Bilt Hamber Korrosol Fallout Remover - 5 ltr

If you can feel a rough grittiness to your cars paintwork surface, Korrosol can help you to remove these metallic particles from the paintwork and lacquer, and give off a mirror smooth finish.

Bilt Hamber Korrosol Fallout Remover - 5 ltr

A controlled pH non-alkaline fallout remover for the safe and effective removal of embedded metallic particles that contaminate the vast majority of road going vehicles.

You may not have noticed by looking at your paintwork, but next time it's washed and clean lightly feel the paintwork, especially the horizontal panels; bonnet, boot lid, roof etc. Very gently with finger tip touch you'll be able to feel a rough grittiness. You may well think this is dust landed from the air - it's not. Airborne metallic particles liberated by braking surfaces, such as pads and discs fill the air along our roads, when hot after the car in front of you brakes your car travels through them, as a result they embed themselves in your paintwork.

How these particles destroy paint films

Here they react with rainwater or air moisture and begin to corrode and as the corrosion product (rust) occupies four times the space of iron the paint is slowly ruptured around the embedded particle. This action destroys both the aesthetic and protective qualities of the finish.

Fast and effective... simply wash away

While harsh acids such as phosphoric and oxalic acids maybe use with good effect to remove the contamination, these acids to not discriminate between corrosion and good steel not even paint films themselves, so while the particle is removed and base metals or coatings can also be attacked.

korrosols effective formula is simply sprayed onto the contaminated panel a rapid and dramatic colour change takes place which indicates that the corroded part is water soluble after which a rinse with water leaves the panel free of metallic embedment.

korrosol is safe to use on all auto body paint finishes including lacquers.

Quick Guide

Non-acid non alkaline decontamination spray.

The 1 litre korrosol is supplied with a trigger spray for ease of application.

Easy to use colour changing formulation.

No touch cleaning of heavily contaminated coatings.

Made in England.

msds Bilt Hamber Korrosol Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Bilt Hamber Korrosol

  • Korrosol is fantastic
    I have used at least 5 different fallout / iron removers in the past and the first obvious thing to say is that they stink!
    I don't really mind the smell if they do a good job but I have to say the first spray of Korrosol the smell (or lack of nasty smell) really hit me - It actually smelt quite pleasant, almost bubblegum like so this was instantly a great impression!
    Next up the amount of fall out bleeding before my eyes was fantastic, this was on clean wheels too so I know it was doing a great job and left the wheels pretty much perfect so a fantastic product - Great on bodywork too.
  • korrosol Is a superb product
    Superb Product that really does strip the fallout from your vehicle.
    I have tested alongside the regarded Market Leader and korrosol is as good, if not better.
    It really does remove the fallout with no need to agitate, but you can do also.
    Unlike others it has that cherry / Batten Burg Cake smell so you dont have to hold your nose while using it like some products.
    Wish I had 5ltrs of this. Highly recommended for a full decontamination.
    Followed By cleanser-fluid and finis-wax total winning solution.
  • Great product
    So simple to use, yet produces amazing results especially if used with their clay bars.
  • Great product
    Used this on my white Audi A5 as I had some fallout on it, First I washed the car to remove the everyday grime then simply sprayed it on the panels and then just rinsed off this got rid of a majority of the fallout off and finished off by using a soft clay bar and resealed using the finis wax ,I can say these are the best products I have used (and
    I used to be a professional valeter) ,The finish of the paintwork now is superb .The finis wax doesn't leave any powdering as I have had with other well known brands and it after a month of using it still beads the water well.Hope this review helps someone as it took me a while to find this product visiting different forums on the Internet.
    One last thing bilt hamber if you can make a tyre shine to the same standards as the other products you do let me know cheers