my Master Cylinder looks great.
  • resurrection of a master cylinder
    I purchased this item and is better than I expected ,thanks
  • Brake gray aerosol
    Great paint for this brake component. Applies very well.
  • Nice paint
    Goes on nice, looks great, Eastwood has great products
  • Worth the price.
    goes on easy and looks great.

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