Eastwood Aluma Blast Paint Aerosol 340grams

Aluma Blast Aerosol Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of cast aluminum car parts. Acrylic Lacquer Paint that resembles fresh cast aluminum, that works great on Intake Manifolds other cast aluminum parts.

Eastwood Aluma Blast Paint Aerosol 340grams - EW10109Z

Spray-on a protective, durable, aluminum-look finish with AlumaBlast™ Paint.
▶   Protects up to 300℉
▶   Acrylic lacquer with low 4-15% gloss
▶   Aerosol can covers 1⁄2 Sq m. / 6 sq. ft.

AlumaBlast™ Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of freshly cast aluminum car parts, such as intake manifolds and transmission housings.


Apply 2 medium coats for best results.
We recommend PRE Painting Prep (10041 Z) to remove oil.
Aluma Blast can be applied directly to bare metal surfaces.
Aluma Blast is an Acrylic Lacquer that withstands up to 300 degrees F
Each can covers 6 sq ft. For better durability, use our Self Etching Primer (16014 Z) Aerosol, or (16009 ZP) Quart.
Use these products in a well ventilated area, or wear a respirator like our SAS Bandit Respirator (11455 or 11456).


Use these products in a well ventilated area, or wear a respirator like our SAS Bandit Respirator (11455 or 11456).

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The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Aluma Blast Paint from Eastwood

AlumaBlast™ Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of freshly cast aluminum car parts, such as intake manifolds and transmission housings.

  • Great Result
    Follow the instructions and you will be very happy with the outcome! This intake was splattered with gasket material and normal grease from everyday driving. Pressure washed and cleaned then applied the Aluma Blast! Better than new!
  • Aluminum look always
    If your looking to make your aluminum parts like alternators, manifolds etc. look like aluminum but easy to clean and maintain. This is your product
  • Made it look like new
    The application was easy and results look great - I’ll post back in a few months about durability
  • Great color match.
    This is not a cheap, gray, rattle-can touch-up. This is a great color match for engine parts. Not wanting to give up my alternator in a 77 Chevy, I removed the unit, carefully cleaned, masked off the wire connectors and hung it by a wire coat hanger. Applied two light coats of Aluma Blast. My buddies think I bought a new alternator. Looks like it. Just make sure you tape off the any wire connections and the pulley grove.
  • Great product !!
    I have seen the Aluma Blast paint used in some automotive magazine articles. I was cleaning up some aluminum brackets and intake manifold for a project I am working on. I didn't like the looks of my parts after I beadblasted them. I bought some Aluma Blast and painted some of the parts I had cleaned up. I am amazed the way the parts turned out. I wish I would have used this paint in previous projects. The paint comes out of the can in a nice, controllable spray pattern.
  • good cosmetic fix
    I have this high value winter foundry hi rise manifold-wanted to have it ultrasonically cleaned to take it back to a factory look. vendor hasn't yet acquired the unit so i went for this paint job as a quick alternative. straight forward directions, easy to apply-layed down two coats. It covers nicely, even and I hit it with the gloss sealer twice and let it sit. my motorhead buddy stopped by and commented on how good the unit looked. works for me.
  • Love it!!
    I have been using this on all the cast aluminum accessories on my engine and have had great luck and great results. It really looks like new cast aluminum. beware not to have anything close by that will be affected by overspray as the flakes in this paint like to travel. lite coats seem to work best and seem to go a long way! I bought 3 cans and will probably will use 1-1/2 cans for all the accessories and valve covers. Love this paint!!
  • AlumaBlast paint
    I bought this paint to use on a restoration project. I painted 4 brackets, all of which were steel, and an aluminum timing cover. Paint lays down nice, great coverage. Found it had a very slight gold cast to it, once dry. Seemed a little odd, but tolerable? I would buy this again, good stuff
  • This is what you are looking for ! The best !
    We use this product all the time on our engine parts. Alternator casings, intakes, water pumps, it brings the finish to new and the product sparkles !!! We combine it with a coat of satin diamond clear and the results are even better. BRAVO Eastwood for giving us great restoration products
  • Couldn't be better!
    I recently purchased this to finalize the restoration of one of my cars and work on the engine bay. I started with the Pre Painting Prep on several aluminum parts (intake, alternatore, head, and transmission.) The Aluma Blast lays down smooth, and gives that perfect fresh aluminum look.
  • great stuff
    Duplicates raw cast Aluminum perfectly. To add different amounts of sheen you can spray "clear" over it. If you have scratched or gouged surfaces on your aluminum part all you need to do is fill, prime and Aluma Blast over it. No one will ever know it's a coating unless you tell them.
  • Intake
    I like the look of a Aluma. Intake. SO all the best reviews led me to buy Eastwood Aluma Blast. Believe me it went down just right slow, and the out come was what I was looking for. Now I am looking for the best clear coat out their. One that will not turn yellow when gas lands on it.
  • Great match for fresh cast aluminum
    I've used Aluma Blast to paint cast aluminum motorcycle engine pieces. It's a dead match for fresh, cast aluminum. If I hold a piece of unpainted cast up to the painted parts, it's hard to tell the difference. Plus, it applies easily and dries fast. Love this stuff!
  • The right stuff!
    Don't bother with part store paint, the silver will never look right. My race car has typicall part store silver or aluminum paint...my hotrod truck has this. It's a big difference. clean it, prep it, shoot it. Have patience and stick to the directions.
  • Good Color Match For My Application
    When the paint arrived the color on the cap did not look like what I wanted but when I used it I was pleasantly surprised. An almost perfect match for my rebuilt alternators
  • Perfect paint for Aluminum
    I use this paint on everything aluminum that I have to sandblast to clean, nothing works better or lasts longer than this paint. Makes all old aluminum parts look like new.
  • Very, Very Good
    This paint is the absolute closest finish to bead-blasted aluminum there is. No Question. The surface though needs to be prepped well to achieve the best results
  • eastwood alumablast
    I put this on my transmission for my 1967 saab incredible finish i highly recommend this product you cant go wrong.
  • Aluma Blast
    Like most of Eastwoods products, it is the best product to give you that original look for your aluminum items
  • easy fix
    Closest thing to new aluminum that I've used so far. PS 30 years in the business.
  • Excellent product
    Very good coverage, looks great, pay attention to the directions
  • Excellent
    Great stuff, dries quickly, excellent finish, great durability
  • Great product
    Your paints are number one and everything comes out great
  • Works as advertised
    Looks great. Worked as described!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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